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Do you love TrackMania, and want to support it?31. October 2009 11:27
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The ESL Admins have come yet again, back to the TMX Community!

The Admins have come and ask the following:
Do you love TrackMania, and want to help it get bigger and bigger?
Would you love to support TrackMania as much as you can?
Do you want more broadcasting in English?
Do you want to watch TrackMania on LIVE TV?

If so, you are surely invited to tune into ESL TV on Thursday the 5th of November 20:00 CET. Where?! Directly on ESL TV!

The ESL Admins will be broadcasting the Trackmania Competition Premiership Season 4 Overall Final. The two teams competing in this event are n!faculty and InFerno against each other. eSports live with english commentators on ESL TV. This will be, by far, a great show with intense racing action by two of the best TrackMania teams in the world, fighting for number one!

This is the type of event in which you should tell everyone! - Freinds, family, classmates, freinds of your classmates ... EVERYONE. Come on guys! Go out there and show the world how great this game and this community is!

That's Thursday the 5th of November 20:00 CET, on ESL TV!

We hope you'll be there!

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Author Showcase - Andree28. October 2009 21:32
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Welcome to the Author Showcase, a project founded by Natzke on Trackmania Nations Exchange. We already made a lot of Interviews, with famous users like Ron Turbo, Panis and GanjaRider, but also normal TMX users like Quat or SeaDevil! We have gotten a lot of positive reactions to it. And we now got the great news that we can publish our Interviews on TMX Blog! We hope you enjoy it!


Today (or actually tonight, over here in Holland), we get a bit back in time. Widely known in the community, by his name and for his tracks, he has reached a nice place between the so called “TMX Legends”. Going way back to the first TMX, Natzke interviewed this man who somehow found a way to get rid of the Trackmania Addiction. We introduce to you:


1. Please tell us more about yourself (birthday, real name, place of birth, height, weight, favorite color) and your background?
My real name is André Karlsen. I'm living in Harstad, Norway. Harstad is a small city in the north of Norway with around 23 000 people. Not so many days before I turn 39 of age. I have a wife and two children aged 7 and 10. I'm working at a endoscopy unit as a nurse. I prepare the examinations of the stomach, colon and all other parts where we can use a instrument with a camera to have a closer look. During the examinations I assist both the patient and the doctor.
Its always nice to have some computer skill and know your way with all the different gadget we use. I love my job and my family. I try the best i can to support my children with the schoolwork and all their soccer matches and training.
Height: 190 cm. Weight: 105 kg. Favourite colour: Green (i have worked four years in the Norwegian army and just love the colour)


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TM Exchange 2 - What would you love to see?28. October 2009 04:10
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With TrackMania 2 arriving in just over a years time, many players have speculated on what the game will have. One thing not many players have speculated on, is whether or not a brand new TMX will arrive. In response to that, all we can do is speculate on this idea.

If a new track exchange were to built or rebuilt. What would you like to see? E.g. - User Customizations, improved track manager. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome and will be added to the list below. Cool

• Further user customizations.
• An improved API with documentation.
• Online recommendation.
• Easier sort functions for track searches (Sortable quicklists).
• Multiple Authors
• Multiple Versions
• Improved Overall Site Design
• Multiple Screenshots
• User Favourites
• Optional Taging System
• Blog Edit Comments (lol)
• More Track Style Options.
• Live User Status (Online / Offline)
• Quick Track Pack Grouping
• Copper Count
• Multiple Language Chatrooms
• Improved or changed Awards System
• Cross linking tracks
• Individual User Stats
• Filter/search by'actual' file name, inc .GBX extension (GameBox)
• Batch downloading, select multiple tracks, group them and download many tracks with one click.
• Send multiple PM's to a group of users.
• Multiple user PM chat. (Chat with more than one person)
• Front Page news Comments.
• TM-Tube Video API.
• Certain player download only list.
• YouTube like Account Customizations.
• User Accoun Page Voting.
• Copyright protected tracks.

Just remember that this is pure speculation and no official word has been said.

