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3D Test, test TrackMania 2!23. January 2010 15:30
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With TM2 rolling out in the fourth quarter this year. Benoit Vandangeon, had taken the opportunity and gave the new TrackMania 2 3D Engine a test with this outstanding short preview of the new environment to be featured in TrackMania 2. This only a snippet of what's to come later this year.


Check out the full preview of the new 3D Engine at Vimeo or at TM Tube!
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FireBrand shows images Trackmania Wii22. January 2010 13:33
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Yesterday Nadeo has uploaded a new announcement on their website, containing images of their new Trackmania for the Wii that is being made by FireBrand. Well, new, it’s still the same environments, but it will probably have a new campaign and other features. But read it for yourself :) From the Forum Topic;

Race on more than 200 tracks divided into six drastically different environments, and numerous game modes!

TrackMania on Wii also offers the incredible and essential track editor, giving the opportunity to create an infinite number of personal tracks! Then share your craziest creations with your friends, thanks to the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection! Of course, multiplayer modes are included: Hotseat mode, 4 players split-screen, and especially online play using Nintendo Wi-fi connection! Compete against your friends and join online players from all around the world!


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Are you happy?22. January 2010 12:51
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From the TMX Forums;


If you've recently fired up good ol' TrackMania, then I can be assured you've been asked the following question: Are you happy? With this being a quick poll, where you get the choice of: Yes, No or No Opinion. This was rather dull and useless. If Nadeo want a better response than a mere yes or no answer, they should've let players give a detailed response to there choice. This option was not given. However, we have started this topic to obtain your detailed response into this.

Rules you MUST obey when responding to this ...
This is a one response topic. One reply per user.
Do NOT discuss any responses posted here. Use the alternative thread here!
Non useful responses will be removed, same applies for double posting.
This topic must be kept as clean as possible for Nadeo to read.

If you would like to change your response. Do so by editing your original post. Do NOT post again.

Remember to use this thread to respond to each others responses.

Responding ..
Answer: Yes/No/No Opinion
Detailed Response: Message here.
Please make sure Answer and Detailed response are clearly bolded [b][/b]

TMUFX Discussion
TMNFX Discussion

So, leave your comment about Trackmania in one of these topic!

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Meet the Crew - Piercy20. January 2010 12:40
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Hello TMX,

we continue the line of coders, so meet Piercy!

Real Name: Michael Pierce
Age: 20 (08.12.1989)
Gender: Both (j/k Male)
Country: United Kingdom
Area: Surrey
Real Occupation: Software Developer c# .NET

Who am I?
I am your standard overage teen(20 lol), out partying most weekends enjoying my life as it comes.  I'm very much into music although i don't have a particular genre, to pick a few, hip-hop rnb dance house garage dnb rock(heavy and light) bit a screamo here and there maybe lol.  Another, hobby i have other than computer, is cars.  I am really into the modified car scene, modified mine a little here and there hope to do more soon!  I am a very keen gamer and started playing FPS games ages ago.  My first computer FPS would have been enemy territory and i now often play the likes of enemy territory, cod4, cod5, cod:mw, l4d, l4d2, wsw.  I love the half life series and have been impatiently waiting for hl2:ep3.  I am in a clan called HESS and i am the lead coder/server admin there as well.

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RPG track building contest results revealed!17. January 2010 10:59
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Hey TMX,

This would be interesting for those RPG lovers out there!
As you may now, or not, the RPG Blog came up with a track building contest.
First prize was a brand new Trackmania United Forever Account.

Well, we are further in time now, and the results are out!

The winner of the RPG Track Building Contest is; Fishy!
His track Drop Scrolls on Sobekité was the winning track, be sure to check it out

“the track design is beautiful and the GM update looks very nice”
”The route and the tricks are very good, producing a great flow.”

On Second place; Sebik, with his track Four Powers.
He has won 15.000 coppers!    More...

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Januy’s Chat- New Updates14. January 2010 21:50
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Hello TMX,

It has been a week (so far)! While TMUFX just kept relax and calm, there was chaos on TMNFX. First there were some troubles in the forum (new posts landing on the first page), then somehow tracks got switched ( D02-Race for example was a totally different track), then TMX went back in time for 4 days and after that it went down!

All of that has it’s reasons, though some are unclear (even to the Crew), but one thing is clear: the Coders eventually got TMX back on track and it’s back it’s old state again, probably even better.

On a side note, why don’t you come up with the reason yourself for that reset back in time, you might even get 1000 coppers or more for it!

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Meet the Crew - FastForza12. January 2010 15:05
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Hello readers,

I found an old idea by Jozii, that included the TMX Crew and some small text about them. It sadly went into the freezer, luckily I got hungry and found it next to the ice creams.
So, the next few weeks we'll serve you a TMX Crew Member, telling a bit about himself, informing you a bit more about who is watching you all the time ^^

We will start of with our former Blog Admin, FastForza!

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TMX’ Reset – The Story10. January 2010 20:12
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Hello dear readers,

as you probably have noticed, TMX((NF) went back in time 4 days.
Now, the real reason behind that isn’t particularly entertaining, nor very clear.

Well, NLpwf came up with a nice little competition idea! Let’s try to turn this little hold-up into a nice story.

Why did TMX go back to the 6th of January? And what exactly reset the website?
That’s up to you to decide! Give us your most funny, thrilling, entertaining, horrific story about what happened backstage.

The best story gets at least 1000 coppers, the prizes can rise ;) Leave your story in the comment section or leave me a personal message! There isn’t a deadline yet.

Please, don’t take this competition too serious, and try to have fun coming up with story. Keep it polite though, we don’t want dead bodies and spraying blood (:

Off you go!

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Video Showcase - Onio – Just Classic7. January 2010 21:43
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» Hello guys, after my request for articles Velocity/Boinkerz was very eager to help, and who would we be if we didn’t accept that offer? So, enjoy the Video Showcase by Velocity!

»The Video

» I was looking through the videos in the most recent section of TM-Tube for this showcase and found nothing very good for quite a while. There were quite a few good videos with good racing but the editing and quality just wasn't there. After about 20 minutes of hardcore browsing through the pages I came across this gem of a video called Onio – Just Classic. It's a video made by BamX for Onio and some of his team mates in LegenD.


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Author Showcase – T-hunderbird3. January 2010 11:50
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Welcome to the Author Showcase, a project founded by Natzke on Trackmania Nations Exchange. We already made a lot of Interviews, with famous users like Ron Turbo, Panis and GanjaRider, but also normal TMX users like Quat or SeaDevil! We have gotten a lot of positive reactions to it. And we now got the great news that we can publish our Interviews on TMX Blog! We hope you enjoy it!


Phew, it’s been a while guys! But we’re ready to get up the AC again! So, let’s start of with one I should’ve published a way long time ago, but was kept inside the vault. Let us introduce you to this old TMN-builder;


1.Please tell us more about yourself (birthday, real name, place of birth, height, weight, favourite colour) and your background?

-birthday: 23.10.1989 (19 years old)
-real name: Christian
-place of birth: Lengerich (Germany), little city between Münster and Osnabrück
-height: 1,80m
-weight: between 67 and 70kg
-favourite colour: yellow, I love it =)
-background: I have two brothers, live in Tecklenburg (a little cute city on a little mountain xD), my parents are parted  since a long time. I think that´s enough for the first.


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