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Revival of the TMX Blog15. August 2012 20:02
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The 2nd March 2010.. well that's actually a long time ago.

It is the date of the last article here. It was an interview with Golo, a RPG-builder. In this time I wasn't active on TMX, and I was a bit sad as I saw that the blog was inactive when I discovered TMX. People like HawkGer, Velocity or ziem0n posted articles from march 2009 till march 2010. People which aren't that active or even inactive now. I thought to myself that it is time for a revival of the TM blog!

My name is Martin, at TMX and ingame I'm named "Sky" and it seems to me that maybe 2% of all Trackmaniacs are named "Sky". A bit annoying, but hey, who cares? Wink

I'm from Germany, Hanover and since I'm working, the blog-posts will be published mainly in the evening or a bit later during the night - for those guys who are from europe. I like to write, to talk, pizza, the german city "Freiburg", trains and soccer/football. Actually I'm happy with my job and my life, since I'm able to work at the things I like (besides girls Laughing). I'm playing tracks from TMX since a pretty long time mainly for fun, but I started in the beginnings of 2012 to be active in the community. Hopefully some of you around here now me. I'm neither a great builder nor a great driver, but fun is the most important thing in your free time and I have a lot of fun with Trackmania.

You can expect:

  • Daily news - at least I hope so - only at sunday I won't write a new article.  Sometimes the articles are long, sometimes they are short.
  • Interesting interviews, series and news.
  • Updates about recently set Nadeo-Recs, the funniest TMX-moment of the week (requests would be great) and a lot of more informative and fun categories.

Well, as you can see my english isn't perfect and I have to write a lot on my own for the blog to make you guys happy. But it is great for me to do this, so don't worry. I just hope that you are as happy as me about the revival of the TMX blog. If you also wanna write an article for this blog just ask me, guest articles are always great!

Tomorrow I'm going to publish an author showcase, so stay interested, visit the TMX Blog, leave a comment and constructive feedback.



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Altonator, Piercy and Ville submit there entries8. December 2009 06:37
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A slow start to the contest, but I'm sure it'll be a good one at the end!

We'll start off with Altonators submission!

Santa claus, santa claus why so down?
Lets turn that frown upside down,
Have a lot of fun racing,
Instead of that misserable baking.
Head on down to the track,
You big old fat mak
Hop in the car,
You're ready to race,
Lets all race with TMX.

I like this one. It really sticks to the point of a "TMX Christmas" tune, with a bit of TM Fever, but has a jolly feel to get you all racing this holiday season.


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Sexy, hey?5. December 2009 05:56
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Well after some days and hours of configuring and tinkering with the blog and theme. I now present to you, a much better looking blog! Cool

I think I'll call this Blog 2.0. Some notable changes are the sidebar, post view, comment view and now the ability to use all 40 TMX Smiles in comments!

If you think it's nice, why not leave a comment or two. We'd love it if you could let us know what else can be improved, just add your comments to this article.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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Video Showcase, a quick talk and the poll24. November 2009 20:01
Posted By: View User Profile Januy Permalink | Comments (1)

Heyo TMX community! As you all know, users that you are that read all the blog posts, we got the Video Showcase. Usually that is done in the weekend, but it got a bit chaotic so now I just thought I’d watch some clips and give you one! You also know that these articles aren’t so big. That’s why I’ll write a bit more, including some things I want to say and the new Blog Feature, the poll! We will start ahead with the video, because it has this nice image which you’ll see on the front-page ;D

¤ Video Showcase ¤
So, I was cruising through the vids and right at the front-page I found this beauty. Usually I’m searching for the vids haven’t been watched much, because they can help a bit more attention. The front-page mostly isn’t the good place for this, but now it was :) We have a video by Spam, called Solorunz. Because the last video showcase contained this very creative video, I thought we just might get back to pure racing!


And pure racing it is! There are some very nice, sharp turns, the speed is flashing, and god what a nice quality!


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What would you like to have appear here?17. November 2009 10:59
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Well the post title says it all...

To get the TMX Community more involved in the TMX Blog. We feel that we should approach you guys, the community, and ask you one question:

What would you like have appear here?

Keep in mind that our slogan is "For the Readers, by the Readers!". Which is why we have approached you guys to suggest some ideas for some great reading material. Your suggestions can be anything related to TMX or TrackMania, whether it be more videos, tracks, tips tricks or guides, interviews or just some general community news. Don't hesitate to take a vote in our current Blog Poll.

You should also not forget that you are free to send in your own articles to the TMX Crew! Cool

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WCG TrackMania Grand Finals 2009!6. November 2009 22:06
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With the grand finals in less than a week away, WCG has begun it's preparations for the highly anticipated WCG Grand Finals 2009, which will be taking place in Chengdu, China, on November 1th-15th.

The TrackMania Grand Finals have said to be taking place on Friday the 13th, November, in Chengdu's local time 18:30. With over 24 players from 19 countries will be competing in the WCG World Championship 2009!

They will be battling it out on the five winning tracks from the TMX WCG Global Track Design Competition, authors including: matto, Korre, bazz, race and Sapphiron.

