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Are you happy?22. January 2010 12:51
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From the TMX Forums;


If you've recently fired up good ol' TrackMania, then I can be assured you've been asked the following question: Are you happy? With this being a quick poll, where you get the choice of: Yes, No or No Opinion. This was rather dull and useless. If Nadeo want a better response than a mere yes or no answer, they should've let players give a detailed response to there choice. This option was not given. However, we have started this topic to obtain your detailed response into this.

Rules you MUST obey when responding to this ...
This is a one response topic. One reply per user.
Do NOT discuss any responses posted here. Use the alternative thread here!
Non useful responses will be removed, same applies for double posting.
This topic must be kept as clean as possible for Nadeo to read.

If you would like to change your response. Do so by editing your original post. Do NOT post again.

Remember to use this thread to respond to each others responses.

Responding ..
Answer: Yes/No/No Opinion
Detailed Response: Message here.
Please make sure Answer and Detailed response are clearly bolded [b][/b]

TMUFX Discussion
TMNFX Discussion

So, leave your comment about Trackmania in one of these topic!

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Trackmania 6 years anniversary!15. December 2009 12:36
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Hey TMX’rs :D

You noticed it? Well, of course you did, as hardcore TM fans! Trackmania exists 6 years!
Because of this occasion, our friends from the German TM-Blog arranged an interview with Florent!
They were so kind to give us the English version, but don’t forget to check their Website!

TManiacs: Which aspect(s) do you put down to the big success of Trackmania?

Florent: It is a simple game where the fun, the tracks, is made by players. The free version is also a good innovation to reach more people.

TManiacs: Do you think, Trackmania United Forever will really be "forever", so that a 10th birthday can still be celebrated by a large number of players?

Florent: It is really "forever" but maybe our understanding is different in it's meaning. What I wish, is that the 10th birthday of TM can still be celebrated by a large number of current players! But I hope that the players will be on the next TrackMania in four years or I need to tell the team that it is quite useless to work at the moment.


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Special Author Interview - Nadeo!8. December 2009 20:42
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 Hey there readers! You noticed that title? We are sure you did :)

Nadeo? Yes Nadeo!
We asked Nadeo how they made their tracks, if there were some tactics, if they used your tracks as an example. With much thanks to Alinoa, who is the builder of the last Campaigns and can be seen as Author "Nadeo". So, we gladly present to you:



~ Where do you get your inspiration? Do you use some TMX tracks as example?

I don't use TMX tracks. I learn from my on-line experiences. I try to analyze what I like when I'm driving. This can be a special blocs combination, a different way of using scenery blocks. For the united campaign, I also played on most awarded tracks of TMX. It's was the first time that I built tracks and I thought to play on TMX tracks would help me to find what some people liked or disliked. Finally the United tracks were completely different from the TMX style :)

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The ESWC is Re-born!29. November 2009 06:46
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With the ESWC going into liquidation in April this year, Stéphane Cosse had purchased full rights to the ESWC in early August this year.

On the 23rd of November, 2009, DIP-Organisation issued an immediate press release article. The article stated that the 2009 ESWC did not happen, but will be carried on into mid 2010. The world's top gamers will be able to compete during the 7th ESWC Cup in Paris, France from the 30th of June till the 4th of July 2010.

DIP-Organisation, a well known event handler for five years, will be organizing the event partnership with well know Video Game organisations.

The 2010 ESWC Cup, will be held in Disneyland, Paris, a well known theme park in Paris. Disneyland will host the event in the Disney Village, an area where there is plenty of stuff to do, from shopping, going to the cinemas, dancing, live entertainment for the family and is open to anybody. Besides Disneyland hosting the event, they will be accommodating the 600 Champions throughout their journey.

Below is a list of confirmed games that will be appearing in the 7th ESWC Cup, and YES TrackMania will be there!

  • Counter Strike
  • Counter Strike Women
  • Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne
  • TrackMania ESWC 
  • Virtual Tennis
  • Need for Speed SHIFT
  • Fifa 2010
  • Street Fighter 4

Qualification process will start in January 2010, DIP-Organisation is aiming to gather 32 countries to participate in the ESWC come back.

For any other information, please visit the ESWC Website.

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This is it!19. September 2009 02:39
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This article has been written +9 hours ahead of Frances timezone.

In less than 24 hours, Nadeo & Focus Home are going to be revealing the future of TrackMania at the Paris Game Festival.

This came as a surprise to the community when Florent announced last week that the future of TrackMania will be unveiled at the Paris Game Festival. What we know is that Focus and Florent (Nadeo) will be revealing TrackMania for the Wii at around 13:30PM, Saturday 19th September. What we don’t know is whether or not Florent will be also announcing any additions to the PC version of TrackMania at the Paris Game Festival. Many people are speculating the release of new environments, a complete TrackMania Forever add-on for both games, heck some people think Nadeo will announce and reveal ShootMania or QuestMania.