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ManiaLib - Lightweight Manialink Framework27. October 2009 05:44
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ManiaLib is a lightweight PHP framework for developing Manialinks. Its core framework contains a set of Object-Oriented libraries. It was created to keep a Manialink applications' code simple with plain procedural programming with advanced functionality.

Who developed it?
ManiaLib was developed by Gou1 (Nadeo Developer) and was released on 6th July, along side with his simple philosphy to keep it simple and advanced.

What do I get out of it?
What you get using ManiaLib, is a professional and advanced functioning Manialink with a strong infastructure.

What's inside the package?
Inside the ManiaLib package you get the ManiaLib core which includes the main libraries and a set of premade modules such as Admin, Posts, Auto Connect and Multipage List.

Are tutorials provided with ManiaLib?
Yes! ManiaLib has a devised set of tutorials to help you develop an advanced Manialink. Tutorials provided are GUI (Classes for creating Manialink graphical elements), Database Engine (Database Abstration layer - DBAL), Request Engine (Handles the GET variables and referers, creation of links and  directions), Session Engine (Handles the variables of sessions) and Lang Engine (Internationalization). All of which are simple and very, very easy to understand.

So, who's using ManiaLib?
At the moment, to my awareness, Mania Team (tmtp:///:maniateam) is the only manialink powered by ManiaLib.

Further information about ManiaLib can be found at the core project home or the ManiaLink.

Project home at Google Code (The ManiaLib project home, wiki, downloads and an issue tracker).
Manialink Demo can be found here (Common manialink using the full ManiaLib package).

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ManiaLinks, where and what?23. October 2009 18:32
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The ManiaLink. It’s one of those extra features you pay for, in Trackmania United.
So what exactly is there to find? Would we need it? And what are the best spots?
Were about to find out.


The ManiaLink main page (like shown above), consists out of multiple sections; Tracks, 3D-models, Skins, Competitions, Teams, Community, Videos, Other Creations and Webisodes.
We will take a look at them all, some a bit less and some a bit more explained. I have tried to link to the manialinks pages, but because I (how dumb it is) didn’t enable this option for myself I hope I used the correct links. Enjoy!


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Author Showcase - Rewiind21. October 2009 12:00
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Welcome to the Author Showcase, a project founded by Natzke on Trackmania Nations Exchange. We already made a lot of Interviews, with famous users like Ron Turbo, Panis and GanjaRider, but also normal TMX users like Quat or SeaDevil! We have gotten a lot of positive reactions to it. And we now got the great news that we can publish our Interviews on TMX Blog! We hope you enjoy it!


So, The Blog went into a little dip after the the beautiful article about the WCG made by FastForza. Gladly we still have the interviews! So this week we stay in Nations (sorry TMU), and interview one of the more successful and active dude’s :) We present to you, the almighty:


1. Please tell us more about yourself (birthday, real name, place of birth, height, weight, favourite colour) and your background?
Hi everyone, my name is Arno, I’m 16 years old and I currently live in Hoofddorp, Holland. I’ve lived here my entire life and I don’t think I’ll be moving very soon (: I’m a little over 180 cm tall, weigh about 60 kg and my favourite colour is.. I think blue. I live at home with my father (50), mother (43) and brother (19). Besides fish, we don’t have pets anymore which is fine by me. My hobbies are mostly listening to music and being with friends. Might not be the most original ones, but they work just fine for me ^^


2. How did you get your nickname?
Gooood question.. I actually have no idea. I do know when it was. I was racing with my old clan leader (a pretty long time ago) as ‘Slybox’. Then I changed to ‘Micro’ (you can guess the jokes ^^) and then I changed it into Rewiind, and it has been that ever since (:


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Author Showcase – n4meless16. October 2009 13:09
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Welcome to the Author Showcase, a project founded by Natzke on Trackmania Nations Exchange. We already made a lot of Interviews, with famous users like Ron Turbo, Panis and GanjaRider, but also normal TMX users like Quat or SeaDevil! We have gotten a lot of positive reactions to it. And we now got the great news that we can publish our Interviews on TMX Blog! We hope you enjoy it!


