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Interview: Sang Hong from World Cyber Games23. August 2009 23:03
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World Cyber Games is a large gaming website, hosting leagues and live events on multiple games including WarCraft, Guitar Hero and FIFA 09. Recently, TrackMania has been added to the equation.

We stopped by to interview Sang Hong, Project Manager for Trackmania on WCGZone, asking him about WCG and the game.


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Summer Holidays9. July 2009 14:19
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It’s summer – which is great – and that usually means people are going away on holidays to far-off countries or relatives in other cities. This shows on TMX in the form of people disappearing and saying temporary goodbyes.

In my case, I’ll be off to various places for the rest of the month. By experience, I know this doesn’t mean I’ll be away from TMX – I probably won’t be able to stay away for even a day – but it does mean less time for writing. In other words, I’ll step away from the TMX Blog for a while.

Furthermore, in mid August I’ll be moving and making some drastic changes to my personal life. Thus, I’ve decided not to continue to write for TMX (I’ll be writing full time anyway, and I’d rather spend my free time playing TM and hanging out in the TMX forum than writing even more).

The future of the blog therefore hangs loose. I know the Author Showcase team will continue to post their weekly interview for as long as they’re able to, but as of this moment, there isn’t really anyone else to update the blog – which is a shame, considering its so far quite short lifespan.

So if you are or know of someone who is capable and willing to write about TrackMania every now and then, now’s the time to step forward. It would be great if we could find someone who could keep the blog alive, or perhaps a little team of people who take turns writing posts.

If not, I guess we’ll see what happens.

For now, however, I wish you a pleasant holiday season! I’m sure I’ll see you around Wink

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Track: Hypocrisy5. July 2009 14:06
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Last week I announced a small and quick, but hopefully still useful and interesting, project where you were all invited to suggest underrated tracks for a mention here in the blog.

The deadline passed several days ago (but due to some problems I’ve been unable to post during the past few days – thus the lack of activity this week), and now we have one selected for you all to try out Laughing

Unfortunately, though, it’s not a Stadium track, so this one is for all United players Wink


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Throwing a bone for underrated authors27. June 2009 22:18
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In the spirit of highlighting unknown authors and underrated tracks, here’s a chance to get your – or someone else’s – underrated track noticed!

Simply submit a track by leaving a comment below with a link to the track and a short text about why you think it deserves more awards. The track mustn’t be new and it shouldn’t have more than 10 awards already. Deadline: 1st of July (only four days!)

One submitted track will then be selected and highlighted here in the blog next week. A small favor for underrated tracks as a whole, but a bigger one for that one lucky track specifically, and I for one would like to think that that’s still quite a big deal.

So go on, don’t be shy. If you know of or find an underrated track, don’t miss this opportunity to get it noticed Wink

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Treasure Hunt – The Results25. June 2009 17:57
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X-Rated and TM Creative started a project a few months ago with the purpose to find long forgotten unawarded but great tracks in the depths of TMX. Now, the results of this project are here! Article written by Dutchman.

First a short briefing for those who (against all odds) haven't taken any notice of this great event: The recent discussion about tracks brought up at TMX, the TMX-blog, the Tmaniacs-blog and various forums inspired me to call the community for a treasure hunt into the wastelands of TMX. Players claim little alternation in trackstyles on servers while there are a lot of excellent, but underrated tracks and fresh but unknown authors at TMX. I took myself to the test and picked 20 unawarded old tracks from TMX. After less than two hours I was not surprised to find 3 tracks that would do well on a server. Conclusion: There have to be a lot of excellent tracks lost in the wastelands of TMX - you only have to go out and find them.

But it would be a lifetime job for a single person - and so the idea for the treasure hunt was born. By selecting tracks from a single environment sorted by awards, descending and oldest first, i got lists of unawarded tracks and declared a single page with 20 tracks as a claim to be scanned by a contender.


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Rest in Peace, Denise21. June 2009 00:08
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Two posts only hours apart, but for good reason.

I just noticed that on TMX Nations, a track titled R.I.P Denise was showcased only hours ago. And I wanted to spread this to the United players as well, because it’s a real special one.

As the name hints, the TMX member Star Productions, a young woman known in real life under the name of Denise, passed away earlier this year. The showcased track was later found by some of Denise’s friends who, despite their lack of knowledge in TrackMania, decided to finish and release it. According to them, it was the last project Denise was working on. And they wanted to finish it and make it available to the community as a way to show their respect.

Denise released 21 tracks on the Nations exchange during her active time with the community. This one, her 22nd, is already her most valued one.

So regardless if you’re a Nations or United player, go give the last track of Star Productions a go. And regardless of whether you actually like it or not, take some time to leave an award or comment to pay your respect.

Let’s show Denise’s friends what a great community this is. And above all, let’s stop for a moment to remember the people who are close to us, the meaning of friends and family, and the young woman named Denise who in many ways once was – and still is – a part of our community.

R.I.P Denise.

