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A Project, A Question and E-Sport3. October 2012 09:55
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Good morning TMX!

Probably many of you follow tournaments like TmT via Streams or ingame. For those who weren't able to watch the matches they are interested in, Blizz from RtA recorded many exciting matches. You can see them on his youtube-account Blizz Trackmania Now the Stadium Team Championship and the Nations Cup are starting again I think. On you can follow all interesting news concerning this topic. Last year France, Sweden, Slovakia and Germany were the strongest teams. I think also the Netherlands, Portugal and Norway have a pretty strong team this year, but I'm not that into the scene, so maybe someone of you can tell me which teams are strong this year? :D

On TMNF-X a new project started called "Hunt again, TMX!" The goal is "to have some more fun here on TMX, so we try to get you guys back to hunting again. Many of the Classic-Maps aren't huntable for the average people around here, the Nadeo-Leaderboard is dominated by people which are mainly not that active on in the forums and TMX at all. So this is our own place to have fun hunting right now." Since two days the project is running and the participants hunted the maps offline and online (tmtp://#addfavourite=stb35). So why don't you also give it a try? There are FS-, tech- and dirt-tracks. So if you only like tech, just drive tech, if you only like dirt, only drive dirt. But if you like every mapstyle hunt as much as you want and have some fun!

The project is organized by me and pascow. I set up a server only for this project and I noticed once again a funny, but also annoying behaviour of people which play trackmania. If they are on a server and there is a track they don't like, they directly start to complain. Pretty often they say stuff like "Delete the track please", "Dirt again, cmon -.-" or only "Shit map". I always wonder if these people think, that they are the ones who decide which maps are on a server. Especially in this case with the Hunt again-Project, where three trackstyles should be covered so everyone will have fun participating. If I don't like a track, I juke a track that I like or I leave the server. But I don't tell everyone how much I hate dirt (I don't) for five minutes and leave the server just when the track is over. Funny behaviour, but I'm pretty sure this is something you know Laughing





(ah, there you are, too bad that you are running away today, sorry for that)


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