This week we bring you one of the new edge tech followers :) He’s not from this planet and you will not understand him at whole, but try to read between the lines and you will see that you are wrong! We are all one alienized family :P Aliens and monsters we bring you ….


1. Please tell us more about yourself (birthday, real name, place of birth, height, weight, favorite color) and your background?

My actual name is Lars and I was born on Valentines Day 1993 in Germany. I'm neither small nor tall - In fact something around 180cm. I currently live in fairly small village close to the Dutch border in the west of Germany.

2. How did you get your nickname?

Well, I never had a real name - The nick I first used here was "Lars2008" or something like this. Since "Lars2008" is sparsely catchy I eventually started to grope around for a new nick. Like 1 1/2 I ended up using nameless, due to a lack of creativity power.

3. What made you become a track builder and who made the biggest influence at your beginning?

The person who made me become a tracer prolly was GreenRacer.
In the end of 2007 I used to race on the "GigaLigaServer", which was riddled with a bunch of GreenRacers tracks.
Furthermore he probably also was my biggest influence in the beginning of my tracker-career . Later on dipl0 turned into my biggest influence.


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WCG TrackMania Diary (Week 2 - Final Week Entries)9. October 2009 00:00
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An excellent list of a submissions was put together with some comments for week one. Lets make Week 2 even better and bigger all!


