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The ESWC is Re-born!29. November 2009 06:46
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With the ESWC going into liquidation in April this year, Stéphane Cosse had purchased full rights to the ESWC in early August this year.

On the 23rd of November, 2009, DIP-Organisation issued an immediate press release article. The article stated that the 2009 ESWC did not happen, but will be carried on into mid 2010. The world's top gamers will be able to compete during the 7th ESWC Cup in Paris, France from the 30th of June till the 4th of July 2010.

DIP-Organisation, a well known event handler for five years, will be organizing the event partnership with well know Video Game organisations.

The 2010 ESWC Cup, will be held in Disneyland, Paris, a well known theme park in Paris. Disneyland will host the event in the Disney Village, an area where there is plenty of stuff to do, from shopping, going to the cinemas, dancing, live entertainment for the family and is open to anybody. Besides Disneyland hosting the event, they will be accommodating the 600 Champions throughout their journey.

Below is a list of confirmed games that will be appearing in the 7th ESWC Cup, and YES TrackMania will be there!

  • Counter Strike
  • Counter Strike Women
  • Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne
  • TrackMania ESWC 
  • Virtual Tennis
  • Need for Speed SHIFT
  • Fifa 2010
  • Street Fighter 4

Qualification process will start in January 2010, DIP-Organisation is aiming to gather 32 countries to participate in the ESWC come back.

For any other information, please visit the ESWC Website.

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RPG Track Building Contest!27. November 2009 23:10
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TrackMania RPG Blog are here with a brand new RPG Contest, sponsored by HawkGer.

The 23rd of December will mark the 1 year anniversary. This was the day, Kryw submitted his excellent temple track.

How will the contest work?

Being an RPG competition, this contest will only accept tracks that qualify as RPG. A definition of an RPG track can be found on the RPG Blog.

The competition asks you to make at least 5 alternative routes. The routes will be on one side, hard to drive but faster, and on the other side, easy but longer. So it's up to your driving skills to decide if you go for a fast time or not. "To clear things up: no, you don't need 5 alternative routes which goes from from start to finish. You need to have at least 5 CP's or tricks where two or more ways lead to the same CP/place again."


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Author Showcase – Dartz427. November 2009 11:11
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Welcome to the Author Showcase, a project founded by Natzke on Trackmania Nations Exchange. We already made a lot of Interviews, with famous users like Ron Turbo, Panis and GanjaRider, but also normal TMX users like Quat or SeaDevil! We have gotten a lot of positive reactions to it. And we now got the great news that we can publish our Interviews on TMX Blog! We hope you enjoy it!


Hello, readers….this week we bring you one of Power Rangers that comes from Germany and want to express how serious is situation on front of good and evil xD Really, this week we only can say, for sure, that he is gr8 track builder and to meet him closer you need wear helmet ;) Boys and girls, let’s meet…


1 Please tell us more about yourself (birthday, real name, place of birth, height, weight, favorite color) and your background?
Hello, my real name is Valentin R. Deuschel. I'm from the south-west of Germany, where I grew up, finished school and do my military service which lasts 9 months. I am 20 years old, 172 cm short and I weigh 65kg. In my free-time, I do sports besides trackmania, preferably jogging and soccer. At the weekend, I go to clubs, parties or watch soccer matches of my favorite team FC Bayern Munich together with some friends (in case I can convince them). I'm planning to study something about mechanical engineer somewhere in the future.

2 What made you become a track builder and who make biggest influence at your beginning?
Honestly: I don't want to hold a laudatory speech about any builder, because I'd like then. The biggest influence has been my old clan Spieleplanet (SP) which I still ride on but left on my still lasting search for a new clan. Mostly the tracks my aWu, Foulie and the wish to play a track by myself on my favorite server [SP] Geekzock motivated me to improve my skills. Once I conquered the world of SP and Geekzock, the doors of the TMX-universe opened for me, where I had to start from the beginning once again. "Brown Stains" by GanjaRider and Panis' "Moving Power" have been outstanding tracks which I wanted to keep up with.

3 Can you please guide us through a typical track project from start to finish and what part of track building do you find crucial?
Let me answer the last part of your question first: Working with the mediatracker. You need to put in lots of time to achieve something that just slightly satisfies you. Once you get the hang of it, you can do impressively much with it - as you can see on TTC 1 and 2.
But back to the main question: In the beginning I always try to think of what exactly I want to build: Speed, Tech, Speedtech, fast Slides, slow slides, grass, dirt, platform, transitions.. Once I've decided this, I try to think of a smooth start or a nice slide and then I keep on building. Then I try to randomly get inspired by everything I've seen yet or just try out some crazy combinations of specific building-blocks. While building, I keep on test-driving my tracks to find out the biggest amount of fun. Even the scenery will get added and edited while building because it often develops into later trackparts, which makes the track more winding and gives you some cooler re-uses and crossings. After finishing the actual track, it usually takes up to 2 or 3 weeks until I can bother to add some MT-work. That's about it.


