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The 10 things we all hate when playing TrackMania21. December 2009 22:50
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These are some of the things you probably never liked;

  1. Ever had your track that was a block too high, too far to the left or right, or to low? Great, now you can demolish the track and rebuild it!

  2. That block piece that would finish that turn..but it doesn’t fit.

  3. Ever had played a RPG-track and pressed restart 100m before the finish? Well, you don’t want it either.

  4. Driving a record time and that “1 in 10 times” bug comes up. Not cool.

  5. Driving your last ride, with a beautiful time, and seeing the server-countdown going 00:02, 00:01, 00:00. But then when your one block away from the finish.
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Januy’s Chat14. December 2009 22:08
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Hello TMX!

Time for an update!
My last small chat was about 2 weeks ago, and I thought I’d make a little updating article to start of the week.

First of all, as you all may have noticed, we lost our biggest source of information and support, namely FastForza! It was disappointing news but I’m sure he knows what he is doing, and I’m honoured he trusted us the TMX Blog!


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Video Showcase, a quick talk and the poll24. November 2009 20:01
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Heyo TMX community! As you all know, users that you are that read all the blog posts, we got the Video Showcase. Usually that is done in the weekend, but it got a bit chaotic so now I just thought I’d watch some clips and give you one! You also know that these articles aren’t so big. That’s why I’ll write a bit more, including some things I want to say and the new Blog Feature, the poll! We will start ahead with the video, because it has this nice image which you’ll see on the front-page ;D

¤ Video Showcase ¤
So, I was cruising through the vids and right at the front-page I found this beauty. Usually I’m searching for the vids haven’t been watched much, because they can help a bit more attention. The front-page mostly isn’t the good place for this, but now it was :) We have a video by Spam, called Solorunz. Because the last video showcase contained this very creative video, I thought we just might get back to pure racing!


And pure racing it is! There are some very nice, sharp turns, the speed is flashing, and god what a nice quality!


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TrackMania 2 Official!19. September 2009 13:28
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It is official! TrackMania 2 has been announced. There aren't any explicit details, but these pictures will simply it.

Details from TMC:

- professionel editor mode
- exchange of blocks
- import of 3D geometry blocks
- maniascript language
- splitscreen modes

Known Environments:

-  Valley
-  Arena
- ???


Announcement by Florent and Nicolas (English Subtitles)
The Conference with Nadeo (French)






Images from Twitter @TaxiGamer. Thanks tmjonas and TStarGermany :D


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This is it!19. September 2009 02:39
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This article has been written +9 hours ahead of Frances timezone.

In less than 24 hours, Nadeo & Focus Home are going to be revealing the future of TrackMania at the Paris Game Festival.

This came as a surprise to the community when Florent announced last week that the future of TrackMania will be unveiled at the Paris Game Festival. What we know is that Focus and Florent (Nadeo) will be revealing TrackMania for the Wii at around 13:30PM, Saturday 19th September. What we don’t know is whether or not Florent will be also announcing any additions to the PC version of TrackMania at the Paris Game Festival. Many people are speculating the release of new environments, a complete TrackMania Forever add-on for both games, heck some people think Nadeo will announce and reveal ShootMania or QuestMania.

During the weekend we’ll try and keep all you guys and girls updated about Nadeo’s announcement.

If anyone is attending the Paris Game Festival, try and do your best to attend the Focus and Nadeo exhibition. As I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the announcements Nadeo and Focus have to say.

I’m sure we are all looking forward to the future of TrackMania as much as Nadeo are! So keep your eyes out for further announcements around the community.

Comments are welcome.



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The ESWC may return to TrackMania10. August 2009 12:22
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Stéphane Cosse has purchased the rights to ESWC for more than 50,000 Euros! Stéphane Cosse has also purchased rights to the following websites, and 30 other domains, he has also obtained the rights to the tournament management system that was created by the original ESWC owners . The new owner of ESWC also owns another website called The news broke and spread across multiple gaming teams and website.

As you all know the ESWC went into liquidation last April. Thus ending one of TrackMania's event hosts.

With this news just breaking a few days ago, we are all unsure that TrackMania Nations will be returning to the ESWC. Your thoughts and comments are welcome.

*Crosses Fingers* Lets hope it returns!

There hasn't been much news going on throughout TrackMania. This could still be a rumour.

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Dedimania17. July 2009 12:34
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Here’s an article with a few words on Dedimania, the database that stores and compares your online track records!

Dedimania is, and always will be, the largest and fastest growing public TrackMania world record database. It boasts some of the top records on thousands and thousands of player-made tracks worldwide. Built from the ground up by Slig back in 2005, Dedimania is used 24/7 on more than 3600 servers throughout the world.

