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Author Showcase - FaHoFF!7. February 2010 18:42
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Welcome to the Author Showcase, a project founded by Natzke on Trackmania Nations Exchange. We already made a lot of Interviews, with famous users like Ron Turbo, Panis and GanjaRider, but also normal TMX users like Quat or SeaDevil! We have gotten a lot of positive reactions to it. And we now got the great news that we can publish our Interviews on TMX Blog! We hope you enjoy it!


Welcome readers, to the first interview of 2010. It's time for a legend - it's time for FaHoFF!

Please tell us more about yourself (birthday, real name, place of birth, height, weight, favourite colour) and your background?
Hello to all readers first! My real name (the one that I only use in documents, and facebook xD) is Fahrudin, but I’m more known as Fahro. I was born on 7th of July, 1986. In a city located in north Slovenia, called Slovenj Gradec. After studying in Maribor and Ljubjana, I returned in Slovenj Gradec and started to work in family company that is dealing with real estates. I’m 178cm tall and weight is around 60kg of pure muscles [:P] My favorite color would be green …no, yellow!? I love them all, depends of mood …just like music!

How did you get your nickname?

Well, I’m also a DJ …DJ FaHoFF. I started to spin music before Trackmania, so decision was easy. It comes from my name and out of the curse that everyone know: “fuck off”.

What made you become a track builder and who made the biggest influence at your beginning?

I’m an artist, like half of my family. I see so many positive things in Trackmania and biggest one is that we can be creative. I’m also a sporty type of a guy, needs for competing and adrenaline are always inside of me. So actually, I wasn’t aware of creativity that this game provides. We mostly played online or hot seat on one computer. Then one day friend showed us that he created a track. Have you ever heard for Edfrag, defragme or Defrag? That was him! We bond through the music (he’s  also a DJ), we were studying and living together in Ljubljana …our destinies simply made us to become great friends and builders. He showed me so many things at beginning, he really gave me the basic knowledge. Today I can teach him a lot of things, but when it comes to road (tmn style alike) he’s the one that I truly respect and admire.
Influence on my style also comes from other ways. On one side the fact that I learned to listen what people like and then somehow trying to consider their “quiet” wishes. And on the other side the style that I like and authors that made some legendary tracks: Nadeo, Ron Turbo, GanjaRider, Kendal, TimeBreaker,DeFacer …

Can you please guide us through a typical track project from start to finish and what part of track building do you find crucial?

Project starts with a good coffee of course :) Like some “normal” people take a news paper and read it, I take my notebook and start to play around in editor. Well, my coffee can last for whole weekend because I could get so many ideas that at the end I can make a track full of ideas and cool flow. Are you following? I think I have thousands of starts or tracks that have at least one stunning part. So for me, crucial thing would be the road itself. But since the TMNF was released I also started to pay attention on other things. Now I can’t imagine that I would release a track without good scenery, complete MT work, great screenshot, some extras, video, …

Here are the main steps:
- create road (consider about style, ideas, flow and signs);
- make a scenery;
- choose a track name and colors;
- add the same looking colors into scenery (pictures in that color or on that theme, custom signs, …)
- now it’s time for media tracker (it must be in same colors to make it tasty)
- after that (optional) I bounce some replays for the video and take few screenshots for screen
- the only thing left to do is to write a descent comment when uploading a track.

Sounds easy? I can spend a lot of hours just for one of those things excluding the road itself. For road I can’t say really because I had to drank a lot, a lot, a lot of coffees! :D

Where do you find inspiration for tracks?

Mostly music, tracks & ideas by other authors, coffee, …After this drop out (last year or so) my biggest inspiration would be my girlfriend :)

Can you tell us what great track builders need to posses besides versatile capability in track building?

Just something to keep them motivated! If you understand the physics, you can play around and create your own style.

What is your general opinion of TM game, what is so addictive?

The best game ever. Going through this journey of getting knowing the game better and better and meeting more and more people, it’s almost unstoppable …so much fun!

What makes TMX so special place in your opinion and did TMX made influence at your life in any way?

