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Wake me up when..3. September 2012 21:26
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Hey Guys,

finally I decided how to go on with the blog post: Every monday you will receive a bigger Blog-Post with different topics, and maybe from time to time a little surprise ;-)

Here a little overview about the topics today:

#Community Question – Talking about the future of Trackmania

#A new month started – Time for the MTC!

#Random Stuff - # Superduper stuntcompo for swags, YOLO-edition! New Nadeo-Recs

Community Question

Again I asked a lot of people one or two questions. How does Trackmania look like in 2018? It was a "What if"-Question, no one knows if there will be a active TM-Community or a new TM-Game in 2018. What about the environments? The graphics? There are still many open questions, so I hope you guys will discuss the future of this game in the comments!

Infi: I do hope the game developers learn and make the borders for creativity disappear, which means they make it possible to change block's length, height and width and add more blocks, moving blocks and the possibilty to create own ones and mix everything with everything. Apart from that the game is awesome as it is, thus there's nothing more to add in my opinion.

Will you buy it? Depending on the activity of good old TMUF/NF- exchange, i'll decide whether to buy it or not.

Pascow: It's still the good old stadium with some new features and much better graphics and fixed driving-bugs.

Will you buy it? If I still have fun playing tm then, I'll buy it for sure.

dan!el: It's the ultimate hybrid of TMF and TM2. The most innovative feature of it - custom car characteristics for every track you make, so driving experience from each race is unique. Another game features are astonishing graphics and ultra realistic sounds.

Will you buy it? For sure I'll buy it!

Cephid: I can't say anything to the look, as I also was suprised by the look of Canyon. Will I buy it? That depends on the price, but probably yes. I would probably buy.

Enryx: For me it should have 2 Envis from TMUF, 2 from TM² and 2 new ones. Same TM spirit: no collisions between vehicles, Timeattack and round online matches/servers. TMUF modes (race stunt platform puzzle) and not a Maniaplanet-like organization (4 example you buy the game and you have the 6 envs, not like buying the 2nd/3rd/... env in the future).

Will you buy it? Before, I would try to get access to the closed beta (as I did for TM2), to free try the game, understand my feeling about the new envs, etc.
When beta is over it depends if I liked it or not, I'll buy it or not. If the game would be like I guessed (with "old" envs) I'd probably buy it (at least I'd play more those old envis than the new ones^^). If it's all brand new, it depends on my impressions (example: I didnt buy TM2 after betatesting, not my drive-style, etc etc ;/)

Lapos: I didn't buy TM2 cos there is no island car, and i won't buy any future versions of TM if there is no island car.

MoaraShira: Of course I would buy it.

!nFernOxid: A good question. If Nadeo release some more Tm's, what I really think, I hope they will release a new stadium version. With a Trackmania in the year 2018 I think there will be much more- and less buggy blocks in the editor and so mapper can use even more blocks for creative tracks. But all in all I don't think many things will be changed especially in the online game, because Nadeo want to keep the game ''for guys with skill''. Maybe some new maps with new blocks for offline hunting, that’s it.

Will you buy it? I don't think I'll buy the game. It's not because the game isn't my taste or something like that it's because in 6 years I'm 21 so I think I won't have time to play such a game even if it's great. Nevertheless I think we should us get surprised by Nadeo in the following years.

Pi | agent: Mhmm...thats a damn hard question. Already couldnt imagine how the trackmania 2 will be But yea..I hope it has same Stadium part in it. For me its the best of all in trackmania. Furthermore I think there could be new environments. But what for new environments? Mhm..Driving on planets? Moreover it should have new different blocks for the editor, a bigger selection. Also it would be great if there is an extra programm to mix own blocks. Yea..thats how I think a future version could look like And if I will buy it? would be great if there would be a free version of it, ofc with some restriction. And if I like it than and still drive tm I will buy it for sure!

Kadzio: Nadeo made a few "TrackMania" series and then a "United" version. It won't be a big surprise to see something like this. Now they made "TrackMania 2 Canyon", I expect something like "TrackMania 2 Offroad" and after some versions "TrackMania 2 United".

What is the worst scenario that can happen? In my opinion the worst scenario is that: Nadeo still makes "ShootMania" and does with it something like with "TrackMania".

