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Interview with the community23. August 2012 23:25
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Hello ppl!

Just a quick information at first: I was working during the last hour at the article for today and I was going to present the article in a nice made picture, but hell no, Gimp crashed o.O

So I decided to present my project for today in a boring text, so you will be able to read this as soon as possible. This time I had a question to more than one person. I asked many people: "Why do you play Trackmania?" Obviously there are many games which were published after Trackmania and which were maybe worth to give them a try, but many of you still play TM since 2, 3, 5 or even more years.

My question to the Community was:

Why do you play Trackmania?



Sleepwalker: I actually play it, because of the fun while driving tracks, building - you can always create something new and unseen & the community (tm & tmx :>)


Basbaas: I am playing trackmania because it is extremely fun, especially when playing with friends. Not only the gameplay itself, but trackmania has one of the most amazing communities I have ever encountered online.


Didi: I play TM because it's a lot of fun and because of the possibility to drive and build maps it's not getting boring.


PapyChampy: The fact that you can build your own tracks seduced me immediately, and I never got off the hook ever since. There is so much to discover in TM : the incredible community, racing online, creating new content...


Rodeo: It makes me so happy when I play it!


Sriver: Well, I guess the main reason why I still enjoy playing TM is that it never gets boring. Every day, players build new tracks that others can compete on.
Also, the track editor offers so many possibilities that you can always try your hand at something new - a track style that you have never built before, another environment or car etc.


Wally: I'm playing TMNF for one and only reason: The awesome community and the fierce competition between the best players in the world.


DarkBringer: Probably there are many reasons playing tm for approximate 5 years. But I think the main reason for my long term motivation is that I am obsessed to become better and better.


iRoc: I'm playing Trackmania since Nations came out. Soon I discovered TM Original and Sunrise, and they were even better. I just love to build tracks, it's a bit like Lego for adults. There are always new possibilities to put the blocks together. My motivation to play TM after all this years is definitely the editor.


Chalwhen: I'm playing TM becuase it's very great to make your own creations, which you can upload on TMX and maybe you see them on a server. The seven envis are varied and the style how the car drives is from envi to envi different, that makes it very funny to play TM!


CarlJr.: I'm playing it cause first, its fun, 2, the community is really sick and because i like to compete against the best players.


Pascow: I play trackmania because, first of all it is hella fun for me, even after 3 years of playing, and because of the amazing community I learned to know better in the meantime.


Vorobey: I'm playing tm mostly 'cause this game needs great skill from you, it's not a bad-a** COD or other games. It also needs creativity in trackbuilding and screenmaking. Also lots of fun playing with friends) And of course i try to make good tracks, but very few users watch them...


Winter: I play TM because of the creative aspect. Or "cuz I can build shit" if you will.


Rafal: Because you never get bored of playing this game.


Deng: After a hard day at work, it´s a pleasure to drive trackmania. It makes me feel good again.


Sliver: I drive tm because everybody have the same chance to drive a track with same features... the bugs and somthing tricks are normallly but not even better... i like it when you cruse on a way and you hunt a thousandlls on a very good line^^ But tmx is so versatile, thats really nice to drive a lot of maps, anybody means its good for folk^^ I´ve fun on a lot of tracks, another track´s likes work... anybody likes shaekspear and the next likes blackbeer.


Mastermind: I play TM, because I've never seen so much free space for imagination, creativity and racing in a single game.


Dengel: The community, The uncountable maps and the challenge this game offers every time u play it to improve your times... that are my reasons.


Calum: I play trackmania because it's exciting, you can always do a better time and you get motivated to, also, it allows you to be creative and edit replays, tracks, skins, mods and such. But that wouldn't be enough to play forever. The big reason I still open tm sometimes is the community in general, and more specificly tmx. That's what's been keeping me on tm for the last year or so.


Lapos: The main reason for me is the fact that i can build or download tracks. Other racing games has specific tracks which cannot be changed.


Down: I'm playing TM because it's a great community and it's always fun to chat and joke around with other players, especially with my clanmates.


FrostBeule: I first and foremost play TrackMania Nations because of its competitive spirit as an eSport as I am a hardcore eSports fan. However I also enjoy the game because of its creative possibilities, be it through making maps, skins, videos, scripts or other things aswell. But what I enjoy the most about the game is when the competitivity and the creativity goes hand in hand and co-operate with each-other. I find this the main reason why I think TrackMania Nations got such potential as an eSport, and why I keep playing the game 6 years after I first started.


A big thank you to all the guys who answered so quickly, it was pretty interesting to see the different motivations of different players.


I hope you enjoyed this "interview"!




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