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Interview: Sang Hong from World Cyber Games23. August 2009 23:03
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World Cyber Games is a large gaming website, hosting leagues and live events on multiple games including WarCraft, Guitar Hero and FIFA 09. Recently, TrackMania has been added to the equation.

We stopped by to interview Sang Hong, Project Manager for Trackmania on WCGZone, asking him about WCG and the game.

Hi, Sang Hong. Could you please tell us a bit about World Cyber Games? What kind of site is it and how did it all start?

Hi. World Cyber Games is a world-wide computer & video games competition. Each year, countries around the world hold a competition to select the best of the best from their country for the selected official titles. This year, we have 12 official titles including Trackmania Nations Forever. The winners of each country are gathered at a host city at the end of the year for a Grand Final event. The host city, much like the Olympics or the World Cup, changes with each year. This year, the host city is Chengdu, China and the Grand Final event will be held from Nov 11th to Nov 15th.

This year marks the 9th year that WCG event was held and it all began with the idea of creating a global festival centered around games, or e-sports. The first event held in 2000 was called World Cyber Games Challenge and it was held to test out the viability of the global eSports competitions concept. Right now, we are considered the biggest eSports competition and hold a record in the Guiness Book of World Records with 1.6 million competitors participating in 2007.

WCGZone which holds the Trackmania competition was created in 2006 for online competitions for WCG around the world. We plan to host Trackmania tournaments around the world starting this year and continue to do so as long as Trackmania is an official title for the World Cyber Games. To begin playing Trackmania on WCGZONE, please visit for more information. You may even get a chance to go to Chengdu, China in November this year!

Tell us about yourself. Who are you, what games do you play, and what’s your role on WCG?

My name is Sang Hong and I work as an online contents manager and planner for the WCG. So, my main job is to oversee all contents that are uploaded on our websites as well as find partnership opportunities with community sites such as TMX. I’m a huge fan of console gaming, and I currently own all current generation consoles including four Xbox 360’s. I also enjoy Trackmania, but I’m just a beginner because I haven’t been playing very long.

WCG hosts regular live gaming events. Can you tell us a bit about these events?

These events are truly spectacular with more than 700 gamers all playing at the competition arena. Selected matches are broadcasted on the large screen inside the venue as well as via satellite to cable television stations in Korea and Internet streaming websites around the world. It’s really amazing to be at a WCG event and you really must see it to believe it. We’ve held many Grand Final events outside of Korea such as US, Singapore, Italy, and Germany. Also, as I’ve mentioned previously, we will be hosting one in China this year. I hope to meet some great Trackmania players and fans in Chengdu this year!

TrackMania is a fairly recent addition to WCG. What made you discover this game, and how has the community embraced it?

We knew about Trackmania since it was added to Electronic Sports World Cup, and had a great interest in the game. However, as we already had two racing games in our official titles line, we could not realistically pursue other racing titles, even though our research showed that Trackmania is really the game of choice for eSports. This year, as we reviewed our titles for renewal, Trackmania was at the front of the list for racing games, and after discussions with Nadeo, we were able to make it happen. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nadeo and Florent for working with us to include Trackmania in our tournaments.

At this moment, it’s only the free game TrackMania Nations that is available on WCG. Do you have any plans to expand to include TrackMania United as well?

We wanted to allow as many gamers to be able to enjoy the game, but of course we have plans to expand to include Trackmania United in the future. We may host Stunts Racing contest and such that can only be participated by owners of Trackmania United.

Of all the games available on WCG, which is the most popular among your members?

FIFA Soccer is very popular among our members. Also, surprisingly, Starcraft still remains a strong contender even though the game has been out for more than 10 years.

And finally: In one sentence, could you summarize why everyone in the TM community should become members on WCG, if they aren’t already.

You can grab the chance to win a free trip to the host city for the Grand Final (Chengdu China in 2009) and meet awesome Trackmania players in person. What more can I say?


Thank you Sang Hong for your time :D

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