First submission for the week is by Nemesis, and what a way to start week 2. This was a fantastic race, smooth transistions, fun little jumps and great mix of slides, also great re-use section. Get it here.
And now the last of tmlato's submissions, which I must admit this wasn't better than your first. Many corners were hard to get around and some were to fast and you had occasionally placed a pillar where getting around fast enough was a struggle. Get it here.
WCG09-S P I D E R-1
Not a bad submission, clean, fun. Not much to even report to be honest, although some block pillars were annoying after a couple of tries. Should grab it here.
WCG09 - MONS - 1
This wasn't a bad track. However, I did not finish! I'm going to comment on what I played. Great slides, nice corners and great transistions, some more signs would've been great to see. Race on it here.
Hmm ... Woooow! Excellent submission calketh, smooth slides, self slides, constant speed ... NICE. Nothing more to say, than I suggest you all should give it a try here!
I'm sorry. This isn't worth many words from, this was soo bad! To short, annoying cam changes, boosters, wallride bad tech corners and horrible transistions. Sorry, try again.
The guys are back with there final submission for the contest. This time it wasn't as good as your first one, sorry. Great slides, nice platforms and superb transistion work. It didn't have that feel like your first one. Grab it here.
Fantastic submission S.u.d.i. The speed, flow, slides and cornering was fantastic. Nothing more to say, than race on it here!
My God! Pure insanity sapph. Intense corners, constant speed, great corners and perfect slides!!! What more could you ask for such effort put into this track. Well done! Get it here!
WCG09 - Totogar - 1 and WCG09 - Totogar - 2
Two great submissions toto. I was very fond of both of them, good slides, both were respawnable, superb challenges! Just one minor issue I did not like, the start of your first one where you have to go around to go up the platform. But pheraps it's a bit on that pro-challenge side. Get them both here and here.
WCG09-EnaiSiaion-1 and WCG09-EnaiSiaion-1
Enai has submitted two awesome tracks! Both were of excellent standards and were really fun tournament type tracks. Your second one however, struck me - it was styled to classicly, wasn't well directed (not many signs) - sorry, but there's not enough Forever like for a tournament track. You can grab them here and here.
WCG09-maxil-1 and WCG09-maxil-2
Good work first of all. Secondly, I had to play this several times to get it all right (corners, transistions and slides). Even for a tournament track these weren't very pleasant to race on, very challenging, not respawnable in some places. Good luck in the contest though. Get it here and here.
WCG09-Natzke-01 and WCG09-Natzke-02
My god these were great tracks Natzke! This is what competitive TM is about, hard tech, pro corners, self slides and great transistions! This is surel an awesome one in my book mate, great work and good luck! Grab them here and here.
Pro track! Much like every other submission, but this one has a neat collection of slides and many great corner combinations. THis is just tops, awesome job, good luck! Get it here.
WCG09-VengenceBot-1 and WCG09-VengenceBot-2
You've missed the idea of this contest - you need a pro/hard tech map with awesome slides, corners and transistions. You have submitted 2 platform type tracks with a half-pipe type transistion. By the way, your second one was to short.
Awesome job Yarisken! Loved your work on this one, great slides, compact corners a truely tournament type track. Although it's fairly easy, you did a a great job. Get it here.
Cool track rekyhem. Cool flow, awesome corners, slides and transistions. Slightly too easy though. Good luck and great work! Get it here.
WCG09-KiWiNiNjA-1 and WCG09-KiWiNiNjA-2
KN is here with some cool submissions! ESL alike, this one has an excellent mix of corners, slides and transisitions. Fantatsic work KN, good luck in the contest! Grab them here and here.
A great final submission by Nemesis! An obstacle filled fun pro tech track. Great mix of corners, great slides and another awesome re-use obstacle. This is a superb final submission Nemesis, great work! Race on it here.
WCG09-Shorty-1 and WCG 09-Shorty-2
Awesome work on both tracks Shorty! Fun, hard, great drifts/slides, good mix of corners and superb work on the jumps and dirt transistion. Good luck in the contest. Get them here and here.
WCG-FireShine-01 and WCG-FireShine-02
Two submissions by Fireshine here. First one, nice job, you stuck to the idea of tech/speedish, it was however fairly easy to finish in under 1:12 Mins. Your second one wasn't so great, it had a bunch of boosters, a loop, bad transistions and a few blind corners. Get them here and here.
This must of been a refinement of your first submission! This truely a fantastic pro track, awesome slides, great corners and superb transistions. You should check it out here.
WCG09-Alcator-1 and WCG09-Alcator-2
Nice submissions Alcator! Both with a superb combination of corners, drifts topped with some pro obstacles. Good work on both of them, good luck in the contest. Get them here and here.
What!? My god this was just ... EXCELLENT! Superb slides, transistions, jumps and corners. Nothing more to say than Good luck in the contest. Check it out here.
WCG09-Haze-1 and WCG09-Haze-2
Damn these were both great Haze! Great slides, awesome corners, cool start. Hard to describe this track in any other words than Superb work! Good luck, get it here and here!
My intentions for this track a little different here ... Your submission was unqiue as it was completly different than any of the other submissions. It's full of platform blocks and lacks that pro/hard tech you need in a tournament track, it's also to speedy. Get it here.
WCG09-S P I D E R-02
