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Interview with Gizmo.23. September 2012 19:41
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Blog: You consider yourself being a boring moderator, is there a Gizmo besides the moderating one, who isn't boring?

Gizmo: I wouldn't call myself a "boring" moderator. I'm sure there will be some cool things to come in the coming months which people will enjoy. More just I am generally quite a quiet guy, which I'm sure anyone who has played with me ingame will vouch for.

Blog: A little spoiler exclusivly for the Blog?

Gizmo: Nothing confirmed with other mods yet, but I do personally enjoy New Years celebrations.

Blog: Hehe, I hope to see some nice stuff by you and the other mods, since you are a moderator now. Why do you wrote an application as the other mods asked for one?

Gizmo: Well tm is a game I have played now for 4 years, for better or for worse, and when given the opporutnity to become more involved I thought I might as well apply and see what happens, as I enjoy being in a position where you are are able help others, even if it may just behind the scenes stuff. Also I backed myself that if I was chosen I would do a good job.

Blog: In comparison: What is the difference between TM in 2008 and TM in 2012? Also between the exchanges from that time and now?

Gizmo: Apart from me being a noob? I guess the level of activity is one of the main differences. From my view there were definitely more people playing online in Aus servers. There used to be people I played with every night, and a variety of different teams based in Aus. Now theres really only the one and it's quite rare to see a server with lots of people on it, since there's people who have left due to freezone, TM2 and other reasons.

TMX i discovered around April '09. Not sure really what to say, the common trackstyles over time have changed or evolved depending on how you want to look at it since then. Also there has been the shift towards the dominance of fs tracks in botw and lb ratings. Although there are people who have played a lot longer who would be able to give better insight.

Blog: Pad or Keyboard?

Gizmo: Keyboard

Blog: Competitive driving or playing for fun?

Gizmo: I enjoy driving in comps and wish I could drive in them more, but due to the time difference where matches are played at 4-6 am for me it's just not worth it, so just for fun.

Blog: Do you play something else?

Gizmo: Not really any other online games atm. When I get a new computer I will probably check out GW2 at some point.

Blog: Well, I'm running out of questions :D Let's participate in the \o/ Superduperhyper sleepy OBJECT competition, with pink waffles and stuff! \o/ now :) Thank you for the interview!

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