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Special Author Interview - Nadeo!8. December 2009 20:42
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 Hey there readers! You noticed that title? We are sure you did :)

Nadeo? Yes Nadeo!
We asked Nadeo how they made their tracks, if there were some tactics, if they used your tracks as an example. With much thanks to Alinoa, who is the builder of the last Campaigns and can be seen as Author "Nadeo". So, we gladly present to you:



~ Where do you get your inspiration? Do you use some TMX tracks as example?

I don't use TMX tracks. I learn from my on-line experiences. I try to analyze what I like when I'm driving. This can be a special blocs combination, a different way of using scenery blocks. For the united campaign, I also played on most awarded tracks of TMX. It's was the first time that I built tracks and I thought to play on TMX tracks would help me to find what some people liked or disliked. Finally the United tracks were completely different from the TMX style :)

~ The style we see in the Nadeo tracks, is this your building style, the style you prefer yourself? Or is it a style that's just needed for the game?

It's a style needed for the game. The tracks of Trackmania Sunrise were beautiful according to me. I didn't make them so I'm objective :p But a lot of them were too difficult. We decided to make a more accessible campaign for United. In conclusion, this was a bit boring. For Forever the aim was to make tracks accessible and fun. There were fifteen tracks per level to build and I was afraid to not succeed to make original tracks, that's why we had got the idea to make different kind of tracks as obstacle, race, endurance to get a various campaign. I really like this campaign but maybe it's still too hard for beginners. Florent also contributed in building the Forever campaign by bringing his little touch, the chief touch ^_^

~ How long does it take you to build a regular Nadeo track, where do you start? Do you have a certain schedule to follow?

I start by the start block :) On average I built two regular tracks per day but I don't work on building tracks all the day. Our graphics designers make intro and outro. I have a schedule to follow and I remember that we had finished the United campaign a few days before the release. For Forever, the schedule was less hectic.

~ Continuing on the previous questions, do you simply start a track in the editor or is there a whole design already pre-made?

In general, I simply start a track in the editor except for the obstacle and acrobatic tracks. I think about the style before building them. For the white and green tracks I avoid to use too technical blocks or blocks combination. Players who didn't know Trackmania at all had tested the first tracks. This was really helpful to check if tracks were enough available for beginners and also if the tracks were enough fun to make players want to play on next challenges.

~ Do you have your own favourite environment, Nadeo - and community track/author?

I really like the game play of Stadium, it's my favorite environment for driving but I prefer the other environments for building. I really disliked to build Stadium tracks for the United campaign because I didn't feel this environment, more artificial than the others. It's much easy to tell a story and to make good scenery with Trackmania Original and Trackmania Sunrise environments. Since Forever I have reconciled myself with the Stadium Tracks building.

~ And last but not least: Did you ever expected there would be so much creativity and success with the TM-editor? Like Crusard's Trump Card II?

I didn't expect to see tracks like Like Crusard's Trump Card II but I really hoped so. By doing an editor, we knew that players will make amazing things but they always succeed to surprise us. We made the foundations and the trackmania community is the temple of creativity.
I'm wondering what will be the next wonder ^_^


Well, that was it again :) Short, but she answered all the questions professionally and we are sure you enjoyed reading these answers!
Keep on building, maybe you'll see your special transition back one time!

Thanks Alinoa for spending time on trying to answer all the questions, I'm sure the community appreciates it very much!


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