Your second and final submission was an average combination of platform and tech, although your track was fairly easy to finish in under 1:15. It wasn't that bad, you should check out here.
Didn't seem as bad as I thought, good work. Nice corners, good self-slides and transistions. However, I must admit - the track would be ten times better without the platform blocks. Good luck, grab it here.
Not bad TX.  Awesome pro tech track, cool slides, nice transistions, well directed and respawnable. Good work, good luck in the contest. Grab it here.
Damn .... Pure evil this hehe. Insane pro tech track, fantastic flow, awesome corners and great slides. Nothing more to say ... This is a must try track, grab it here.
Hm. This was a bit complex for me, so many obstacles, intense compact slides. On the good side, the larger more easier slides were fun, average transistions, some what respawnable. Not bad, keep it up. Get it here.
I'm still not convinced with your second one squacka, sorry. In some places, better work can be done, a few jumps could also be improved and some respawns. Grab it here.
Not bad simon. Fun, average level between easy and hard. Nice slides, smooth flow, long times between each cp. That U turn was also slightly tough for me. Good luck in the contest, grab it here.
Great effort Manu! Superb slides, fun transistions ... not much else to report I guess. Awesome work, good luck with the it in the contest! Should check it out here.
I've been wating TB hehe ... So many combinations of corners, slides and transistions. For 3 hours work, you put some effort into this one. I can't even think of one bad reason to give this track, a typical TB track. Fantastic work! Good luck in the contest, another one to check out here.
50/50 with this one Billyboy, nice mix of corners and transistions. It's however there were some points which needed a bit of work, coming out of the first few corners, you have to like know you go left onto the loop block to continue on, some checkpoints were a bit far from each other and that loop didn't really suit the track at all. Nice effort, good luck, get it here.
WCG09-bazz-1 and WCG09-bazz-2
Super tracks bazz, cool combination of corners and slides. Not really anything that stood out in a bad way to me. You should check them both out here and here.
Kewl one lamezz. Nice corners, fun transistions, awesome flow and nice slides. One jump could be improved with a sign - the large jump after 8 or so corners I belive. Good luck in the contest, check it out here.
Running out of things to say ... :P
WCG09 - Korre - 2
Korre's back with his final submission, and a good one as well. That nice pro/hard tech track feeling and flow with those great corners and slides. What more could you want from this one? You should grab it here.
Metal snakes' here with a fun tech track. Cool slides, corners and transistions. Not the best of the best, a fun pro tech track, just slightly hard to get the hang of. Check it out here.
Mhm, loved it. Nice flow, good mix of slides, corners and transistions. A great submission by Opti here, you should give it a whirl here.
Not a half bad submission sivert. It's alright in most places, tech is nice, platform transistion is good, dirt was fine, down until an obstacle where I just bounced uncontrollably through to the CP. Check it out here.
Again, not a bad submission. Alright corners, sort of respawnable in some places, an occasional self-slide. Fairly easy to finish, doesn't have that intense grab that most other submissions have. Get it here.
Any additional submissions by authors who submitted two tracks will be found together.
WCG09-breach-1 and WCG09-breach-2
Nice tracks breach. Casual flow, fun corners, easy slides and good job on the platform block. Superb work, good luck with it. Grab them here and here.
WCG-Raxon-1 and WCG-Raxon-2
Nice track submissions raxon. Your first one was better than your second I must say. Your corners, slides and transistions for both tracks were ok I guess. Good luck in the contest, check them out here and here.
Great, fun, hard submisssion Race. Nice corners, good slides and superb transistions. Hope you do well in the contest, good luck. Check it out here.
Hmm. 50/50 with this one, nice slides, good transistions. Only downside is that a few of your cp's are not respawnable and/or are backwards. Check it out here.
Awesome duo Mons and Brunsaus! Nice slide, corners, aweome/fun transistions and a good constant speed. Loved it, good luck in the contes. Check it out here.
I'm finally up to date guys! Almost at the end of the contest, stay tuned for more tracks!
Nice one kekx. Although I finished it in under ~1:00. Some nice jumps, slides, re-use, transistions corners. You didn't really use many WCG sponsor signs or much scenery. Good work, check it out here.
WCG09-Bong-1 and WCG09-Bong-2
Two submissions by Bong here. Not much to say here, nothing bad about them. They were both fairly easy as well, just not hard enough for the WCG. Good luck, check them out here and here.
WCG09-n4meless-1 and WCG09-n4meless-2
Good, not bad, not bad. Fine, fun, great flow, good corners, nice transistions ... just not enough respawnability throughout the track. Good luck, check them both out here and here.
Kewl pwf! Awesome hard tech track, superb transistions, great mix of corners and respawnable in every place but just one checkpoint, not a biggy though. Check it out here.
Not a tournament track, infact not even close to a tournament track. One, to many scenery based transistions, two, far to much scenery - yes it was distracting. Finally, three, it wasn't well directed (meaning I got lost). Get it here.
WCG09-Bubble-1 and WCG09-Bubble-2
Nice tracks bubble. Hard feel, nice corners, slides transistions. Pure fun, nothing bad to report. Good luck and check them out here and here.
Not bad max, easy to drive, sort of hard to navigate around, alright corners. Nothing else to say, good luck in the contest. Should grab it here.