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If I worked at Nadeo…20. June 2009 19:42
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We’ve all got our wishes, suspicions, thoughts and hopes regarding the next move Nadeo, the creators of TrackMania, will make, especially in regards of the TM franchise. A new environment, a next add-on or an entirely new TrackMania? A new game all together or simply a new kind of block? There are a lot of possibilities.

Now, I’d like to get your imagination going by asking you to complete the sentence “If I worked at Nadeo, I would…” in a comment below. You may be funny or completely serious, express a hope/wish or an actual fact regarding where Nadeo is going in the future.

So, what would you do if you worked at Nadeo? Cool

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Record-breaking MTC17. June 2009 11:44
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As already posted in the front page news on the United exchange, this month’s MTC – Monthly Track Contest – has become larger than ever before. And now the contest is officially closed, so we have a final track count: 139 entries.

The MTC has existed for several years already across multiple TMX sites (the first being the old TMX Nations site, before Forever was released), but the previous record was only around 60 entries – less than half of what we have this month! Except a long judging period this time Tongue out

The reason for this new record, however, might be quite simple: an easy and unusually liked theme. The objective was to build tracks no longer than 15 seconds long – on any environment and of any type. No other limitations.

But still, the fact that 139 people pulled together and submitted a track is quite interesting. Who says the TM community is getting smaller?

To celebrate the record-breaking MTC, we’ve got more prizes to hand out than usual. Here’s what the 139 people who prticipated in the Unted MTC are competing for:

  • Overall winner: A showcase and a mug or teddy bear from the TMX Shop.
  • Top scoring in each environment: A mug or teddy bear.
  • Three random participants: 5000 coppers each.

On the Nations Forever exchange, where the MTC has only existed for a few months, we saw quite a good user participation rate too. We reached 40 entries this month, and that on a theme which was perceived as quite challenging (bouncing five times on water).

In July, the MTC will take a break on both sites. But we’ll be back again in August, and I hope to see you all enter the contest once again when that time comes. In the mean time, feel free to suggest new themes in the Suggestions threads (United and NationsWink

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The Beta Area Experience13. June 2009 18:37
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Our wonderful Beta Area (United version and Nations version) is a place I’ve hardly ever visited – until now! And even though I’ve always thought the idea to be decent, it wasn’t until now I realized its potential.

For those of you who don’t know, the idea is that you upload an unfinished track that you’re working on and start a forum topic. Others can then download the beta track and leave feedback in the forum thread. My original thought was that you can just ask a friend to beta test, but what if you don’t know a suitable person, or they say no? And even if you do, it turns out that there are some other nice ups to using the Beta Area.

First on the positive side, and most obvious, is the fact that you get feedback for your track. Potentially from several people with several different preferences and viewpoints. When I tried the area, I uploaded a track and started a topic (if you really want feedback, starting a topic is necessary – it’s not enough just to upload a track), and it didn’t take long at all until I had a response from someone who had tried the track and had comments on it.

Most active TMX users have already made friends on the site, and many ask others in person to beta test their tracks. However, this should not mean they shouldn’t use the Beta Area too. It’s likely that a third person will enter the picture and give feedback from a different point of view, or confirm the feedback of the original friend(s). The more the merrier!

Additionally, if several people comment on a track, having a thread in the Beta Area would be useful to start a discussion where several people can be involved, rather than doing everything one-on-one via PM.

A second positive aspect is the potential gain of an extra award or two. By uploading to the Beta Area first, more people are likely to play your track since the track is “new” twice, and thus award it once it’s actually released for real. If no one else, at least those who gave sincere feedback and whom you have talked to and discussed with during the building process are likely to leave an award in the end (unless they really don’t like the track, of course).

And thirdly, I really like the design of the Beta Area page – quick and easy access to everything, from uploading and downloading beta tracks to the forum threads in which to discuss the tracks, all in one convenient place.

On the downside, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of people commenting Beta Tracks. Odds appear to be good that you’ll get a comment at all, but getting it from several people might not be as usual. But then again, one person might be enough in most cases.

Last but not least, I’ve been trying to look a bit into why some tracks in the Beta Area haven’t received any feedback at all. I can’t really find a single common factor, but two things have come to my mind: those who have received no feedback at all have either uploaded several beta tracks or are fairly new to the website. In the first case, I guess people are put off by one person having several tracks. For the second case, I believe that if a track is too bad – a newbie track of the kind we’ve all built once upon a time – people won’t, for some reason, bother to leave a comment even if they’ve tried the track.

In any case, the Beta Area has some nice benefits, and any serious author should use it to make any new track as good as it gets. I’d love to see more people there as it allows us to collectively make our tracks better yet Cool

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Screenshot Collection (June 11th, 09)11. June 2009 21:35
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We’ll continue to display some nice screenshots for you to enjoy :)

TB - Blue Reflection WP By Kunkstar7 3 Frizbee - Blury Heart Frizbee - Dark World

 TimeBreaker, Kunkstar7, Frizbee.

Have your own screenshot(s) displayed in the blog! Drop us an e-mail:

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