Zogger: The worst scenario would be that they change the spirit of TM too much like they did with TM2 which I personally totally disliked. It would be cool though to have some more blocks and to be able to create blocks yourself. Also a "realtime multiplayer editor" would rly rock, so you could build tracks together at the same time.

What is the best scenario that may happen?

Fabio_m: Well I don't believe technology will envolve so much in 6 years but in the best case scenario if technology really evolves then it would be cool to see a virtual reality experience in trackmania, thing about some VR goggles and you siting on an hidraulic chair that gives you the same feeling as you would feel if you drove those cars Something like the movie tron but with tm cars would be great too.

Quat: Well, I don´t need a completely new Trackmania. An update like from TMN ESWC to Nations Forever would be great. This means, lots of new blocks, but no new driving-physics, maybe some new road- and platformblocks and so on. Trackmania and the Stadium Environment belong together as nothing else. Furthermore, they should optimize the graphics. I don´t need a TM with Crysis-graphics, but it often feels like TM doesn´t support my ATI-GPU, which means I have bad looking shadows, totally unconstant framerates (if VSync is disabled) and some minor graphic-problems.
All in all; I don´t need a new TM, but an update would be nice (hopefully earlier than 2018).

DrKris: I think the handling and speed are same, but graphics have become better, its very realistic. It would have rain, mist, sunshine cloudy weather, you can choose it when you have choosed the mood for the track. It would have more blocks to build a map and MT you can make much cooler too. I would like it like TMNF2 and TMUF2, then you only need to buy the TMUF2 so TMNF2 is free.


I agree with many opinions here and I'm glad to see so many views here. What is the best scenario that may happen for you? Do you think there will be an update or even a new stadium-mode? Actually there are many possibilities to make a better TrackMania, but the question which no one of us is able to answer (at least I think so :-D) is, if Nadeo is going to do something like this. I'm curious to see more thoughts in the comment section!


5x5-Area was the theme of the last months MTC on TMUF where tracks must be built in a 5x5 area. The only limit on height was the editor limit. A difficult theme for sure, maybe even harder for environments like coast to build a nice map here, but creativity in Trackmania makes everything possible, ask Joost :-D 27 authors were inspired by this theme and created great new tracks. Only the judging process isn't finished yet, which is absolutly understandable by this huge amount of maps!

On TMNF the authors challenge was to build a track for the theme Contrast and you had to use contrasting surface changes/transitions in your track. Five submitted tracks are the result and congratulations to the winners Pascow & Shox with their duo-fullspeeder "/2estricted II"! In contrast to the TMUF-Exchange the low amount of participants this time is obvious, but hopefully this will change in the next month and we see more than 25 participants in both exchanges!

The theme for the MTC September in the TMNF-Exchange is "Flip it". So gogo, build and see your car spinning through the air!

Random Stuff:

*Zogger and Sapphiron are hosting a competition on TMNF-X randomly with funny challenges and great scoringsheets. This time it was called # Superduper stuntcompo for swags, YOLO-edition! and your task was to build a you-only-live-once-swag-scumbag-track. Three guys participated but these hilarious ideas deserve more attention :) Zogger decided that there is no winner this time. Who needs winners when you have SWAG#?

*Some new Nadeo-Records were uploaded in the last days in both exchanges. In TMUF-X Jadis, Jason and Reija drove records on the maps Puzzle A5, TMN Bonus A-3 and TMN Race G-0. Reija also drove a new WR on A06 Obstacle in the TMNF-Exchange, but racehans got it back just a few days later. So he got his 12th WR on a Nadeo-Map in TMNF back! Sick job!


That's it for today, live your life, you only die once, have a nice day,


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New Friday - At Saturday25. August 2012 23:47
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Hey Guys!

It's saturday (E: Now sunday, damn, time is going fast) and you'll receive the news from friday since I was busy yesterday - sorry for that.

I planned to review some tracks of the last week and give you some tips for maps you maybe hadn't notice yet.

