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Expressing your appreciation on TMX26. September 2012 15:17
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Imagine you are working on a track, maybe a tech-track. You've created some cool drifts and transitions in the first twenty seconds. As always it is your goal to create an enjoyable track, so you upload your track at the Beta Area. Hopefully you'll get some feedback here to improve your tracks afterwards, or?

Hey guys, I just need some feedback about the drift at second 8 and the transition at second 15, thanks! Scenery isn't finished yet ofc!

Three downloads after ten minutes, looks like you'll get some feedback soon. One hour later you're refreshing the page if there are some comments on your track. And yep, you got some feedback. Double-Click on the trackname, scrolling down, reading the comment.

The track is not my taste and I don't like that there is not scenery after the start, nevertheless a cool track, man!

Thank you for this detailed and helpful feedback!

Before you misunderstood me: I'm not raging against anyone, the example is a simple exaggeration. And I'm not better, for sure I'm even worse. I expect feedback for my own Beta Tracks, but I rarely give feedback for other authors. Many of my awards only contain a "Cool track". And that's a bad habit of myself. I never thought a lot about this topic, people which gave long awards expressed me in the beginnings here on TMX. I was like "Wow, they take there time to give a detailed feedback, so the author knows how to improve his skills and makes an even better track in the next time". How do these people have so much things to write? For myself I only knew two options: I like the track - short award, not even a sentence. I don't like it - No award, the author didn't even know that I drove the track. But how should a guy improve his skills if no one tells him what he is doing wrong? I thought I'll find the answer to this question in the long awards. Maybe I just read the wrong long awards, but they were like:

Omg, this is so stunning. It is mindblowing, you are the best, I love you and your tracks, man, they are great, you are great, I like them a lot, they are lovely. Last night was so good, omg. Love you and your building style. Start is great, first turn awesome, just like the second and the third. Dat end. All in all the track is okay, you've built better ones already.<333

Thanks. That helped me a lot. Is this the way to appreciate the work of someone? He created the track and not the feeling of love. If a track is great and there is nothing you can complain, than the author deserves a feedback what he built well, because you appreciate his work. None of the examples I gave are the right way to appreciate the work of someone I think. Maybe you get my point.

For myself I'm going to write longer awards in the next time and I'll also give more detailed feedback. What do you think about it?



Thanks to Sapphiron, now I know how motivating real feedback and constructive awards can be

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