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8 Websites All TrackManiacs Should Know Of25. April 2009 17:53
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TMX isn’t everything. No, really, it’s not! OK, maybe it is. But for the sake of this post, let’s pretend it’s not :P

There are plenty of TM sites out there, and here’s a list to show you 8 of the most valuable ones, in no particular order:

The Official Website – Yes, the official TM website is worth a visit, even if you already own the game. Community- and game news, rankings, videos, etc. The TM website is a gateway to the rest of the community.

TM Creative – Tutorials. Lots and lots of tutorials. Become a MediaTracker expert, learn how to blockmix, change the colors of your in-game alias and track names, make custom skins, and much more.

TM Tube – View TrackMania videos and upload your own. The YouTube of TrackMania features tons of great videos and offers the ability to show off your own work.

CarPark – Carpark is the skin and 3D-models equivalent of TMX. Download skins and models, and upload your own creations. The place to go if you want to really look great online!

TM Forum – The official TrackMania forums. Here you can talk about just about anything related to TrackMania.

ScreenMania – At TM Tube you get videos, at TMX you get tracks, but at ScreenMania you get – that’s right – screenshots! There are some truly awesome collections, suitable as for example wallpapers for your desktop.

Electronic Tournaments – ET hosts TrackMania leagues and cups. Teams battle it out, and there’s a 1on1 ladder. You can also bet “coins” on existing races.

TM Wiki – Wikipedia is great, but for TrackManiacs, TM Wiki is better. Everything you need to know is answered and explained here, and if it isn’t, you can help by adding your own articles or make changes to existing ones.

Let us know what you think about these websites, and what other websites you visit :D

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