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Author Showcase – Panis19. May 2009 20:20
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Welcome to the Author Showcase, a project founded by Natzke on Trackmania Nations Exchange. We already made a lot of Interviews, with famous users like Ron Turbo and GanjaRider, but also normal TMX users like Quat or SeaDevil! We have gotten a lot of positive reactions to it. And we now got the great news that we can publish our Interviews on TMX Blog! We hope you enjoy it!


No really, we really did. Yeah. We found him. Austria is big! But here he is, a retired user, the builder of the track that has probably been used once in every “overrated track” discussion, a man of the gold. A young man actually, everybody knows him, but no one knows where he was. But we called the FBI, CIA and the Asians, and we finally could contact him after 3 years of research. We gave him questions, he had to answer. And he did. Throw yourself into this 15 questions answered by:


1. Tell us a bit about your self, like your age, where you are from and how your
lifestyle is.

Hi! My real name is Philipp, I'm 20 years old and live in Vienna (Austria).
Right now I study economy, play baseball and computer games from time to time. I love
sports, because when you're doing a lot of exercise you can eat much more =)
When it’s not Trackmania, I play Diablo 2 and Heroes of Might and Magic (if anyone knows that).

2. Who was or is your biggest influence on your track building?
When I started playing TM, Ron Turbo and Faith noticed my tracks and motivated
me to continue putting them on TMX.

3. Your tracks have always had attention, how do you feel about that?
Well not always. Back in original TM I had to build a lot of tracks until they
got noticed by the tmx community. But I was really happy that people liked my
tracks and I also tried different styles to ensure there was at least 1 track
that everyone liked.

4. Did you try Trackmania Forever (if yes, what did you think about it)?
Just TM Nations Forever, but I saw TM Forever videos and it looks really great.
It's also awesome that all the trackmania games are now together in one game. So
it should never get boring.

5. Are you still checking TMX from time to time?
Yeah, sure from time to time I check what people write about my tracks. It's
still very nice to read old and new awards and think about my TM time =)

6. What is your favorite environment?
Rally, when I started playing TM there were just "normal" rally tracks without
many cool jumps or creative ideas. I thought I had to change that =). And I think
most of my tracks are built in the rally environment.. or was it island? Don't
know exactly.. island is awesome too though. My least favourite environment was
desert, because it was hard to make smooth tracks. And I'm a horrible driver, so
testing the tracks wasn't so much fun =). Desert had a lot of cool track parts
though, so I've built some tracks anyways.

7. You are the creator of the track with the most awards ever in TMX history so far
(Moving Power, currently on 630 awards), how do you think about something like

Well, it was one of the first TMX tracks on TM Nations so it got popular really
fast. I never thought it would get that many awards compared to my other TMN
track (Thunderbold with a typo). Moving power was supposed to be a short, easy
track, perfect for online games. But it seems that those points made it so popular.

8. Do you still play Trackmania?
From time to time I look what’s new on TMX and play some tracks which are
something really new and creative, like Crusard’s tracks with the whole mod
thing. Or when I come home and I'm drunk I love to play island tracks, that
makes me really dizzy.. lol you can cut that part out if you want =) [No way lol – Januy]

9. Can we expect a new track from your hand?
Maybe someday, but not in the near future I think. I wouldn't say never, because
like I said, sometime I just play TM for fun and play around with the blocks a
bit. So lets see.

10. What would be your favorite music (style/band), movie and actor/actrice?
I like all styles of music, house music when I'm at a party, and rock music when
I drive around in my car. I love old action movies with Sylvester Stallone and
Arnold Schwarzenegger =). And of course Spartaaaa

11. If you were a superhero, which powers would you prefer to have?
X-Ray vision. Why? Well.. ;D

12. What are the goals you are still working towards?
Finish studying, get a job and buy a car that looks like the island car in tm =).

14. What do you expect from Trackmania in future?
Some new crazy environments in F-Zero style would be awesome!

15. Any tips that the master could give to the new and advanced builders?
Before I made a track, I always tried to combine blocks with each other in
different ways and see what happens. So you could get a lot of cool ideas for
stunts or even environmental settings. Most of my tracks were "full gas tracks",
so I tried to make them really smooth. But when you drive a track over and over
again it really becomes easy to you, that's why a lot of people told me my
tracks were to hard.

Sometimes you can perfectly calculate a jump, like in desert environment your
car goes only to 100 mph (?) when you're driving off road. That helps sometime to
make the track really smooth because you can control the speed better. Close
jumps and near misses are always cool.

Another thing really important to me is the track scenery. I tried to make the
scenery as full as possible (not the whole map, just what the player sees to
avoid crashing on slow computers). That works best when you place high scenery
parts behind low scenery parts and so on. So you can create a really cool
atmosphere, because empty looking tracks are boring.


Woopsidoo, and it’s over again! You liked it? Well you better do, because he returned to his cave, to never come back again! Hope you know him a bit better now, he is not the least user! Anyways, that was Panis, a normal guy just as everyone else. So everyone can make a golden track ;) Check back in next week for another Author Showcase!

~ The Author Showcase Team

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