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Interview with dan!el22. October 2012 22:50
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I just talked a bit with a well-known user from the TMNF-X this time and well, maybe it's quite interesting for you guys to hear something about him besides TMX and the difference of the TMX-Community to other communities.

dan!el: Hello!

Sky: Good evening dan!el! In my part of germany the pupil actually have holidays, when do you have to get up tomorrow?

dan!el: At six o'clock, like usually for my school. I'm not a sleepy person, so that's not a problem for me really. We have holidays next week.

Sky: Do you stay at home in your holidays? I connect with Lithuania one of the poorer countries in europe, but I have to admit that I know nearly nothing about your country. Well, its capital is Vilnius, much more information isn't in my brain..

dan!el: I usually stay at home, going to other cities or countries just isn't my thing :/ And most of lithuanians are relatively poor indeed, tho our family does pretty good with maintaining all financial questions. And I live in Vilnius aswell ^^

Sky: I guess in the cities there are pretty much similarities with cities in germany, f.e., what are the worst habits of an average lithuanian school class?

dan!el: Well... I study in quite an intelligent school - Vilnius Lyceum - so what I see might not apply to all lithuanian schools ^^ But anyway, some habits like smoking or writing off homework of each other present here too of course. Don't know much about drugs or drinking alcohol tho, at least I haven't heard of such things (yet?).

Sky: Damn, I want to go to your school..

dan!el: Hehe ^^ It's pretty fun here actually, don't think of me as of nerd or smth

Sky: Well, it was a honest sentence when I said that I want to go to your school, it somehow sounds a bit like a community there and I never was able to say that I go to a school where everyone treated each other as if we live in a community/or go to the same school.

dan!el: Tend to agree with you here. There are four "courses" (9 to 12), and even if they're separated to classes inside, we all are friends together, and there are many friendships between courses too. Just like in the TMX community (:

Sky: TMX would be a great school I guess, maybe also trackmania at all. I've never played a game before where the players actually are so friendly towards each other, even though they don't know everyone, most of the people always say "hi" or "hello" when you enter a server. It's only a small detail maybe, but also a part of the great atmosphere the Trackmania-Community creates.

dan!el: That's surely correct; actually, since TM was quite the first online game I've started to play, it seemed normal for me, but after I played few other games, I got amazed by how more friendly TM people are. Maybe that's because of Trackmania being fully non-violent game?.. I don't know.

Sky: Haha, yes, not even crashes with other cars are possible.

dan!el: That creates the competitive spirit (:

Sky: Maybe it's also the kind of people who play this game, it sounds stupid, but I think many people who play TM, or at least are active on TMX, aren't dumb people, well, except a few maybe :D I discovered it somewhere else in the internet: Some things/projects are just like magnets for more civilized and smarter people. I really don't know if this is the truth, but I have that feeling here on TMX.

dan!el: Hmm... There are quite many guys who I could mention (but I won't) who don't fit to your definition of civilized and smart people at all ^^ Luckily, they just make a little part of the community. But yeah, in the main point you're right, it's only TM(X)-related phenomenon which I can't explain. Even in Shootmania, another Nadeo game, I've already seen those rude kiddies on servers many times...

Sky: Maybe some guy on TMX studies psychology. So he maybe knows why the community is so different in comparison to all the other games :D

dan!el: I'm definitely not a psychologist, sorry :/ maybe Sapp? He often gives some smart and interesting ideas to think about, and he knows the community quite well too ^^

Sky: I thought he is a comedian who organizes fruit and bug-competition in his hometown with a looot of fun.. maybe this is a question to answer in the next interview.

dan!el: Having two personalities is cool imho.

Sky: Okay, now your second personality can tell us some last words.

dan!el: Vote for me in the User Choi... okay, nevermind. Be friendly and creative, and see you in the forums!

Sky: Thanks for the interview.

dan!el: Thank you too, was fun to talk (:


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