The Record Database is such an important part of any TrackMania server, as each server running a certain tool like Aseco or Fast is provided with more or less than 30 Dedimania records. These records are referred to as Dedi Recs, in which are the current best global records set on the current track.

Its official website devoted to the Dedicated Server by Nadeo, lists all 4.5 million records which can be sorted through using the many, many search functions that Dedimania gives you. Dedimania also lets you connect remotely using one of the four server controllers (Remote CP, Onyx, TM WEB or Basic) via your server's IP or server's nadeo game account. It even has a devised set of user types you can connect with, that's of course if you know the passwords.


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Summer Holidays9. July 2009 14:19
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It’s summer – which is great – and that usually means people are going away on holidays to far-off countries or relatives in other cities. This shows on TMX in the form of people disappearing and saying temporary goodbyes.

In my case, I’ll be off to various places for the rest of the month. By experience, I know this doesn’t mean I’ll be away from TMX – I probably won’t be able to stay away for even a day – but it does mean less time for writing. In other words, I’ll step away from the TMX Blog for a while.

Furthermore, in mid August I’ll be moving and making some drastic changes to my personal life. Thus, I’ve decided not to continue to write for TMX (I’ll be writing full time anyway, and I’d rather spend my free time playing TM and hanging out in the TMX forum than writing even more).

The future of the blog therefore hangs loose. I know the Author Showcase team will continue to post their weekly interview for as long as they’re able to, but as of this moment, there isn’t really anyone else to update the blog – which is a shame, considering its so far quite short lifespan.

So if you are or know of someone who is capable and willing to write about TrackMania every now and then, now’s the time to step forward. It would be great if we could find someone who could keep the blog alive, or perhaps a little team of people who take turns writing posts.

If not, I guess we’ll see what happens.

For now, however, I wish you a pleasant holiday season! I’m sure I’ll see you around Wink

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Rest in Peace, Denise21. June 2009 00:08
Posted By: View User Profile Jozii Permalink | Comments (8)

Two posts only hours apart, but for good reason.

I just noticed that on TMX Nations, a track titled R.I.P Denise was showcased only hours ago. And I wanted to spread this to the United players as well, because it’s a real special one.

As the name hints, the TMX member Star Productions, a young woman known in real life under the name of Denise, passed away earlier this year. The showcased track was later found by some of Denise’s friends who, despite their lack of knowledge in TrackMania, decided to finish and release it. According to them, it was the last project Denise was working on. And they wanted to finish it and make it available to the community as a way to show their respect.

Denise released 21 tracks on the Nations exchange during her active time with the community. This one, her 22nd, is already her most valued one.

So regardless if you’re a Nations or United player, go give the last track of Star Productions a go. And regardless of whether you actually like it or not, take some time to leave an award or comment to pay your respect.

Let’s show Denise’s friends what a great community this is. And above all, let’s stop for a moment to remember the people who are close to us, the meaning of friends and family, and the young woman named Denise who in many ways once was – and still is – a part of our community.

R.I.P Denise.

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Using coppers to be successful6. June 2009 19:28
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Who says coppers are useless? If you really want to be on top, there’s only one way to get there: bribes! Here are a few ideas you can use to really get what you want:

Bribe your way to more awards – How’d you think people like Crusard or JumperJack keep getting so many awards for their tracks? I mean, c’mon, they’re not THAT good. You can use coppers to bribe your friends – or complete strangers for that matter – into awarding your tracks. (Note: don’t actually try this :P We wouldn’t be too happy if you did).

Use bribes to win in contests and leagues – Anything from the tiniest contest here on TMX to the largest league around. Bribes are the only way to get that valuable first position. Yup.

Bribe to be right – When discussions heat up in the forums and everyone seems to be against you, it’s not necessarily because your opinion sucks. It’s more likely because someone else has used bribes to get everyone else to agree with him. The only way to fight that is to offer even better bribes.

Bribe Nadeo – If you really want to matter, go straight for the top! Sure, it would probably take quite a few coppers, but bribing Nadeo themselves can be worth it. Remember that cool environment you’ve always dreamed of? Or perhaps you’d like to boost your ladder position? Nadeo’s what you should go for.

Bribe yourself – Sometimes I don’t really want to do what I should do. Then I bribe myself, and suddenly I’m willing to do almost anything!

Bribe MrA – That’s the only way to become a mod ;)

So there you have it! The secret to success. But of course, you shouldn’t actually try any of these out. But then again, we do live in an unfair world…

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