Ic: consciousness by IC: Vorobey < - TMUF-X

I think environment-mixing is always somehow impressive,especially in this track. Some known mixed are the Stadium-Car in the Island- or Coast-Environmen. But a track where you drive with the stadium-car in the Bay-Environment isn't seen that often. The most awarded combination can be found in the track Stratos by eyebo with 22 awards. And Ic: consciousness from this week should be able to beat this number of awards. The map os about 24 seconds long and is nicely huntable for everyone who likes easy fs-maps. It is a jumpy experience through the city-scenery and sometimes you wonder how well the drops and jumps are fitting for the stadium-car.

The author released only a few tracks until now, but he shows us with this track, that he has the potential to be a great builder, who deserves some more attention. Give it a try! :-)

Definitly also worth a try:

  • SuperSmooth! 2 by .ivi' <3 - Well, surprise, surprise, it's supersmooth.
  • Bound by winter - Paradise for Fullspeed-Pros with many Speedslides and tricks.
  • Nothing to fear by iRoc - Scared of the hard driving-settings in the Coast-Envi? Then you have nothing to feat here, since it's a pretty easy coast-track for all those who like to hunt or try out coast-tracks. 
  • >>Small islanD 6x6 by IC: Vorobey< - Again a track by him, again a nice mix. Snow-Car in Stadium-Envi - sometimes a bit buggy, but it works surprisingly well and the transitions are just awesome.

See you tomorrow (today) with the series from Saturday.




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Old Track Review - #1 Li(f)e21. August 2012 22:46
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Searching old and enjoyable maps is always a challenge, 344,955 + 183,087 tracks on both exchanges, I guess there are thousands of tracks which deserve more attention. Well, nevertheless I made a decision for one map. It's a SpeedTech or mainly Techtrack, published in July 2010. It's called Li(f)e and it's built by avarice who seems to be inactive now, but back in 2010 he created some well-hunted Techtracks like The Enrichment Center or Feeling a Moment. Two maps with more than twenty awards. Li(f)e got "only" six awards, but you may know that you can't always judge the quality of a map by its number of award.

A great spot in the name is the mixture of the words Lie and Life. I noticed this pretty lately, but it's actually a great name and probably you can discuss for hours about several parts of this name. And probably the writers of "The Truman Show" were inspired by this name :-D Well, probably not, but the name is still great.

Back to the track itself.


Length: 44 seconds

Style: Basic Tech, easy built, not many blocks used, some speedy parts.

WR: 43.89 by Avarice

Driving the track:

On your first try you won't be able to drive a good time at this track since you won't be able to find the fitting trackroute in the first 2-3 tries here probably. But once you got it this map is flowing as hell. The scenery isn't anything special, and you drive all the time on road blocks, but diversity isn't the point why you'll like this track. Obviously it's not a track to watch and enjoy a beautiful creation. It's just the fact that this is a great-driveable map and I wanna see a new WR on this map here this week, gogo :-D

Tomorrow you won't see anything new here, but don't worry. I'm back at thursday with a big interview :V



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Authors in Focus #116. August 2012 22:48
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Welcome, good evening and hello TMX!

Maybe some of you guys remember the "Author Showcase Project" by Natzke here some years ago. He and other kindful helpers presented some known and unknown authors in an interview-based article. For my taste this is more a interview with a presentation of a user of TMX, but the title sounds like a presentation of an author, a track-builder. So I'm changing the concept a bit and I'll set my focus also on the work the user did in trackbuilding. But don't worry! Normal interviews are going to follow soon ;-)

Episode 1: Alchemy

The first author I'm going to present is "Alchemy" who is active on TMUF-X and TMNF-X. He uploads his stadium-tracks in both exchanges and also publishes some snow or island-tracks, but his focus is set on stadium building.

Personal description

Name: Tom Steinfellner

Age: 15

First time he played TM: When he was 8 or 9 years old he discovered a version of ESWC on a disk from a TV-magazine at home. He directly installed the game and fell in love with it.

Clan: Alchemy is playing in the "Friends and Buddies"-Team (fab). Mainly they play fun tracks, which are built by their clanleader.

Environments: Mainly he is playing stadium ("what else"), but also snow and island sometimes.

