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Dedimania17. July 2009 12:34
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Here’s an article with a few words on Dedimania, the database that stores and compares your online track records!

Dedimania is, and always will be, the largest and fastest growing public TrackMania world record database. It boasts some of the top records on thousands and thousands of player-made tracks worldwide. Built from the ground up by Slig back in 2005, Dedimania is used 24/7 on more than 3600 servers throughout the world.

The Record Database is such an important part of any TrackMania server, as each server running a certain tool like Aseco or Fast is provided with more or less than 30 Dedimania records. These records are referred to as Dedi Recs, in which are the current best global records set on the current track.

Its official website devoted to the Dedicated Server by Nadeo, lists all 4.5 million records which can be sorted through using the many, many search functions that Dedimania gives you. Dedimania also lets you connect remotely using one of the four server controllers (Remote CP, Onyx, TM WEB or Basic) via your server's IP or server's nadeo game account. It even has a devised set of user types you can connect with, that's of course if you know the passwords.

With the technological world evolving every day, cheating has become a problem in TrackMania. Now I'm sure we all know what they try to tackle; a top local record or a dedimania record. This type of problem/cheat is growing at a vast speed, the previous Dedimania pass deleted more than 2100 Dedimania Records. That‘s a large amount of bogus records - too large if I may say so. I can safely say that Dedimania is working round the clock on improving record validation such as improved Checkpoint validation, which is going to be enforced for all new server tools i.e. TRUCK or ADEDIMANIA, they don't submit checkpoint times.

Since Dedimania is known to 3600 servers, the distribution rates are Xaseco 60.7%, Fast 28.8%, Remote CP Live 2.4%, Adedimania 2.9%, Truck 2.5% and all other tools 2.7%.

The Dedimania service is a free public service but it costs real money to rent the server in order keep operations going. You could help make a change by donating a few Euros to Dedimania via PayPal, all donations made go towards maintaining and improving Dedimania operations.

For further information about Dedimania, visit the website

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