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Author Showcase - TimeBreaker13. April 2009 22:02
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Welcome to the Author Showcase, a project founded by Natzke on Trackmania Nations Exchange. We already made a lot of Interviews, with famous users like Ron Turbo, but also normal TMX users like Quat or SeaDevil! We have gotten a lot of positive reactions to it. And we now got the great news that we can publish our Interviews on TMX Blog!  We are really happy with it, and it’s even a bit special because it is the 10th Interview! We hope you enjoy it!


Here it finally is, number 11 of the Author Showcase on the Nations Exchange. It’s very late, but we can still upload it today thanks to the effort of the author. And we are very sure he helped you before, he is a really active and always in for some feedback. A legend to some, maybe a normal user to some, but never an enemy. Here is:


1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background? What made you become a trackbuilder, and who is/has been your biggest influence?
My name is Marco, I'm 21 years old. I live in Germany, near Hamburg. I'm about 6' 1" tall and love mediterranean cuisine, you can't delight me for german specialities. My favourite color is turquoise and I like all kinds of pets. I'm still living at home, but I'm starting apprenticeship as IT specialist for application development, so I won't live there for too long (hopefully). I'm an honest, modest and neat person with propensity to perfectionism. In my freetime (that means besides school and TMX) I hang out with friends, partying or doing sports.
The first tracks I made were all about trying out anything in the editor, this caused the tracks being way too long and platform-ish without real flow. I had no real aim for the first tracks, but once I started with some serious tracks (fullspeeders mostly), I just wanted to make tracks that are fun for wr-hunting with some unqiue sections that make my tracks remarkable. With time I got more and more into the technical tracks, I learned how to slide and at this point and even today, I really was impressed of some builders such as DerFeineHerr, Arild, keek, BanzZai, hoheb, Hock, Namusis and many more.

2. How do you see yourself as a trackbuilder and as a user in the TMX community?
I think I am a very slow builder because I want to squeeze out the maximum of smoothness and flow, which often takes many tries until it all feels correct (stupid perfectionism) - or maybe I'm just untalented. When I am not satisfied with the track anymore, I delete it because nothing is worse than a track that bores yourself even before releasing. I think I am a known member in the TMX Community who wants to share his knowledge with the new builder-generation.

3. With trackbuilding or racing, do you prefer any style or difficulty, and where lies the focus in your tracks?
I love to build tech- and speedtech-tracks because they never get boring, self-built fullspeeders lack the replayability factor that I need nowadays. The tracks can be of any difficulty as long as they are fun for a long time, some nice ideas and transitions are always a good thing in a track. Tracks between 40 and 60 seconds are what I usually like, but also endurance tracks are lots of fun, just shorties are not my thing. Within the last months I like platform-tracks more and more, they're a real challenge and something totally different. Well-built dirttracks are also great.

4. How do you feel about your success? Did you expect it?
Not at all, whenever I see some other author with better tracks than mine I keep asking myself: "Why me, not him..". I often feel that I get too much back for my tracks and I wonder if I wouldnt be even happier with half the awards. I also never felt like an inventor of new things, I just felt like one of many.

5. Do you have any "top 3 best tracks of all time"?
This is a hard question, there are uncountable tracks out there that I keep on playing every now and then but here are three great oldies that come in my mind right now (listed in no particular order):
¤ AnGel by RonTurbo - A perfectly flowing track, fun for online races, wr-hunting, clanwars,.. and over the years it is still a perfect speedtech track with that special something.
¤ Crossing my garden by DerFeineHerr - The biggest inspiration when I started with techtracks, I just love the crossings, the transitions, the variation, the grassparts..
¤ Tech for dummies by keek - Inspired me a lot on my second techtrack, a really addicting track that flows so incredibly well without being too easy.

6. Any (underrated) authors you know, which you really think could get more attention?
There are so many, I already feel sorry for only naming three of them:
¤ matto - What a genious, I never saw someone making dirttracks like him, and his roadtracks are just as great, a pure mastermind for me.
¤ Occas - Especially in old nations, he has uncountless of great and addicting tracks, always different and always fun.
¤ Dartz4 - When there's one guy who makes minitracks that I like, it's him! Another almost unnoticed genious out there.

7. What is your daily routine, and your favorite daily activity?
I wake up, take a shower, brush my teeth and stuff, leave for school, eat lunch at home, check TMX and e-mails, leave for sports or friends, come back home and do some last clicks on the net before i brush my teeth again and go to bed. Sports are for sure my favourite activity, a good compensation of all the sitting around over the day.