During the weekend we’ll try and keep all you guys and girls updated about Nadeo’s announcement.

If anyone is attending the Paris Game Festival, try and do your best to attend the Focus and Nadeo exhibition. As I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the announcements Nadeo and Focus have to say.

I’m sure we are all looking forward to the future of TrackMania as much as Nadeo are! So keep your eyes out for further announcements around the community.

Comments are welcome.



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TrackMania Gossip?12. September 2009 12:39
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So, I'll assume we've all heard the latest announcement by Nadeo? If not, I'll summarise it.

"TrackMania breaks its own activity record week after week", as said by Florent from TM Forums.

TrackMania United Forever has risen to 5 million players in less than 18 months!!!

Now! Nadeo has announced that it'll be revealing the future of TrackMania at the Paris Game Festival. As far as I know, there will be 2 announcements. One, TrackMania for the Wii. Second, a very, very big surpise for PC/Community users. 

So what are your thoughts of this months up coming community annoucements? You can visit the Paris Game Festival's website here!

Let's not also get to distracted from Nadeo's 2 new games. ShootMania and QuestMania, also due very soon!

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Nadeo nears the big 1026. August 2009 11:14
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I thought I'd share this moment with the wrest of the community.

It's correct that Nadeo has almost reached 10 Million (~10,000,000) player registrations. This must be a record achievement for such as small game company. I'm sure with the latest addition to the TrackMania series, Forever would've boosted Nadeo's reuptation with TrackMania Nations being by far, the best free online-racing game developed.

We should also not forget that Nadeo is realsing 2 new games soon. ShootMania and QuestMania, both hoping to boost Nadeo's reuptation further than what TrackMania has in the past 5 years.

Comments and thoughts welcome, thanks. :)

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Interview: On the recent closure of ESWC13. April 2009 10:42
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Some people may have already found the news elsewhere that ESWC is to be closed down.
From their parent page,

Paris, April 5, 2009
Games-Services SA ceases all activities. Its liquidation has been pronounced by the Commercial Court of Paris March 30, 2009. In consequence, all the employees and managers have been relieved from their duties and laid off April 2nd, by the adjudication. The process of liquidation, which is starting this week, will notably organize the potential trade-in or resale of the company’s assets including the Electronic Sports World Cup and Overgame.

As most of you know, TrackMania Nations has been a regular fixture in recent ESWC events and so, while we appreciate that, for the people directly involved, there are more important issues than TrackMania, we thought we should talk a little to Nadeo about what this can mean for TM and in fact for them, and for the future.

We managed to gain a few moments with Florent Castelnerac, Director of Nadeo:

TMX Blog: How does this news about ESWC's problems affect Nadeo, if at all?

Florent: It affects Nadeo emotionally. We like the team behind ESWC and even had a great lunch at the company with all of them once upon a time. It is a long story that ends with this news. It is sad. Otherwise, it does not affect Nadeo. It reduces the potential to share ideas, vision and projects for the future, but we are totally independent from the ESWC. It also affects me if some players can not get their money or enjoy this years final.

TMX Blog: Trackmania Nations Forever is built on being a part of world tournaments, are there other competitions or organisations that Nadeo is looking at for TrackMania (and maybe future 'Mania games) to be a part of?

Florent: Yes and no. We would be glad for other world tournaments to grab TM as a key game. It could help to multiply the stories among the community, and we like community stories. Otherwise, we think that future of TrackMania competitions will be what they will be. If esports want to be strong, it needs more games like TM. Sincerely, I think TM is the best game designed for a wide audience esport discipline, but it does not mean it is still enough. The fall of big events or powerhouse bring the fall of an established world of esports, where violence issues, difficulty to watch matches and rights issues are real limits. We hope that TM is one game for a new generation of esport games. Other Mania games may or may not enter in this category one day.

TMX Blog: We are living in tough ecomomic times, its the first recession for a generation of young people and young companies. How is this for Nadeo? Do you see problems or opportunities, or is it 'business as usual'?

Florent: The fall of the economy is first the fall of a fake economy. I think TrackMania and VirtualSkipper players are real and really want to play it. It makes us stronger than others to go through these difficult times. If our partner were in difficulty, it could makes us some, but Nadeo has a good reputation, the team is quite small and we would probably find a way to finance future projects if we would be in bad shape. At the moment, the company can only congratulate itself for staying solid on a solid platform such as PC online games. The drop of the shelves are largely compensated by the increase of digital distribution.

We would like to wish those personally affected by the situation our sincere regards. We also wish to thank Nadeo for letting us take even more of their valuable time in answering a few questions about a difficult subject. Hopefully many of you will have found this of genuine interest.

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