The TrackMania schedule, has been posted on the WCG Site.

Come on everyone! Let's be ready for the WCG Championship 2009!

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TM Exchange 2 - What would you love to see?28. October 2009 04:10
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With TrackMania 2 arriving in just over a years time, many players have speculated on what the game will have. One thing not many players have speculated on, is whether or not a brand new TMX will arrive. In response to that, all we can do is speculate on this idea.

If a new track exchange were to built or rebuilt. What would you like to see? E.g. - User Customizations, improved track manager. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome and will be added to the list below. Cool

• Further user customizations.
• An improved API with documentation.
• Online recommendation.
• Easier sort functions for track searches (Sortable quicklists).
• Multiple Authors
• Multiple Versions
• Improved Overall Site Design
• Multiple Screenshots
• User Favourites
• Optional Taging System
• Blog Edit Comments (lol)
• More Track Style Options.
• Live User Status (Online / Offline)
• Quick Track Pack Grouping
• Copper Count
• Multiple Language Chatrooms
• Improved or changed Awards System
• Cross linking tracks
• Individual User Stats
• Filter/search by'actual' file name, inc .GBX extension (GameBox)
• Batch downloading, select multiple tracks, group them and download many tracks with one click.
• Send multiple PM's to a group of users.
• Multiple user PM chat. (Chat with more than one person)
• Front Page news Comments.
• TM-Tube Video API.
• Certain player download only list.
• YouTube like Account Customizations.
• User Accoun Page Voting.
• Copyright protected tracks.

Just remember that this is pure speculation and no official word has been said.

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ManiaLinks, where and what?23. October 2009 18:32
Posted By: View User Profile Januy Permalink | Comments (5)

The ManiaLink. It’s one of those extra features you pay for, in Trackmania United.
So what exactly is there to find? Would we need it? And what are the best spots?
Were about to find out.


The ManiaLink main page (like shown above), consists out of multiple sections; Tracks, 3D-models, Skins, Competitions, Teams, Community, Videos, Other Creations and Webisodes.
We will take a look at them all, some a bit less and some a bit more explained. I have tried to link to the manialinks pages, but because I (how dumb it is) didn’t enable this option for myself I hope I used the correct links. Enjoy!


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Supporting TMX3. August 2009 11:59
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With TrackMania eXchange (TMX for short) being the best and most visited community website in TrackMania at no cost, there are a few things you could do in return of this free community service. I’ll explain them and how below.

An image or text based link

This type of support is similar to an advertisement, but is sometimes kept on a page, roughly at the top. Linking back to TMX provides further traffic to TMX, and shows that we as a community value its service and in exchange for that service, we’ll (the community)  put a viewable or readable image or text based link on our site linking back to TMX.

Copper Donations

Copper donating can come in handy when TMX has a few upcoming events. On a regular basis TMX may host an event or contest which may include coppers for a prize, donating coppers is another great way of supporting a TMX event or contest.

Money Donations

In this dark economical downturn, we must all be there for one another and provide support. You should follow this and donate some spare change to TMX to keep its service and community going, because without TMX there is no TrackMania. All donations made are put towards the hosting of TMX and give MrA a little break on the payment of the hosting. Donations can be made by clicking the PayPal button on the homepage of TMX, or click here.

Other Ways to Support TMX

- Being active in the TMX forums.

- Downloading tracks.

- Awarding and commenting one another's tracks.

I hope you consider a way to support TMX. :)

I know I’m supporting TMX, how about you?

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Author Showcase – Rose Tattoo20. April 2009 17:02
Posted By: View User Profile Januy Permalink | Comments (8)

Welcome to the Author Showcase, a project founded by Natzke on Trackmania Nations Exchange. We already made a lot of Interviews, with famous users like Ron Turbo, but also normal TMX users like Quat or SeaDevil! We have gotten a lot of positive reactions to it. And we now got the great news that we can publish our Interviews on TMX Blog!  We are really happy with it, and it’s even a bit special because it is the 10th Interview! We hope you enjoy it!


Hey there TMX nutters, here is the new interview! Number 12 already! Right on time I suppose. This time with a very known user, maybe not because of his tracks but because of his epic server. Maybe the most known TMN-server ever, Rose Server! Of course you have raced on it at least one time, so of course you also know the man behind that masterpiece of a server! We present to you:

Rose Tattoo!

1. Please tell us more about yourself (birthday, real name, place of birth, height, weight, favorite colour) and your background?
My name is Maik and I was born 19.05.65 in Dresden. Now I live in Hamburg more than 20 years and I’m married with my lovely wife who is also driving TMN together with me. I work in a laboratory as super visor and my wife is a singer.

2. What made you become a trackbuilder and who make biggest influence at your beginning? (If for any reason you're not mapping, please tell why?)
I’m not a mapper, I did just made a few stupid maps when we started to play TMN in the beginning of 2006
One map got many awards but only because of my work as server admin, at first I wanted to delete all maps but later I thought it should be ok because its just a game...
I started again with help of Swensen as tutor but I had never time enough because of the server work and I felt as I would waste Swensen´s time.


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