8. What is the achievement you have made that you are most proud of in real life?
I am doing one club sport and that is skittles (you better google that). A great sport of precision and concentration. I'm doing this sport since I am ten and I won the german championships with my team several times, I can say that I am pretty good in this sport, still getting better.

9. What would be your biggest dream and nightmare?
I would love to fly (like in Dragonball xD). Also having a day with 40 hours would be great, I often have too much to do and I hate to reduce my activities. My life is great like it is right now, only lots and lots of money would be missing^^. My biggest Nightmare would be the loss of my family and friends and not being able to do sports due to some accident.

10. What would be your favourite TMU environment, and why?
Stadium. I think this is the most competitive one and I love the handling of the car. I miss some great sliding techniques and the playability with keyboard in the other ones.

11. What is your life motto?
"Live your life before it's too late" sounds good.

12. What's one thing that really bugs you (real life/on TMX)?
In reallife: Poverty and war.. it bugs me so much that I lost my faith long time ago.
On TMX: Cheaters and unknown authors.

13. Any phobias your willing to admit to?
Arachnophobia and Limited Acrophobia (I visit any kind of rollercoaster and stuff though)

14. Looking back in history, how do you think about TMX so far?
It is unbelievale for me to see such an independent site being so much integrated into a game and their community. With all the great ideas being realized from time to time, this site even gets better from day to day.

15. What would be your favorite music (style/band), movie and actor/actrice?
I do listen to lots of music, but what I like the most is black music. This includes genres like R&B, Jazz, Soul and a bit of HipHop. I also listen to Partybreaks and Reggae a lot. To name a few outstanding artists and bands: 112 (one twelve), Boyz 2 Men, Ryan Leslie, Donell Jones, Kanye West, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Timbaland and Sean Paul. Outstanding DJ's: Dj Said & Dj Nass-R, DJ Chillout - Tiesto sucks^^
I don't watch too many movies and I've seen almost none of the most famous movies. A movie I watched just a few weeks ago was "The butterfly Effect", a nice movie I got to admit. A few actors I like: Keanu Reeves, Demi Moore, Al Pacino, Andy Garcia, Halle Berry. Thrillers and Dramas are my favourite genres. I also love those old gangster movies and japanese fighting movies and dramas.

16. What advice would you give to someone who is just started out with trackbuilding?
Try out what you want, this is meant to be all about fun. If you need help, read through the forums and get tips and advices from there. Try out the many possibilities that TMX offers and don't give up too early, noone has become famous in one day.

21. Can we ever find you somewhere online (in a clan)?
I've been in the clan BigsLimited for like 2 years and was really happy there. But due to less and less time for Trackmania I quitted, and you will probably never find me online in TMNF. When you are lucky (and when my PC works properly again), you might find me on RoseServer in good old nations, the best place for people who only look for the pure fun in driving technical tracks.

22. When will you finally upload a new track
The current abstinence of Trackmania due to my crashed computer (and the 9 months since my latest track) make me hungry for visiting the editor again and confident to leave it with a good track. So who knows how long it'll take once I bought me a new computer (donations are appreciated).

23. Why do you like Trackmania so much in comparison to other games?
The fact that you can play an infinite amount of different tracks, the incredible editor and the online-mode makes this game a lot more motivating than any other game I played in the last couple of years. This goes for TMN ESWC, and even though the interest got less over the years, TMNF is a very interesting add-on. Plus, the great community around TMX makes it really hard for me to even think about leaving this game.

24. What do you expect from ShootMania and QuestMania?
Nothing more than from any other factless game, I am curious about what they will be like, but some updates on the current trackeditor would be more interesting^^.

25. What changes do you see between TMX in the beginning and the TMX from now?
Even though I am fully TM-Addicted since Trackmania Sunrise, I only visited this site since my time in TMN ESWC and besides the many little and big additions and stylechanges, it is mostly the Community that changed over the years. Many friends disappeared, some came back and many new friends will come.

26. Would you want to change anything about TMX?
I think the current TMX is pretty much the best from what you can achieve, problems like underrated authors will never be fully fixed. It is up to the authors if they really want the reputation -then they will find a (legal) way.

27. How much time do you spend on Trackmania and related things (like TMX)?
All in all I would say that I spend about 2-3 hours in average on TM and TMX together per day. Like I said before, I am a Trackmaniac since TMS without any big breaks from my side. Even though I got more of a passive role in the past months, I am sure that I will come back with some great tracks when it's time for it.


Wow, that was a long one! I [Januy] really want to thank TimeBreaker for checking his own text for grammar mistakes and a bit of make up. It was a very close one because I was very busy with school, but we managed to upload it on monday. Edited ;) Really big thx TB! Tune in next week for the new author fella’s!

~ The Author Showcase Team.

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