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Treasure Hunt – The Results25. June 2009 17:57
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X-Rated and TM Creative started a project a few months ago with the purpose to find long forgotten unawarded but great tracks in the depths of TMX. Now, the results of this project are here! Article written by Dutchman.

First a short briefing for those who (against all odds) haven't taken any notice of this great event: The recent discussion about tracks brought up at TMX, the TMX-blog, the Tmaniacs-blog and various forums inspired me to call the community for a treasure hunt into the wastelands of TMX. Players claim little alternation in trackstyles on servers while there are a lot of excellent, but underrated tracks and fresh but unknown authors at TMX. I took myself to the test and picked 20 unawarded old tracks from TMX. After less than two hours I was not surprised to find 3 tracks that would do well on a server. Conclusion: There have to be a lot of excellent tracks lost in the wastelands of TMX - you only have to go out and find them.

But it would be a lifetime job for a single person - and so the idea for the treasure hunt was born. By selecting tracks from a single environment sorted by awards, descending and oldest first, i got lists of unawarded tracks and declared a single page with 20 tracks as a claim to be scanned by a contender.

With the spring issue of X-cReATED, the german TM-Fanzine produced by my clan X-Rated, the event was launched. 40 contenders volunteered to search 258 claims (more than 5.000 tracks!). The most wanted environment was stadium (60 claims) while 30-40 claims were requested for each other environment. Contenders were given a month to scan their claims and nominate one "nugget" per claim. 12 contenders got lost in the wilderness and were never heard of again, most of them in stadium claims. But 28 made it back with rich booty: 180 nuggets!

Treasure Hunt Results

Feel free to draw your own conclusions, but I was surprised by the low survival quota in stadium. Some contenders got lost or chose two nuggets from another claim (which was allowed). Whether it is a high portion of bad tracks in stadium or the fact that TMO-Players are reliable veterans, the highest survival quotas appear in the original environments, with the best TMS-Environment (Coast) being on the same level as the worst TMO-Environment (Rally).

To be rated by the community, the 180 nuggets where hosted on the TM-Creative-Server for 36 days. 1800 Trackmaniacs stopped by and placed over 5.000 votes. The bad trend for Stadium continued: Within the 50 best rated tracks, there are only 2 Stadium. Bay and Snow were everyone’s darling with half of the 50 best rated tracks, all others were quite at the same level with island carrying the red lantern. But things change radically when we take a look at the top ten: this is a Desert and (surprisingly) Rally playground (each envi 3 tracks among the top ten). Next up is Bay with 2 tracks.

Let's have a look at the players then: Who joined and for how long? A Player had to join about 15 hours in a row to see all tracks. Most visitors joined only for less than half an hour, only 250 for more than an hour, 67 for more than 4 hours. Only 20 hardcore players stayed for more than 10 hours with calimturon (33 hours) at the pole position, followed by tstargermany (TMC-crew), madjay, dutchman, wildmagic, syko (contender), marci (contender), jean_speed, shorty_88 (contender), hdsgd, tmjonas (contender), pyrowoelfin, drace (contender), viktorgoc, schandmaul, xars, madderikk, anthrax, khorne84 (contender), maruis89 (contender), slydog (contender), accerleracer_01 (contender), kastun (contender) and ohei2 (TMX-Crew).

But racing the tracks wasn't the issue on this server, player should vote for or against the tracks. Too bad that not all players got this message: On the average, every player placed only 2-3 votes. Most active judges were syko und madjay with 132 votes each, folowed colesy by wildmagic (131), marci (116) und dutchman (107). Calmituron, khorne84, schandmaul, drace, marci and tmjonas each voted about 70 times.

Now it's time to thank those, who made the treasure hunt possible and such a big success:

  • the contenders, who scanned about 4000 tracks at TMX
  • Schandmaul for organizing the distribution of the claims and communication with the contenders
  • TStarGermany and smashingdeluxe from TM-Creative for lending their server
  • Tmaniacs german TM-Blog for announcing the treasure hunt
  • Twoeagles for putting treasure hunt as "Global News Story" on the frontpage of TMU
  • Insane, ohei2 and Jozii from TMX for putting the treasure hunt on the TMX-frontpage and into the TMX-Blog
  • and finally to 1800 (!) trackmaniacs for joining the server and placed 5000 votes

Anything left to say? Oh, of course: the results and the tracklist! 100.000 coppers were distributed among these trackmaniancs:

Finders of the overall best tracks:
1. prize: 5.000 coppers go to: Slydog
2. prize: 3.000 coppers go to: Marci
3. prize: 2.000 coppers go to: Thommy3

1. prize: 5.000 coppers go to: Slydog
2. prize: 3.000 coppers go to: Thommy3
3. prize: 2.000 coppers go to: Insomnia

1. prize: 5.000 coppers go to: djhogan
2. prize: 3.000 coppers go to: nivek-xt
3. prize: 2.000 coppers go to: euklid

1. prize: 5.000 coppers go to: Marci
2. prize: 3.000 coppers go to: Slydog
3. prize: 2.000 coppers go to: Thommy3

1. prize: 5.000 coppers go to: Drace
2. prize: 3.000 coppers go to: Buchi
3. prize: 2.000 coppers go to: tcq

1. prize: 5.000 coppers go to: tmjomas
2. prize: 3.000 coppers go to: tmjonas
3. prize: 2.000 coppers go to: Marci

1. prize: 5.000 coppers go to: lifa-ag
2. prize: 3.000 coppers go to: Thommy3
3. prize: 2.000 coppers go to: 57060v2

1. prize: 5.000 coppers go to: Marci
2. prize: 3.000 coppers go to: Jumo
3. prize: 2.000 coppers go to: 57060v2

This sums up to 80.000 coppers. An additional 19.000 go to the most active voters:
3.000 coppers to syko, madjay and wildmagig
2.000 coppers to marci and dutchman
1.000 coppers to Calmituron, khorne84, schandmaul, drace, marci and tmjonas.

Finally the last remaining 1.000 coppers go to a contender chosen by lottery: Pansen.

You will find a detailed list of the results and the best-rated 75 tracks (including their track-ids at TMX) here

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