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Authors in Focus #116. August 2012 22:48
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Welcome, good evening and hello TMX!

Maybe some of you guys remember the "Author Showcase Project" by Natzke here some years ago. He and other kindful helpers presented some known and unknown authors in an interview-based article. For my taste this is more a interview with a presentation of a user of TMX, but the title sounds like a presentation of an author, a track-builder. So I'm changing the concept a bit and I'll set my focus also on the work the user did in trackbuilding. But don't worry! Normal interviews are going to follow soon ;-)

Episode 1: Alchemy

The first author I'm going to present is "Alchemy" who is active on TMUF-X and TMNF-X. He uploads his stadium-tracks in both exchanges and also publishes some snow or island-tracks, but his focus is set on stadium building.

Personal description

Name: Tom Steinfellner

Age: 15

First time he played TM: When he was 8 or 9 years old he discovered a version of ESWC on a disk from a TV-magazine at home. He directly installed the game and fell in love with it.

Clan: Alchemy is playing in the "Friends and Buddies"-Team (fab). Mainly they play fun tracks, which are built by their clanleader.

Environments: Mainly he is playing stadium ("what else"), but also snow and island sometimes.

Some words about TMX: You always get in contact with new people, who are all special on their own with their own characteristics. You try out tracks and give your feedback as much as it is possible. If you invest your time in playing a track and writing a feedback, you'll get your work back from other people who try out your tracks and tell you some tips for improvement and whether they like your track or not. Simply this awesome community <3

Inspiration: Not a special trackbuilder. "Mainly I'm getting my inspiration from simple tracks, as you can see on my own tracks^^"

Trackbuilding time: For the whole package (40 seconds long track, scenery, testing, little stuff and mt-work) he needs about 5 days to build a track, but this is different from track to track of course.

Focus on Trackbuilding:

Alchemy @ TMUF-X:

In comparison to the Nations Forever-Exchange Alchemys tracks on TMUF-X haven't got that much awards. His most successful track is the sweet little snow-track ''"Morning Hunter"''. But also some of his tracks here don't have any awards. So give them a try, they are definitly worth it.

Morning Hunter:

A track with hunting potential! The WR is 25.22 by Acid - actually a pretty nice time, but probably a improvement is possible (as always in Trackmania, that's why I love the game :D). So give it a try and hunt some nice times! The track is built in a easy way so the hunting potential is pretty hig. Only the start is maybe a bit unsmooth sometimes, which is caused by the interesting using of the pipe. As always you can expect some nice combined transitions by this talented builder here!

Scenery is gone...:

The second track which deserves a try is the island-pf-track "Scenery is gone" by him. I have to admit that it is built without a lot of inspiration in the end part, but the beginning, the first 20 seconds, are simply great. In this part he combines smoothness with nice pipe rides and loops.

Alchemy @ TMNF-X:

Most of his tracks are uploaded on both exchanges since he is building stadium fs-tracks in general. Besides many BOTW-tracks he was able to construct a track which reached a LB-Rating of 96,925! The hunting potential is higher than the Burj Al-Arab here :o He published 24 tracks until now and these tracks got 26 awards on average with a highest amount of 52 awards for his track ''"Revival"''. All these people who awarded his tracks can't be wrong: He is a great builder with a nice diversity in his tracks for sure.


A dream for all the people who love SDs and hunting at all. With a LB-Rating of 96.925 it is the second highest rated track at TMNF-X at the moment. Besides the SDs you'll also find an awesome smoothness in this track, so at all you can say that it is a composition and not only a track. Lovely!

The Speed Hunt-Series:

This series by him contains five easy huntable tracks on TMNF-X which are mainly ruled by »Rockz7ar<3 who got 3 WRs over there. Also these tracks are hunted a lot and every single track of these series got a very own touch with oldschool-elements and nice smooth jump.


This was the first episode of "Authors in Focus". I hope you like the concept, I'm looking forward to your feedback!

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Author Showcase - FaHoFF!7. February 2010 18:42
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Welcome to the Author Showcase, a project founded by Natzke on Trackmania Nations Exchange. We already made a lot of Interviews, with famous users like Ron Turbo, Panis and GanjaRider, but also normal TMX users like Quat or SeaDevil! We have gotten a lot of positive reactions to it. And we now got the great news that we can publish our Interviews on TMX Blog! We hope you enjoy it!


Welcome readers, to the first interview of 2010. It's time for a legend - it's time for FaHoFF!

