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Best wishes for the 2010!31. December 2009 17:06
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Dear Bloggers,

The 31th of December, the last day of the year. The last day of the Blog in 2009, which was in my opinion a splendid year for the Blog.
Not only did it get it's on Tab on the TMX websites, it also got a remake and cool support from the community.

I have full trust that 2010 will be a great year for the TMX Blog, and that TMX itself will also have some changes with the new Trackmania coming that year.
One thing is for sure, the TMX Blog will be there to report about it!

Take care, don't hurt yourself with the fireworks (or Alcohol), and we will see you in 2010!

 Best wishes from the TMX Blog Crew.

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Januy’s Chat28. December 2009 09:55
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Hello dear TMX Bloggers!

As you might have noticed, when refreshing every five seconds and being disappointed with nothing new, the number of articles was a bit low this week. Christmas, Vacation (work), and one hell of a Saturday evening which resulted in a bed, a bucket and the content of my stomach kept me from writing yesterday!

But, luckily it’s still in the morning (over here), so we will give you an early chat to start of the week!

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The 10 things we all hate when playing TrackMania21. December 2009 22:50
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These are some of the things you probably never liked;

  1. Ever had your track that was a block too high, too far to the left or right, or to low? Great, now you can demolish the track and rebuild it!

  2. That block piece that would finish that turn..but it doesn’t fit.

  3. Ever had played a RPG-track and pressed restart 100m before the finish? Well, you don’t want it either.

  4. Driving a record time and that “1 in 10 times” bug comes up. Not cool.

  5. Driving your last ride, with a beautiful time, and seeing the server-countdown going 00:02, 00:01, 00:00. But then when your one block away from the finish.
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New poems, new food for the brains!18. December 2009 09:44
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TMX, I know you all have been waiting for the judgement of your poems by my hand, so I won’t let you wait any longer. Prepare!

Previous month at TMX
was spoiled with adi__'s nicks
when all of them were acting as dicks
Luckily there was a big ban
-32- you're the man!
Now Santa can come in peace
and we can play trackmania in ease
it will be a day of happiness
For those not heartless
Ah.. let's be real
Enjoy your Christmas meal

by Joost»LT


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Trackmania 6 years anniversary!15. December 2009 12:36
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Hey TMX’rs :D

You noticed it? Well, of course you did, as hardcore TM fans! Trackmania exists 6 years!
Because of this occasion, our friends from the German TM-Blog arranged an interview with Florent!
They were so kind to give us the English version, but don’t forget to check their Website!

TManiacs: Which aspect(s) do you put down to the big success of Trackmania?

Florent: It is a simple game where the fun, the tracks, is made by players. The free version is also a good innovation to reach more people.

TManiacs: Do you think, Trackmania United Forever will really be "forever", so that a 10th birthday can still be celebrated by a large number of players?

Florent: It is really "forever" but maybe our understanding is different in it's meaning. What I wish, is that the 10th birthday of TM can still be celebrated by a large number of current players! But I hope that the players will be on the next TrackMania in four years or I need to tell the team that it is quite useless to work at the moment.


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Januy’s Chat14. December 2009 22:08
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Hello TMX!

Time for an update!
My last small chat was about 2 weeks ago, and I thought I’d make a little updating article to start of the week.

First of all, as you all may have noticed, we lost our biggest source of information and support, namely FastForza! It was disappointing news but I’m sure he knows what he is doing, and I’m honoured he trusted us the TMX Blog!


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Goodbye All12. December 2009 06:44
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We'll after a good long run with the TMX Blog. I am announcing my retirement from the Blog. I feel I lack the skills to write and maintain such a blog without expertise. I know this is the right thing to do, it will also allow me to focus on other things at TMX and in real life.

Following my retirement, I am asking any of you in the community to write for us. If you have great skills and ideas, please forward Januy (Admin) a Private message. If there is no one out there to write for us, I must therefor close the blog and maybe move our projects to dedicated pages. But, please, do send me a message with some information and at least one article of work.

Good Bye TMX Blog Readers!

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Special Author Interview - Nadeo!8. December 2009 20:42
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 Hey there readers! You noticed that title? We are sure you did :)

Nadeo? Yes Nadeo!
We asked Nadeo how they made their tracks, if there were some tactics, if they used your tracks as an example. With much thanks to Alinoa, who is the builder of the last Campaigns and can be seen as Author "Nadeo". So, we gladly present to you:



~ Where do you get your inspiration? Do you use some TMX tracks as example?

I don't use TMX tracks. I learn from my on-line experiences. I try to analyze what I like when I'm driving. This can be a special blocs combination, a different way of using scenery blocks. For the united campaign, I also played on most awarded tracks of TMX. It's was the first time that I built tracks and I thought to play on TMX tracks would help me to find what some people liked or disliked. Finally the United tracks were completely different from the TMX style :)

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Altonator, Piercy and Ville submit there entries8. December 2009 06:37
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A slow start to the contest, but I'm sure it'll be a good one at the end!

We'll start off with Altonators submission!

Santa claus, santa claus why so down?
Lets turn that frown upside down,
Have a lot of fun racing,
Instead of that misserable baking.
Head on down to the track,
You big old fat mak
Hop in the car,
You're ready to race,
Lets all race with TMX.

I like this one. It really sticks to the point of a "TMX Christmas" tune, with a bit of TM Fever, but has a jolly feel to get you all racing this holiday season.


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The TMX Christmas Poem or Message Contest 20097. December 2009 05:53
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What we are looking for is a good, fun, joyful Christmas message that we can have posted on the TMX front page on the 25th of this month.

It needs to be a jolly tune with a Christmas and TMX theme to it. It can or can't ryhme. It may or may not be humourous. It doesn't require a focal topic or any sort of relevance.

To summarise it, your free to do anything you want, we just need to write up a little Christmas message or poem that will be published on the TMX front page on the 25th of December. Judging will be done by MrA himself, no current mention of any prize or prizes. Deadline is the 21st of December at midnight.

We'll be also picking a handful of entries and sharing our thoughts on them over the coming days until the 21st.

You should have your poems or messages submitted within the contest topic, here at tmx.

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