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Track Statistics1. April 2009 22:35
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Here’s something you may not have expected: there’s almost exactly the same number of tracks on the United exchange as there are on the TMNF exchange. If you find that too hard to believe, just look at these numbers:

  • TMNF: 77,487
  • United: 77,894

So does this mean that United is equally as popular as Nations Forever?

Well, not quite. The reason for this apparent equality is that the United exchange has already been running since TrackMania United was released, where as the TMNF exchange started with the Forever update. So what this means is that the number of TMNF tracks is about to soar past the united level at any moment, like the track express train that it is. (You could add the 130,000 or so TMN tracks onto the TMNF total if you wanted a true Nations total).

The TMX weekly upload stats show this more clearly:

  • TMNF uploads This Week: 2,315
  • TMNF uploads Per Day: 330
  • United uploads This Week: 904
  • United uploads Per Day: 129

Still, that United is recieving 1 upload for every 2.5 TMNF tracks isn't actually a bad activity rate, considering that TMNF is a free game for all to download. And, if after reading this you still feel that your tracks are just not getting the attention they should when you upload, try to be consolidated by the thought that only 10 of the 2,315, or 904 tracks eligable, can ever be in Best of the Week at once.

Another way to look at it, if you are a TMNF player and you upgrade to United, then you have just increased your chances of being noticed at TMX by 250%.

Food for thought! - If you believe statistics, that is.

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