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New poems, new food for the brains!18. December 2009 09:44
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TMX, I know you all have been waiting for the judgement of your poems by my hand, so I won’t let you wait any longer. Prepare!

Previous month at TMX
was spoiled with adi__'s nicks
when all of them were acting as dicks
Luckily there was a big ban
-32- you're the man!
Now Santa can come in peace
and we can play trackmania in ease
it will be a day of happiness
For those not heartless
Ah.. let's be real
Enjoy your Christmas meal

by Joost»LT

Well, I actually like this one! The Adi_’s nick part can be a bit unclear if you haven’t heard about it (like me), but for the rest it’s a pretty constructed poem! (:

Santa Claus has brought a gift
With fullspeed, teching, loops and drifts.
Design create and make your own;
On TMX you're not alone.
Christmas is here and the weather's chill
So stay inside, train your skills!
Drive, be driven, award and have fun;
You'll always crave for the next run.
All your friends will envy you -
Here's your favourite; the number two!

by Broadsword

I finished reading this and it really felt like a good poem! Creative input with TMX-factors, nice rhyming, seems like a possible winner!

On the night before Christmas
I was driving around
when suddenly
it was Santa I found
"have no fear" he said to me
you've been a good boy
so my present to you
is 10 wheels on your toy

by Zipperke

A very nice little poem, but next to the “driving” it doesn’t contain much TMX stuff! That isn’t a critical part though, so it’s still a cool poem (:

Alright here we go:

Christmas has came, and it will go time and time again
But don`t worry, have the fun this year
Because Santa has a secret to tell
"I don`t actually jingle the bells"

But this Christmas is special
The shining white light
will keep blinking for us
Because that light is...
Actually the light of Christmas

As long as it is lit
Christmas will exist
Be positive with 2010
Don`t believe in 2012

However... Santa only gives his joy
To the boys and girls who have been good
And a little boy called Roy
Who made a new Trackmania mood

Never mind what I said here
Go outside, grab some beer
Have fun with your friends
While Christmas lasts

Go with the Christmas flow
When Santa comes with his reindeers low
You will then know
that New year is now.

by BlingerStinger

Well, actually after reading this, I only got the last 3 parts :P I don’t know if the first 2/3 sections are seriously, or just a try to be serious, but it’s fun to read on the other hand! The last part is very good, but, this poem is maybe a bit too big for the FrontPage. Other then that, great job BlingerStinger!

tmX and X-mas
they connect us all;
both they are much fun as well
but only Santa rings his bell
when 24th is coming soon.

presents are like tracks want to be:
fun, surprising and full of fantasy;
but only good tracks are made while we
wait for Santa, who comes to everybody.

by KekX

A bit hard to read, but after a few times I found out that it’s a very nice poem :) Also a potential winner!

Well, as you can see, the quality of Poem’s has been going up!
Keep writing those little notes, and create TMX’s Christmas blessing! ^^


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