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Expressing your appreciation on TMX26. September 2012 15:17
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Imagine you are working on a track, maybe a tech-track. You've created some cool drifts and transitions in the first twenty seconds. As always it is your goal to create an enjoyable track, so you upload your track at the Beta Area. Hopefully you'll get some feedback here to improve your tracks afterwards, or?

Hey guys, I just need some feedback about the drift at second 8 and the transition at second 15, thanks! Scenery isn't finished yet ofc!

Three downloads after ten minutes, looks like you'll get some feedback soon. One hour later you're refreshing the page if there are some comments on your track. And yep, you got some feedback. Double-Click on the trackname, scrolling down, reading the comment.

The track is not my taste and I don't like that there is not scenery after the start, nevertheless a cool track, man!

Thank you for this detailed and helpful feedback!

Before you misunderstood me: I'm not raging against anyone, the example is a simple exaggeration. And I'm not better, for sure I'm even worse. I expect feedback for my own Beta Tracks, but I rarely give feedback for other authors. Many of my awards only contain a "Cool track". And that's a bad habit of myself. I never thought a lot about this topic, people which gave long awards expressed me in the beginnings here on TMX. I was like "Wow, they take there time to give a detailed feedback, so the author knows how to improve his skills and makes an even better track in the next time". How do these people have so much things to write? For myself I only knew two options: I like the track - short award, not even a sentence. I don't like it - No award, the author didn't even know that I drove the track. But how should a guy improve his skills if no one tells him what he is doing wrong? I thought I'll find the answer to this question in the long awards. Maybe I just read the wrong long awards, but they were like:

Omg, this is so stunning. It is mindblowing, you are the best, I love you and your tracks, man, they are great, you are great, I like them a lot, they are lovely. Last night was so good, omg. Love you and your building style. Start is great, first turn awesome, just like the second and the third. Dat end. All in all the track is okay, you've built better ones already.<333

Thanks. That helped me a lot. Is this the way to appreciate the work of someone? He created the track and not the feeling of love. If a track is great and there is nothing you can complain, than the author deserves a feedback what he built well, because you appreciate his work. None of the examples I gave are the right way to appreciate the work of someone I think. Maybe you get my point.

For myself I'm going to write longer awards in the next time and I'll also give more detailed feedback. What do you think about it?



Thanks to Sapphiron, now I know how motivating real feedback and constructive awards can be

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Interview with Gizmo.23. September 2012 19:41
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Blog: You consider yourself being a boring moderator, is there a Gizmo besides the moderating one, who isn't boring?

Gizmo: I wouldn't call myself a "boring" moderator. I'm sure there will be some cool things to come in the coming months which people will enjoy. More just I am generally quite a quiet guy, which I'm sure anyone who has played with me ingame will vouch for.

Blog: A little spoiler exclusivly for the Blog?

Gizmo: Nothing confirmed with other mods yet, but I do personally enjoy New Years celebrations.

Blog: Hehe, I hope to see some nice stuff by you and the other mods, since you are a moderator now. Why do you wrote an application as the other mods asked for one?

Gizmo: Well tm is a game I have played now for 4 years, for better or for worse, and when given the opporutnity to become more involved I thought I might as well apply and see what happens, as I enjoy being in a position where you are are able help others, even if it may just behind the scenes stuff. Also I backed myself that if I was chosen I would do a good job.

Blog: In comparison: What is the difference between TM in 2008 and TM in 2012? Also between the exchanges from that time and now?

Gizmo: Apart from me being a noob? I guess the level of activity is one of the main differences. From my view there were definitely more people playing online in Aus servers. There used to be people I played with every night, and a variety of different teams based in Aus. Now theres really only the one and it's quite rare to see a server with lots of people on it, since there's people who have left due to freezone, TM2 and other reasons.

TMX i discovered around April '09. Not sure really what to say, the common trackstyles over time have changed or evolved depending on how you want to look at it since then. Also there has been the shift towards the dominance of fs tracks in botw and lb ratings. Although there are people who have played a lot longer who would be able to give better insight.

Blog: Pad or Keyboard?

Gizmo: Keyboard

Blog: Competitive driving or playing for fun?

Gizmo: I enjoy driving in comps and wish I could drive in them more, but due to the time difference where matches are played at 4-6 am for me it's just not worth it, so just for fun.

Blog: Do you play something else?

Gizmo: Not really any other online games atm. When I get a new computer I will probably check out GW2 at some point.

Blog: Well, I'm running out of questions :D Let's participate in the \o/ Superduperhyper sleepy OBJECT competition, with pink waffles and stuff! \o/ now :) Thank you for the interview!

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Talk with Pascow - Hunt again, TMX (! or ?)10. September 2012 20:07
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This evening I wrote with Pascow about hunting on TMX. And we made some smalltalk. I hope you enjoy our little talk!

TMX Blog: Well, I think the most people on TMNF-X know you, since you've built five classic maps until now, so I guess you only have to explain to the people from the TMUF-X why you don't upload your tracks in their section.

Pascow: Well, not a tough question, I just never liked other environments as much as I like stadium to build tracks there. Of course I also tried that, but everytime I drove what I built I was like wtf do you build something you dont like at all...

TMX Blog: As we started to talk you didn't even realize that it is monday..

