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The Person Behind The TMX-Account #1 - Fabio_m29. October 2012 18:00
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                                                                                                                           (Part 1/2)

Good evening TMX!

This is the beginning of a series called "The Person Behind The TMX-Account". The goal of this is to give you a closer view on the persons around here.. for most of us the other users are only nicknames. But obviously we aren't just nicknames. Behind each name is a story, a real person. And I started this series with a guy I didn't really know before I ask him if he is interested in the talk: Fabio_m.

He built such crazy tracks as "Sylcon Bay" or "Chicken Invaders" and surprised me with his detailed views on many things. I think in the end he was a perfect interview partner and I really hope that you will enjoy his thoughts!

In the first part of the interview the focus is set on him as a person in real life. The second part is about Trackmania/The MediaTracker/Borders in mapping.


Blog: Hello fabio! (I guess this is your first name in real life?) Who is the guy that I chose for the first round?

Fabio: Hey there, let me start by congratulating you for your work on the blog and to thank you for your invitation (:
About my name: yes, Fábio is my real name and the M stands for Mendes (my last one), I'm a 22 year old boy who lives in the north of Portugal, at the moment I don't work, due to some huge difficulties we (portuguese) are passing, but the important thing is to be positive and to have the hope that the future is going to change (:
I like to play trackmania (obviously^^), from time to time I grab my good'old ps1 and have fun with these retro games, rarely I play other games.
Out of my computer I enjoy traveling and I love to play billiards from time to time.
As for my physical appearence, I'm just a normal guy with brown hair and eyes even if I'm a little bit short ^^ (1,62m).

Blog: Did you ever considered moving to another country because of the bad times in portugal? And did you have a job before the financial problems in your country or do you have been a student?

Fabio: Yes, I already thought about that and I still have that possibility in my mind.
The bad thing is that besides getting work, finding a place to stay is important and without knowledge (relatives or friends who live far away) it's really hard to make plans. For now I'll just see how life goes on and I will keep searching ^^ If nothing appears, I will need to start looking outside portugal and start planning to begin my life somewhere else. Before going unemployed, I was an intern on a technology department in Oporto for 3 months after finishing my studies, then I worked as an accountant on a plumbing enterprise for about 4 months.

Blog: Was the development of the financial crisis in Portugal surprising? Or did the portuguese people somehow expected the situation?

Fabio: At the moment, the situation is terrible, more than 65.000 young people already left the country, and many people are unemployed, or receiving bad salaries and lots of old people having trouble to survive due to their low retired pension and many many strikes.
It's estimated that portugal will loose 1 million habitants in the next years. This situation started to get serious 5 years ago and it became worse. Many people already knew it would getting bad, but no one expected that it will reach this point. For now it only matters to move on with our lives, do the best, and never lose the hope that the future is going to change. It's hard but that's the way the life is.

Blog: Where do you take your hope? What makes you believe in a better future if the people around you are all searching their better future in other countries (many go to luxembourg, or?^^) I think it's impressive to see that you still try to enjoy your life as much as possible and not get depressed..

Fabio: It's hard to have hope and to believe in a better future, but we have to try to be optimistic, even in bad situations. Even if lately it is hard to be optimistic for anyone.
It's hard to enjoy life with all concerns, but that's what we have to do, we have to be positive and we should never stop looking for our happiness and a better life, if we can't find it here then we need to search for it elsewhere and like you said many go to luxembourg to find what they can't find here. It's important to never throw the towel and most of all never give up, always look forward, if you look forward you see a path into the future and if you look down all you see is your feet. (:
It's hard I know. But being depressed hardly resolves anything.

Blog: Strong words in hard times.

Don't miss this in the next part: The borders of mapping, the possibilities with the MediaTracker, creating Chicken Invaders in two weeks, there is always someone who invents something new in TM.

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