Cool one Hubby! Smooth, hard/pro tech, nice corners good slides and transistions. One CP is not respawnable - the one before the platform into slide to jump to next cp. In every other aspect, it's good, check it out here.
Pro, kendal ... just pro. Loved the overall flow, fun slides, easy and hard mix of corners. Excellent job Kendal, good luck in the contest. Should check it out here.
WCG09 - RaZor-01
This was to basic, boring and slightly annoying ... Your corners and slides were way too easy, you had many obstacles to avoid and get through properly, you had a blockmix which is not allowed, and a cp was not respawnable. Get it here.
Hard. Nice. The complete track apart from the occasional reverse CP where you can't respawn because your the wrong way around. Was all good, hope you do well. Check it out here.
Nice one hoheb. Nice zippy little hard tech track, cool slides, fun transistions. Just one bad thing to take note of is that some of your respawns are either on slopes or before a jump into a slide, which makes it slower. Get it here.
WCG09-Totino-1 and WCG09-Totino-2
I guess this one was sort of ok, fine corners, fast, a bit easy here and there. A small cut after a few CP's, finished in under ~1:04. You didn't have a single WCG sponsor sign or a normal sign at all though. Check it out here.
Hmm, not sure about this one. I could say it was alright, too easy, average mix of corners, didn't like that booster at start. It was an ok'ish map, check it out here.
WCG09-fish_UT°-1 and WCG09-fish_UT°-1
Two dirt submissions by Fish. I'm really not sure if they'd pick a dirt track with blockmixes. And since I can't race dirt, I'll just have to say good luck in the contest. Get them here and here.
Awesome amns. Fast, fun slides, great cornering and epic slides. All is well, even respawnable. Good luck amns, check it out here.
Pro tech Griff. Kewl slides, fun transistions, good respawnability and good mix of corners. Good luck in the WCG contest, should grab it here.
Nice one TStar. Awesome flow, good combination of slides and corners, respawnable at every checkpoint. One thing that I noticed is that it was easy to finish, there weren't many obstacles. Get it here.
Nice tech track by zogger here. Nice flow, slides, transistions, corners and respawnability. Good luck, check it out here.
Nice one matto. All is well with this one, it's fun, pro, great slides and good corners. A few minor issues are that one or two checkpoints are spaced out too far from each other, and your blue platform is tad compact. Get it here.
WCG09-Div!ne-1 and WCG09-Div!ne-2
Two really fun pro tech tracks by Devine submitted. They were both great and full of a mix of good, fun hard corners and transistions. You should check them out here and here.
A really enjoyable pro tech submission by Roxiie here. Pretty speedy track with an awesome flow, hard slides, great conering combo. You should grab it here.
Excellent track lion! This was another real tournament like track packed with fun, flowing slides, corners, transistions and respawnable checkpoints. Check it out here.
Hmm, alright here and there. Guess it was fine and sort of fun to race, sort of respawnable, and somewhat an ok mix of slides and corners. Just the end really got me, too many obstacles and brake points. Get it here.
WCG09-Kajczy-1 and WCG09-Kajczy-2
Two submissions by Kajczy. Both weren't as well as I hoped for, both had this unknown mix of transistions with corners and slides. They were somehwat sort of respawnable. Good luck. Get them here and here.
Bummer - only ~1:13 for me. Anyway, the track! Great work Djoszee. Fun, challenging, good slides, awesome transistions and nice work on the platform part. Check it out here.
Yeah, alright submission marius. Some nice points in the track, average slides, ok combo of corners. Just a heavy mix of platform blocks and a few bumpy transistions. Grab it here.
Too fast and too flat, not enough slides, transistions and corners. A reverse checkpoint, and many boosters and a couple blinding corners. Not good. Get it here.
Again, this one is fairly flat and sort of felt like a fullspeeder with a few tech corners. Just respawnable, one loop at a pole after coming out of it which is annoying. That's about it, grab it here
WCG09-DoubleS-1 and WCG09-DoubleS-2
Awesome duo tracks guys. Both were fun and hard, speedy, pure tournament tech, transistable and easy going slides. Nice work, check them out here and here.
And now the luck last person, who submitted two great tracks...
WCG09-Kappa-1 and WCG09-Kappa-2
Really good work in both tracks kappa. Overall flow of each track was smooth and easily paced. Great slides, nice mix of corners, nice and challenging all throughout them both. Good luck, grab them here and here.
Sweet track Hock. Both easy and hard/pro all over, nice mix of corners and great combinations of slides. Good work, and good luck in the contest. Check it out here.
Nice one sj. The overall quality of the track was good, fun, hard and easy, good slides and nice cornering. Just the first jump into the corner is a little short on space going at fullspeed. Good luck, grab it here.
Hmm, unsure here again. First of all your track is mostly fullspeed with a few touches of tech. Secondly, your tech and fullspeed transistions weren't smooth or easy to go through. Get it here.
WCG09-Rocket-1 and WCG09-Rocket-2
Two submissions by Rocket. Initially the first one was ok, but it just seemed too flat, not enough tech and slides. Second one, wasn't as falt. But it featured some nice slides and corners, check them both out here and here.
WOW! What a list ... and what a hectic two weeks that was testing 172 tracks ...
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Author Showcase – ZverYshka8. October 2009 15:23
Posted By: View User Profile Januy Permalink | Comments (2)

