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Januy’s Chat28. December 2009 09:55
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Hello dear TMX Bloggers!

As you might have noticed, when refreshing every five seconds and being disappointed with nothing new, the number of articles was a bit low this week. Christmas, Vacation (work), and one hell of a Saturday evening which resulted in a bed, a bucket and the content of my stomach kept me from writing yesterday!

But, luckily it’s still in the morning (over here), so we will give you an early chat to start of the week!


Joe.B’s Calendar Project has ended, leaving behind 26 tracks in 25 days! They finished with 2 surprising duo’s by HardDance&TimeBreaker and DeFacer&NLpwf. So, if you want to see the work of masters combined you should check out TMNFX. Not to forget the other splendid tracks made throughout the month.

Also, as you may have noticed, Broadsword’s Poem won the Christmas Poem contest. It’s on the FrontPage, congratulations!


PPO needs a weekly evening with a different mode, was the question of last week. With 32 votes out of 40 we can easily say that the Community would like a different mode once a week! Now it’s up to the server admins to use this information :)

I’m more surprised by the new Poll. A new color for the Blog.
It surprises me because most votes go for no! I don’t know if you guys don’t really get the question, or that you simply don’t want another colour. I understand that, but I mean, we’re only talking about the colour of the banner!

TMNFX has Green, TMUFX has Blue. We were thinking it would be nice to have an own colour for the Blog!
Wouldn’t you like Yellow, Red or Purple?


Now, I’ll finish it off with the News that TMNFX is closing 150,000 tracks! I don’t think that they will reach it before 2010, but I bet there will be a hunt to get that 150.000th track :)
But let’s forget about that, the main point is: 150,000 tracks guys! In such a record time! Something to be proud of.

All that remains for me now is this: I hope you had a good, loving Christmas and I would like to wish you a stunning, fun, refreshing and marvellous 2010!


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