Please tell us more about yourself (birthday, real name, place of birth, height, weight, favourite colour) and your background?
Hello to all readers first! My real name (the one that I only use in documents, and facebook xD) is Fahrudin, but I’m more known as Fahro. I was born on 7th of July, 1986. In a city located in north Slovenia, called Slovenj Gradec. After studying in Maribor and Ljubjana, I returned in Slovenj Gradec and started to work in family company that is dealing with real estates. I’m 178cm tall and weight is around 60kg of pure muscles [:P] My favorite color would be green …no, yellow!? I love them all, depends of mood …just like music!


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Video Showcase - SunRace13. September 2009 18:58
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Welcome to the 6th video showcase, this time we are going to watch some high-speed racing!

I had a pretty hard time on finding a good video, not having too much views or popularity (we want to give original clips, you know). So this week we don’t have an astonishing clip, but it’s certainly worth watching! Because, what the hell, these guys can drive! Check out how Rom and Roxer are going high speed in Bay and Island, taking turns with inches from the sideboards and precision that is very hard to find!


The Good Parts

  • Nice speeding music, gets you in the mood!
  • Sick driving
  • Much classics are driven

The Bad Parts

  • You aren’t going to watch this for the editing/camera’s
  • Durex?!

Be sure to check the video here at tm-tube

We hope you enjoyed this video and the article, if you did then you should come back next Saturday, when there will be a hot, fresh new video laying here on your webpage!

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Video Showcase – Twilight: The Farewell Final5. September 2009 16:38
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We thank you for joining in with our 5th Video Showcase, this time with a farewell to a member.

As I was scrolling through the video’s I saw this pretty nice thumbnail, 5 stars, and it pulled me over to watch. While listening to beautiful music I read the sad story of the creator, a TM-driver that sadly has to stop playing because of troubles in real life. Every part of this video taken separate isn’t much special, but combined in this clip it’s a pleasure to watch (and listen).



The Good Parts

  • Beautiful music
  • Wonderful effects
  • Nice driving

The Bad Parts

  • The camera-positions aren’t always the best.

Be sure to watch it and give this leaving member a little support on tm-tube

We hope you enjoyed this video and the article, if you did then you should come back next Saturday, when there will be a hot, fresh new video laying here on your webpage!

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Video Showcase – Team 402 (The Movie)7. August 2009 12:39
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This weeks Video Showcase is … Team 402 – The Movie!

This weeks Video showcase, showcases some fast replays by some of the fastest French racers in TrackMania. The 7 minute video, spread across multiple League Tracks is surely one of the most creative TM videos out there.




The Good Parts

  • Very good editing and excellent media tracker editing.
  • Variety of music selected to play in the background was good.
  • Driving I witnessed was astounding to watch. Very fast and accurate times posted.

The Bad Parts

  • The music melody wasn't well mixed.
  • A small selection of Tech tracks were picked. Not that a large collection would be needed, but otherwise would be nice to see.

You should check out the video at TM – Tube. Here. Your comments and ideas are welcome.

You should’ve also noticed that the general idea has changed since the Pilot(First) showcase. From now on we'll be using this type of Showcase setup.

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A Treasure Hunt for Treasure Tracks7. May 2009 10:39
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Did you ever try a track (possibly by a completely unkown author) without any awards? You probably made the single most fatal mistake in your whole Trackmania career by not or only rarely doing so. Yeah, I love to exaggerate, but you'll see, you missed out on a lot.

At the time of writing out of 82.000 submitted tracks on United Exchange, 52.000 never saw the pleasant shiny golden glow of an award and a huge percentage of those even went by entirely unnoticed without a single comment on the trackpage. This means no feedback, no tips and no encouraging words, and just the nagging thought "What did I do wrong?" is left for the author.
On the other hand, some tracks receive immense numbers of awards, but do they really deserve these? Many obviously do, as hours of work were put into them, showing off in the quality of the final "product". Still, a huge number of those were awarded to the tracks by regular TMX users, who grew accustomed to this "TMX-style" of tracks, which is the main problem.

Most of you probably read TStarGermany's article "Where have all the good tracks gone?". In case you did not: "The BOTW (best of the week) lists on TMX are usually crowded with these ‘usual suspects’ and their published tracks are mostly airborne and crazed out jabberwocky, far away from anything that can be joyfully driven by ‘normal people’." This sums up one of the important aspects of it pretty well. Since the publication of the article back in February, things did a change to the better, though. At least for United, where the focus of this article lies.


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