Welcome to the Author Showcase, a project founded by Natzke on Trackmania Nations Exchange. We already made a lot of Interviews, with famous users like Ron Turbo, Panis and GanjaRider, but also normal TMX users like Quat or SeaDevil! We have gotten a lot of positive reactions to it. And we now got the great news that we can publish our Interviews on TMX Blog! We hope you enjoy it!


Well, hello everybody, this time we bring you a true Russian bear to your door step! Pls, don’t be scared, don’t cause panic XD Because he is probably the only bear that plays TM, with a gamepad :)) Girls and scared boys we bring you ….


1 Please tell us more about yourself (birthday, real name, place of birth, height, weight, favorite color) and your background?
Date of Birth - January 2, 1983, my real name is Maxim, place of birth - Russia, Izhevsk. Favourite color - green. Favourite games before (because now I don’t play anything other than tm) was elastomania, quake3, SOF.

Because I’m a designer and programmer, funny isn’t it? My hobby is developing small games for myself (they are little known, but I dislike them, I also hate to advertise myself and my creations). I’m a music lover too and I like to listen different styles and directions – or something like that.

2 What made you become a track builder and who made the biggest influence at your beginning?

I always liked to create something. I was attracted by the game thanks to the fact that you can create your own maps and share them with friends.

Tracks for TM I begin to build after 6-8 months of playing TMN, before that I played in TMO – I also had the desire to do something there, but at that time I had no internet and creating work for yourself is not interesting. The first tracks I created were for the server of my team - 70% of them was laps and now I see that they were terrible. At that time it seemed to me that it's fun to create a circular tracks, but since then, I dislike to make such kind of tracks.

I like tracks from Swensen, T-hunderbird, Ron Turbo and you can say that they had big influence on me, but I can’t say that they were the only ones. I also copied from and was influenced by some others authors that I like.


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WCG TrackMania Diary (Well Done!)8. October 2009 09:50
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What a great first week to the World Cyber Games Global TrackMania Track Building Contest!

You who all have submitted a track or two have done one hell of an awesome job making those tracks! Some were just WOW, and some were well ... bad. Nevertheless, that's what it's all about - A good combination of good and bad. I just can't emphasise enough how well those traks have been built/designed whatever! Just so damn fantastic!

Some of my highlights of the week were - WCG-Whizkid-01, WCG09-dec-1, WCG09-JumperJack-1 and WCG09-JumperJack-2, WCG09-Nano-1, WCG09-Giligoop-1 and WCG09-RicardoRix-2. I do recommend racing some of those submissions, I also suggest trying some of those least favourite submissions, appreciate the work the underated builders have compiled for there submissions.

I look forward to tonnes more submissions and alot more opinions. Thanks!

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