Well for me, this actually is Trackmania universe. I can’t imagine this game without TMX. The respect and kindness mixed with fun is on level that only few things could reach. Here I feel fully relaxed, it’s like a home sweet home feeling. For me building a track for players on servers was a wish from very beginning . I guess I’m not the only one that feels this way.

Can you share an entertaining story from TMX with us?

Not really …

Could you share your virtues and flaws with us?

I’m very kind and loving they say, always fair and willing to help. My biggest flaw is, that sometimes I give up too soon.

What is your daily routine and your favourite daily activity?

I get up at 6.30 AM and work till 4 PM. Then maybe going shopping or cooking, eating and then chilling. My favorite daily activity is when I eat couple of sandwiches for dinner with my baby <3

Who made the biggest impact in your real life on you and why?

My older brother. Since my parents divorced, he always been there for me. He learned me a lot things and even nowadays he’s my idol.

Tell us about a memorable moment in your life; a time you will never forget?

If you didn’t know I played soccer for 10 years, playing for team that was in 1st national league. I stopped 8 years ago when I was 15 or 16 years old.
In first year when we started to play in U16 league we went to indoor tournament (that was in winter period because in Slovenia it’s impossible to play soccer outside, it’s -10 or -20 degrees) where we played against best clubs from 1st league. I was chosen for best player of the tournament, but unfortunately we lost in the final so we finished 2nd. Ironically, both teams bankrupted few years ago, but the one that won tournament that day is already playing in 1st league again.
I’ll always remember this time in my life, still asking myself why I stopped. From then on things turned upside down.[/quote]

What is the achievement you have made that you are most proud of in real life?

It’s not one, there are many. I tried so many different things in life that some could only dream. And everything I try, I give my best. Results are always positive.

What are the goals you are still working towards?

After finishing high school I fell into music. My goal was to become a producer and DJ, so I went to school for Audio Ingineering (SAE institute, visit I finished my course with 78%, for diploma you need to have the average of 80+. So my goals are to raise my grade for 2% and get the diploma, make some music, maybe own a club, have fun, to be in love, having dogs, kids, house, apartment, …

What’s your idea of a perfect vacation?

In the winter time I would love to ski somewhere in Alps, drinking beer on a sunny day at 3500m above sea. Perfect summer vacation would be me and my girl, renting a bungalow on coast of Zanzibar in Africa.

Any phobias/addiction or both you’re willing to admit and could you tell your favourite food and drink?

No phobias! My addiction would be smoking. Favorite food is chicken and drink ice tea.

What are your top 3
- favourite websites / games and why?
- tracks of all-time and why?

- Beatport (leader in electronic dance music downloads for DJs and club music enthusiasts)
- TMX (it makes my coffee delicious)
- Facebook (it’s nice to find relatives and keep the contact with the people you know)

- Trackmania (never boring)
- PES (always fun to play against a friend)
- Poker Texas Hold‘em (it’s more exciting to play against real people and real money)

Tracks (very very hard to pick, those 3 I remembered first):
- Flaming Phoenix by SapphiroN (one of the few tracks, that made me open my mouth …beautiful in many ways)

- Crash-Burn-Repeat by GanjaRider (first time I played this track I thought, if I ever want to make tracks, this is the feeling that I want to achieve)[/i]

- CallMevill by Edfrag (maybe the most addicting track I ever played)

What advice would you give to someone who just starting out with track building and where we can find you online?

Just play around. Make sure that your PC is good enough because it has a great affect on your skills. Play as much as you can online (even lol tracks from time to time). See difference in styles, steal some ideas and wait to get your own ideas. Be active on TMX by trying a lot of tracks and try to be objective and real, always opened for new stuff.
As some know, I stopped playing TM last January and now I’m somehow back. You would be lucky to find me online because I rather spend my time by testing a track or go to editor and play around. Last time I played on PPO because I could test some tracks. I truly wish that there would be Rose’s server here in Forever version. Anyway, you can add me as your buddy. My login is written on “my account page”. Maybe we’ll meet one day also online.


Smoker, previously professional football player, TrackMania master & DJ! There are loads of different stuff to this kid. Know we all got to know him a bit better. Thanks for taking time to read, and FaHoFF, thanks for participating.

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