Some words about TMX: You always get in contact with new people, who are all special on their own with their own characteristics. You try out tracks and give your feedback as much as it is possible. If you invest your time in playing a track and writing a feedback, you'll get your work back from other people who try out your tracks and tell you some tips for improvement and whether they like your track or not. Simply this awesome community <3

Inspiration: Not a special trackbuilder. "Mainly I'm getting my inspiration from simple tracks, as you can see on my own tracks^^"

Trackbuilding time: For the whole package (40 seconds long track, scenery, testing, little stuff and mt-work) he needs about 5 days to build a track, but this is different from track to track of course.

Focus on Trackbuilding:

Alchemy @ TMUF-X:

In comparison to the Nations Forever-Exchange Alchemys tracks on TMUF-X haven't got that much awards. His most successful track is the sweet little snow-track ''"Morning Hunter"''. But also some of his tracks here don't have any awards. So give them a try, they are definitly worth it.

Morning Hunter:

A track with hunting potential! The WR is 25.22 by Acid - actually a pretty nice time, but probably a improvement is possible (as always in Trackmania, that's why I love the game :D). So give it a try and hunt some nice times! The track is built in a easy way so the hunting potential is pretty hig. Only the start is maybe a bit unsmooth sometimes, which is caused by the interesting using of the pipe. As always you can expect some nice combined transitions by this talented builder here!

Scenery is gone...:

The second track which deserves a try is the island-pf-track "Scenery is gone" by him. I have to admit that it is built without a lot of inspiration in the end part, but the beginning, the first 20 seconds, are simply great. In this part he combines smoothness with nice pipe rides and loops.

Alchemy @ TMNF-X:

Most of his tracks are uploaded on both exchanges since he is building stadium fs-tracks in general. Besides many BOTW-tracks he was able to construct a track which reached a LB-Rating of 96,925! The hunting potential is higher than the Burj Al-Arab here :o He published 24 tracks until now and these tracks got 26 awards on average with a highest amount of 52 awards for his track ''"Revival"''. All these people who awarded his tracks can't be wrong: He is a great builder with a nice diversity in his tracks for sure.


A dream for all the people who love SDs and hunting at all. With a LB-Rating of 96.925 it is the second highest rated track at TMNF-X at the moment. Besides the SDs you'll also find an awesome smoothness in this track, so at all you can say that it is a composition and not only a track. Lovely!

The Speed Hunt-Series:

This series by him contains five easy huntable tracks on TMNF-X which are mainly ruled by »Rockz7ar<3 who got 3 WRs over there. Also these tracks are hunted a lot and every single track of these series got a very own touch with oldschool-elements and nice smooth jump.


This was the first episode of "Authors in Focus". I hope you like the concept, I'm looking forward to your feedback!

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Track: Hypocrisy5. July 2009 14:06
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Last week I announced a small and quick, but hopefully still useful and interesting, project where you were all invited to suggest underrated tracks for a mention here in the blog.

The deadline passed several days ago (but due to some problems I’ve been unable to post during the past few days – thus the lack of activity this week), and now we have one selected for you all to try out Laughing

Unfortunately, though, it’s not a Stadium track, so this one is for all United players Wink


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Throwing a bone for underrated authors27. June 2009 22:18
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In the spirit of highlighting unknown authors and underrated tracks, here’s a chance to get your – or someone else’s – underrated track noticed!

Simply submit a track by leaving a comment below with a link to the track and a short text about why you think it deserves more awards. The track mustn’t be new and it shouldn’t have more than 10 awards already. Deadline: 1st of July (only four days!)

One submitted track will then be selected and highlighted here in the blog next week. A small favor for underrated tracks as a whole, but a bigger one for that one lucky track specifically, and I for one would like to think that that’s still quite a big deal.

So go on, don’t be shy. If you know of or find an underrated track, don’t miss this opportunity to get it noticed Wink

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Treasure Hunt – The Results25. June 2009 17:57
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X-Rated and TM Creative started a project a few months ago with the purpose to find long forgotten unawarded but great tracks in the depths of TMX. Now, the results of this project are here! Article written by Dutchman.

