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Author Showcase - Junavara27. July 2009 10:49
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Welcome to the Author Showcase, a project founded by Natzke on Trackmania Nations Exchange. We already made a lot of Interviews, with famous users like Ron Turbo, Panis and GanjaRider, but also normal TMX users like Quat, Matto or SeaDevil! We have gotten a lot of positive reactions to it. And we now got the great news that we can publish our Interviews on TMX Blog! We hope you enjoy it!


Welcome back dear readers, for our 24th interview!  This week we bring you person that’s become part of a history on TMX and his appearance is reminder to all of us how dose pure old school legend looks :) We present you …


1 Please tell us more about yourself (birthday, real name, place of birth, height, weight, favorite color) and your background?

Hi there,
First sorry for my bad English and forgive me for all mistakes you will read.

My name is Boris and I was born 22.12.1981 at Paris.
My height is 1,74m and I weigh 62 kg. The color what I like are purple and orange/yellow.
I live in Paris and I work at Technical Drawings Checker for aircraft, near an airport at 35 km north from Paris.
My daily routine: wake up at 6h15, start work at 7h45/8h15 and finish....when the work is finish.
Can be 16h30 or 20h30. They didn't leave me so much time for something other.
On my free time, I love to create something (can be all and nothing), sleep and rest! Go sometimes at country to rest too.

2 How did you get your nickname?

When I created a map for Age of empires 2. I need a name for an Aztec leader. I created the name Juvanara.
After I changed the name of character for Lineage 2 to Junavara. And finally reuse this name for Chronicles of Andros.
When I came here, use it again and find out that "Junavara" significant "Spare train" at Finnish, was funny for me !

3 What made you become an track builder and who make biggest influence at your beginning?

Funny question, the right question for me will be: "Why you play trackmania ?" ..and I will answer : " Because an editor exists on it !!! "
Actually, for most of games, I played because they have an editor inside. Before playing games, I go first in editor!
Create some levels/games with Klick and play, games factory, starcraft, warcraft 3, v-rally 2 ...cannot remember all.
When I started to build, I didn't know for TMX and didn't searched to Download or play at server. I created some minis/endurance tracks mostly.
After I came to TMX, I was inspired by Banaanihai , all time favorite TMX nation builder and mostly by other games ! ( F-Zero/ Final Fantasy series for example -Yeah Final fantasy you read it good – )

4 Can you please guide us through a typical track project from start to finish and what part of track building do you find crucial?

Before I start building, I think about a guideline for my track and I think about this questions:
How would end look like? An easy, intermediate, hard track? A online or offline track ? Which atmosphere?
After it, I build many parts for track how I try separately or, I build many minis to get some good concept.
When all is clear on my mind of what I want and when I get some cool ideas, I start to build.
The most important thing for me is to always try during building the flow of the track and to see if all chain naturally.

5 Where lies your strengths and what is your weakness in track building by your opinion?

I think I build solid track where all people can get some fun on it.
Rookie will be able to reach finish and pro player will be interested to get a good record.
About mine Weakness, I became more and more lazy due to less of time I get to build. I did not reach an ultimate idea or, I just build some easy tracks for moment.

6 How would you describe your style or better say what makes you different then others?

I think I was always open by trying different styles on each tracks, trying something different.
I searched for another building way at Nations with mission track, puzzle or platform racing.

7 Do you think that creativity is limited in Trackmania Editor and why?

Unfortunately have to admit, yes, is limited due to the game himself.
I dream to build a track like F-zero, maybe I’m wrong to think about it. It's two games completely different.
About creativity, on one hand, I'm sure with some news blocks ( like pipe with boost/CP ) will boost creativity again ( like TMNF came )
On other hand, with less block people have to search more for something new...
If I have to choose, I will say that limit creativity.
With more blocks choice or trigger conditions for MT, they will offer more choice to builder experiment his creativity.

8 What is your top 3 tracks of all-time and what makes them so special?

Here my top 3 :

”Jusanaattori” by BanaaniHai, loved this Fullspeed, nicely designed, easy and fun. Enjoyed so much to play !
”Venice Challenge” by Tamonte, because of amazing MT work, unforgettable.
”Tensai Racer” by D@rK@nGe, lunatic PF, the best of all PF’s with "old blocks" !

9 What are your top 3 websites / games and why?

Websites : : General information’s, Actuality, Sports and Horoscope to read every day.
2-Wikipedia : Like to read it to get more knowledge !
3-TMX, really need explanation?

About Games, I play actually Final fantasy Crisis Core and Trackmania, but here my all time favorite:
1-Final Fantasy 9, just love all on it *_*
2-Metroid 3, pure atmosphere, pure game..
3-Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi Island , get fun with it !

10 What makes TMX so special place by your opinion?

Mmmmm.....a World Crossing Road or a bridge between people will be a some good word.
Some people comes or goes, from different countries, with different story’s.
All this people bring ideas, creativity and build what is now TMX.
I never thought that I will speak with so many people from different countries.
This is why TMX is so special place for me.

11 Do you think that quality of tracks become better or worse, with new features, then before and why?

Again a question with two possible answers....
Yeah, is better with all this new blocks and all this new ideas.....but they become worse too. Most of people (myself too ! ) did not search for an unique ultimate idea.
Many, many tracks looks now similar. With few blocks, I think people ask too much.
Hope the future will make this idea wrong to me.

12 Can you tell us who was by your opinion 3 most important persons that give biggest influence on TMX?

On different styles, want to say :
-Ron turbo

Ok, it's not three but cannot make a choice !

13 Can you share with us one entertaining story from TMX?

I remember this one, maybe not so much entertaining, but don't really remember something other..
Was 2 years ago, during the Zodiacal Trial Project. I launched a server with some tracks of this project.
Sarkya, SabineGoth, Bluejack, Teisen and Kendal came on it to play with our tracks.
We get some fun on it and after sometimes Kendal says to us “Sabine will get a good surprise on TMX..”
We wondered all what it is........ and we see the new showcase: "SG11: ORANGE LIGHT" by SabineGoth !
We finished to play with really happy mood, great evening we get I think.

14 Please describe yourself in five words?

and full of doubts.

15 What is your life motto and what you think about life overall?

Didn't get really a life motto, just take the life when it comes.
About life, surely unfair but I work to get it better.

16 What is the achievement you have made that you are most proud of in real life?

I think it's at my work, I finish a big project last year. Worked on it during 6 months. Was heeling work.
But now, it's finish, everybody was satisfied. Boss and customers was happy with results !

17 What are the goals you are still working toward?

To be a more tolerant. Finish to write Chronicles of Andros story.
At work, to arrange my office ( need to do it one day, get too much paper and cannot see keyboard.... )
Finally get more knowledge about all!

18 Is there something you wish you could do over again and what thing do you find that you'd never do in real life, ofc?

I get many regrets about pasts, too many to be listed of what I want to do again.
About what I will never do.... Extreme sports, dangerous things, really not for me...

19 What’s your idea of a perfect vacation?

At beach or country with some suns.
Sleep under a tree or parasol, resting all days.

20 What advice would you give to someone who just starting out with track building and where we can find you online?

For new builders, I want to say try some other tracks to understand what it's a good flow. With it comes some creativity, good tracks will come eventually!
You can find me on PPO or sometimes on ACD 30sec minis if I launch this server.


Junavara, very modest person, but I think that him hide more then you think, don’t ya ;) We're sure you all enjoyed reading it! Sry for late publishing, but in this days is very hard to make interview :) See you next week for another great interview for you readers!

~ The Author Showcase Team

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