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Interview with Basbaas15. October 2012 23:43
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TMX-Blog: Good evening, sooner than expected the winter will be here and the coldest days let you stay at home I guess. A time starts where I will build more maps than usually. When do you open your TM-editor to build a map?

Basbaas: I'm still spending a lot of time in the editor today. Not as much as I did about two years back, but I'm still really enjoying the editor and trying to come up with new creative stuff.

TMX-Blog: Do you open the editor and try to be creative or do you have an idea which makes you open the editor? ;)

Basbaas: Most of the time I open the editor with an idea in my head, either some transition or jump that I came up with and wanted to test out or I get inspired by for example a tech track, and wanting to build something stimular. Although I've had some times where I really had the urge to build and just let it happen in the editor itself.

TMX-Blog: Are you satisfied with your results? Some people always see space to improve, others say well done when they made a nice track. Which attitude has kept you in building? What is your motivation?

Basbaas: I believe that no track is perfect, every single builder has space to improve in my opinion, and obviously I'm no exeption. I think all of my tracks could use some improvement in some different aspects. The main thing that kept me building is seeing some people having fun of my tracks, which feels like a great accomplishment to me. Also the editor never gets old for me, I can easily spend three hours in a row building on something without getting bored, I'd nearly call it a drug of some sort!

TMX-Blog: You're active at TMUF-X and you know many of the environments well, every single one has its own blocks and many blocks even have different ways to drive and use them.. What do you think about people who blockmix or even mix the environments.. Is it an improvement or a lack of creativity? Or even more creative?

Basbaas: For blockmixing it depends, I don't mind blockmixing when it results in something really smooth, or when people come up with totally new jumps or transitions which weren't possible without blockmixing. Although I really dislike unnecessary mixing as scenery.
About enviroment mixing; I am a really big fan of enviroment mixing and I've made a lot envi mix tracks. I exactly remembered nitroguy enthusiastically showing me one of the first envimix maps and I was possitively blown away. So much more oppertunities were suddenly available (for building and driving), there has been so much amazing enviroment mix tracks built through the course of the year. Still loving it today.

TMX-Blog: So true, the possiblities are insane and an end is probably not visible, the people still build new great maps with new concepts. Many other games changed because the programmers developed the game.. TM was also developed by the community. What makes this community so special?

Basbaas: This is one of the most special communities I have ever encountered online. Everyone is really nice to eachother, not only in the TMX forums, but also from my experience in skype having talked to lots of different players from TMX. Also the great ammount of tracks on TMX amazes me, so many people are still actively releasing tracks by today, and every single track is different from eachother. I always love seeing new stuff being build, even though this game itself was released a long time ago, the possibilities are endless! That's what truly seperated this community from most other gaming communities.

TMX-Blog: I guess that's it for the moment, only one question is left: What makes TMUF-X more exciting than TMNF-X in your eyes?

Basbaas: TMNF has just one enviroment, while TMUF has six. I've always loved the concept of having lots of different enviroments, with all have a totally different physics and looks. Why stick with just one enviroment when you can have six! Ofcourse it totally depends on the player, as for myself I don't really like the physics of the stadium car (also I am a biiiig stadium n00b). But I love the stadium blocks itself, I've released quite a few stadium enviroment mixes.

TMX-Blog: Thanks for the interview Basbaas :) Have fun in future ;)

Basbaas: Yeah, you too! Thanks for having me! :D

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