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Full-speed vs. Technical31. May 2009 13:05
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This is a dead-old debate: which is better, full-speed or technical? Of course, there’s no correct answer, and it’s all a matter of personal taste, but still the arguments keep flaming in various forum discussions every now and then. Most recently, there was a discussion about whether full-speed or technical is harder to build on the recent Monthly Track Contest theme “two tiles wide” (or, in the case of Nations, “four tiles wide”).

But what is it that starts this sort of debate all the time? Why is it so difficult to just accept that some people prefer one over the other, and that not everyone thinks alike? It might be a biased view, but it’s my experience that technical builders more often “complain” about full-speed tracks than the other way around. Perhaps full-speed builders are simply more compassionate and open-minded then those who dislike full-speed? :P

No, personally I believe that full-speed often is perceived as an “easy solution” and a much less complicated way of building than the more technical counterpart, at least if talking about the Stadium environment (for some United environments, this might be different). But of course, that’s not the case. In fact, I believe the best full-speed tracks are often the ones that require the most well-crafted solutions. The problem is, as the driver you often don’t see it, partly because transitions and critical parts are so skillfully woven together, partly because you’re just flying past it in such high speeds you don’t have time to reflect upon it. And isn’t it so that many of the most popular tracks on TMX are full-speed tracks?

Then again, technical tracks aren’t easy to build either. The best ones require a balance in regards of turns that distinguish the sudden and just annoying brake from the ones that require skill to take perfectly but that don’t ruin the feel of the track.

And it’s at this point that I’ve settled my mind on which I prefer. Again, neither is “better” than the other, but there is one key ingredient that distinguishes the excellent from the plain good: a perfect combination. The bets tracks, in my opinion, aren’t those on which you simply take one wallride after the other at high speed, nor the ones where every turn involves a tap on the brake key. It’s the ones that include natural brakes, technical turns and high-speed transitions but without the need for constantly letting go of the speeder. It’s the ones where braking comes naturally, without the need for a key to do so but with the usage of well put together turns where speed loss comes automatically. Tracks where the vehicle strokes the edge of the turns at high speed, combining technicality with speed in a way that makes the track really stand out.

In short: full-speed is great, as are technical tracks, but one is much more fun if the other is present too. There’s no need for flame wars – an agreement won’t be found anyway – but there is the right to an opinion. So which one’s yours? Full-speed or technical?

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