First a short briefing for those who (against all odds) haven't taken any notice of this great event: The recent discussion about tracks brought up at TMX, the TMX-blog, the Tmaniacs-blog and various forums inspired me to call the community for a treasure hunt into the wastelands of TMX. Players claim little alternation in trackstyles on servers while there are a lot of excellent, but underrated tracks and fresh but unknown authors at TMX. I took myself to the test and picked 20 unawarded old tracks from TMX. After less than two hours I was not surprised to find 3 tracks that would do well on a server. Conclusion: There have to be a lot of excellent tracks lost in the wastelands of TMX - you only have to go out and find them.

But it would be a lifetime job for a single person - and so the idea for the treasure hunt was born. By selecting tracks from a single environment sorted by awards, descending and oldest first, i got lists of unawarded tracks and declared a single page with 20 tracks as a claim to be scanned by a contender.


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Full-speed vs. Technical31. May 2009 13:05
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This is a dead-old debate: which is better, full-speed or technical? Of course, there’s no correct answer, and it’s all a matter of personal taste, but still the arguments keep flaming in various forum discussions every now and then. Most recently, there was a discussion about whether full-speed or technical is harder to build on the recent Monthly Track Contest theme “two tiles wide” (or, in the case of Nations, “four tiles wide”).

But what is it that starts this sort of debate all the time? Why is it so difficult to just accept that some people prefer one over the other, and that not everyone thinks alike? It might be a biased view, but it’s my experience that technical builders more often “complain” about full-speed tracks than the other way around. Perhaps full-speed builders are simply more compassionate and open-minded then those who dislike full-speed? :P

No, personally I believe that full-speed often is perceived as an “easy solution” and a much less complicated way of building than the more technical counterpart, at least if talking about the Stadium environment (for some United environments, this might be different). But of course, that’s not the case. In fact, I believe the best full-speed tracks are often the ones that require the most well-crafted solutions. The problem is, as the driver you often don’t see it, partly because transitions and critical parts are so skillfully woven together, partly because you’re just flying past it in such high speeds you don’t have time to reflect upon it. And isn’t it so that many of the most popular tracks on TMX are full-speed tracks?

Then again, technical tracks aren’t easy to build either. The best ones require a balance in regards of turns that distinguish the sudden and just annoying brake from the ones that require skill to take perfectly but that don’t ruin the feel of the track.

And it’s at this point that I’ve settled my mind on which I prefer. Again, neither is “better” than the other, but there is one key ingredient that distinguishes the excellent from the plain good: a perfect combination. The bets tracks, in my opinion, aren’t those on which you simply take one wallride after the other at high speed, nor the ones where every turn involves a tap on the brake key. It’s the ones that include natural brakes, technical turns and high-speed transitions but without the need for constantly letting go of the speeder. It’s the ones where braking comes naturally, without the need for a key to do so but with the usage of well put together turns where speed loss comes automatically. Tracks where the vehicle strokes the edge of the turns at high speed, combining technicality with speed in a way that makes the track really stand out.

In short: full-speed is great, as are technical tracks, but one is much more fun if the other is present too. There’s no need for flame wars – an agreement won’t be found anyway – but there is the right to an opinion. So which one’s yours? Full-speed or technical?

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Underrated Track Review: HullaBaby11. May 2009 13:53
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Here’s a quick review of an underrated track.

  • Track: HullaBaby
  • Author: domase
  • Environment: Stadium
  • Awards: 1

HullaBaby is a very nice little speedtrack. It's a lot of fun to play and get a good run on. The track has a backboost, but you'll need it. Most of the time, you'll be on a loop at high speed. The track itself is thrilling and desperately needs more awards, come on community!

The Good

  • Thrilling high speed action

  • Addictive

  • Easy enough for beginners

  • Cool camchange at the end

The Bad

  • Backboost

Leave your own opinion about what’s good and what needs to be improved in this track in a comment below!

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Introducing: Blog Tracks1. May 2009 23:00
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Blog Tracks is a concept that’s been seen before on TM blogs, and now it’s coming to the TMX Blog as well. Basically, blog tracks (BT) are tracks created in association with a blog but by well known track builders, usually a new one for every track.

For the TMX Blog, a new track of this kind will be released every now and then. Most of these are likely to be Stadium tracks, considering the TMNF players, but other environments will of course also be represented. The aim: awesome tracks, of course! And the first one is already here!

So go ahead and download the track, and don’t forget to award it if you like it or comment on it of you don’t ;)

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