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Video Showcase, a quick talk and the poll24. November 2009 20:01
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Heyo TMX community! As you all know, users that you are that read all the blog posts, we got the Video Showcase. Usually that is done in the weekend, but it got a bit chaotic so now I just thought I’d watch some clips and give you one! You also know that these articles aren’t so big. That’s why I’ll write a bit more, including some things I want to say and the new Blog Feature, the poll! We will start ahead with the video, because it has this nice image which you’ll see on the front-page ;D

¤ Video Showcase ¤
So, I was cruising through the vids and right at the front-page I found this beauty. Usually I’m searching for the vids haven’t been watched much, because they can help a bit more attention. The front-page mostly isn’t the good place for this, but now it was :) We have a video by Spam, called Solorunz. Because the last video showcase contained this very creative video, I thought we just might get back to pure racing!


And pure racing it is! There are some very nice, sharp turns, the speed is flashing, and god what a nice quality!


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Carmania Forever Ending - Tribute to Focus Home18. November 2009 04:33
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The carpark crew is back with it's well known Carmania contest. This time it's dedicated to Focus Home!

The Carpark crew have started the Carmania: Forever Ending contest in Dedication of Focus Home Interactie for all there fantastic support in the adventure of TrackMania and for there massive support for TrackMania and the Community!

A little bit about Carmania -  Carmania is a design contest based upon 3D models and 2D skins. All the best community modelers or converters and skinners can come together and share their talen in a special design contest.

Visit the Carmania website here.

The TMX Community would also love to thank you guys at Focus Home for providing your best support for this fantastic game over the years. Thanks you Focus!

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Author Showcase – Optimusje17. November 2009 21:36
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Welcome to the Author Showcase, a project founded by Natzke on Trackmania Nations Exchange. We already made a lot of Interviews, with famous users like Ron Turbo, Panis and GanjaRider, but also normal TMX users like Quat or SeaDevil! We have gotten a lot of positive reactions to it. And we now got the great news that we can publish our Interviews on TMX Blog! We hope you enjoy it!


Hey TMX, welcome back to the Author Showcase! It has been a while for a new interview to appear, that’s totally my fault, so my excuses for that [Januy]. Now, we do have a new one thanks to Natzke, so you can all read this interview with our fresh new Moderator! We are sure you have seen him before, so get to know:


1.Please tell us more about yourself (birthday, real name, place of birth, height, weight, favourite colour) and your background?
My real name is Joost, I'm 17 years old and live in Uden, which lies in the Netherlands. I was born in a small village called Megen, I'm about 1.90 meters long, weigh round 80 kg. Like said, I was born in the small village of Megen, then I moved to Uden when I was 4 or so years old. Not too many special things have happened in my life, I went to school and live a pretty normal life. I got into gaming when I was bout 12 or so, noobed around a lot and finally discovered TM bout 4 years ago around the Sunrise age. I didn't understand naught of it and ditched it soon, until a friend of mine pointed my attention towards TMN and TMX and there I got hooked.



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What would you like to have appear here?17. November 2009 10:59
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Well the post title says it all...

To get the TMX Community more involved in the TMX Blog. We feel that we should approach you guys, the community, and ask you one question:

What would you like have appear here?

Keep in mind that our slogan is "For the Readers, by the Readers!". Which is why we have approached you guys to suggest some ideas for some great reading material. Your suggestions can be anything related to TMX or TrackMania, whether it be more videos, tracks, tips tricks or guides, interviews or just some general community news. Don't hesitate to take a vote in our current Blog Poll.

You should also not forget that you are free to send in your own articles to the TMX Crew! Cool

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Collisions - Seriously Creative Collisions9. November 2009 11:21
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Collisions is a seriously creative movie, most creative use of block mixing, track editing and replay editing. All combined into an excellent three-minute video. 

What really amazed me about this movie is that the collisions happened from different angles, which gave it that real touch to it to make it look like there wasn't any special effects, just pure creative editing in the Media Trackers.

From my point of view, Bay and Coast had the best Collisions from multiple angles.

But in the end, it really got exciting when they showed us how they did it using enough block mixing and media tracker.

You should really check  out Collisions here. Laughing


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WCG TrackMania Grand Finals 2009!6. November 2009 22:06
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With the grand finals in less than a week away, WCG has begun it's preparations for the highly anticipated WCG Grand Finals 2009, which will be taking place in Chengdu, China, on November 1th-15th.

The TrackMania Grand Finals have said to be taking place on Friday the 13th, November, in Chengdu's local time 18:30. With over 24 players from 19 countries will be competing in the WCG World Championship 2009!

They will be battling it out on the five winning tracks from the TMX WCG Global Track Design Competition, authors including: matto, Korre, bazz, race and Sapphiron.

The TrackMania schedule, has been posted on the WCG Site.

Come on everyone! Let's be ready for the WCG Championship 2009!

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