Pascow: It's not that I didnt realize its monday, I just remembered that you write in the blog on every monday now and that this little interview is gonna be published this evening (:

TMX Blog: Ok, I accept this as an excuse grin And I'm going to correct the "its", so dan!el won't have a reason to rage smile A normal interview would be probably boring.. you are a nice guy, of course, you like to build maps, of course.. that's the reason you still are active on TMX probably and it won't be a surprise for the readers if we tell them these things. This interview is improved by the way, so maybe one improved question quickly: Why do you hate TM sometimes (I guess you do)?

Pascow: First of all, I'm just to lazy to use the apostrophe most of the time, like many others as well, but I'll take my time for that now grin There are and have been many moments where I hate(d) TM. In the editor, the moments when you really have fun to build something but nothing pleasing comes out. I hate that and there've been many rage-quits grin Also when playing online, in esl-wars or even only funwars, when you fail a run and can't help your teammates win the round. The fun moments are too strong to quit TM at the moment, though. :)

TMX Blog: You said you play in ESL-Wars, for your team eSports United probably, I guess you play with pad, or? Because seriously, with keyboard I'm just raging all the time when I try to get the speedslides, and I'm to lazy to learn to drive with the pad, since my pad IS FAILING ALL THE TIME. I press the buttons and the pad just ignores me.. But hey, who cares, I like to hunt anyway. And this brings us to our topic for today.

Pascow: Yeah the 5th speed premiership took place ~5 months ago, we ruled in the group-stage and in the end we made it to an amazing second place, we only lost against Bullracing in the finals. I played the whole season with my keyboard though, afterwards I wanted a change and switched to my gamepad and I need to say that its much easier to play with, you also become better with it. Never had problems concerning sliding with the keyboard, I think that just needs practice. And well if your pad ignores you, you probably got a wrong one?

TMX Blog: Teach me master! :o

Pascow:  Fuck, I forgot the apostrophe.

TMX Blog: Shame on you :D Ok, continuing this interview, we should start to talk about our topic.. Bringing the hunting back to TMX (! or ?).. I remember that you've been in the WR-Leaderboard sometimes ago under the Top 5 with a LB-Rating of more than 90.000 I think.. Now only four players have an rating of more than 60.000 in TMNF-X and in TMUF-X only rad has a LB-rating higher than 50.000.. Why isn't there anyone left who is hunting the high-LB-tracks? 

Pascow: I really loved the hype when there've been so many guys hunting on tmx about 2 years ago, we also had a small one some time ago and pushed some tracks even over 95k lb, pretty sick if you ask me. I also hunted those tracks, but I dont know whether I want to hunt them again. To get high lb's, we have to do that again, though and I would be the last one to say no to that if there are more guys to hunt tracks. The reason is that there's a pretty low activity on tmx concerning driving, sadly. You don't even see many tracks with 10 replays these days, which is kinda sad. The activity on TMUF-X is very low for quite some time no? So it's logical that there's almost no hunting-action. (as far as I can judge that, I've never been active there).

TMX Blog:  If I understand you correctly you will hunt again, if also other people hunt again and we get many people with high LB-ratings again, so we'll also be able to push new maps to high LB-ratings.. there is only the need to start hunting, or is that to easy? grin I think that won't be motivation enough. Personally, I'm very interested in a high hunting activity on TMX again, but how is this possible, a few fast ideas?

Pascow: It's not complicated at all. Just try to motivate more guys (thats the biggest task) to hunt the high-lb-tracks in order to increase their own rating. (maybe even with a specific topic) New high-lb tracks will come automatically then. Another point I have to mention is that I find it sad not to see any high-lb-techs anymore, but there's probably no way to change that with so less techdrivers here, since the most fullspeed-drivers do not drive tech at all. That would be necessary to get high'lb-techplayers and further high'lb-techtracks. I hope I'm still answering your question haha :D

TMX Blog: Sounds easy, a topic in the forum, maybe some intern Leaderboards (most WRs this week/month, whatever) and TMX will be more interesting? Maybe it is this easy, but how is it possible to keep the motivation for more than two or three month?

Pascow: That's the problem, also for me to be honest. I was so happy seeing high'lb-tracks again, but some weeks later I stopped hunting again, I do not know why exactly, probably because it became boring. Without thinking much about it, I can't find a solution how to keep the motivation. An intern leaderboard sounds really interesting, maybe something like that could be worked out with some small prizes.

TMX Blog: Maybe like the "Summer Challenger" (A competition hosted by Sapphiron and Cranberries in TMNF-X this summer) for drivers?

Pascow: Good idea, too bad there were so less participants since it's probably the most interesting and challenging competition I saw here on tmx. Back to the topic, something like that for drivers would be great and I do not doubt that there are too less drivers on tmx to make that happen. Let's see!

TMX Blog: I think we are going to continue our thoughts in the days after this interview and maybe also the guys in the commentsection have some nice and inspirational ideas. Coming closer to the end of this interview I'd like to ask you some random stuff to bring some more fun in this interview. Paskuh or Pascow?

pascow: Well, definetely pascow. Without capital letters smile I also don't mind if guys call me paskuh (like most here on tmx do so now anyways), but like in real-life I prefer my real name instead of a nickname. (Is there even a cool nickname for 'Daniel'? grin Yes, my name is Daniel btw).

TMX Blog: Transitional and creative, but buggy sometimes or without inspiration and good flowing?

pascow: I looooooooooove transitional and creative tracks, guys like spn, joost/flyps and also others are a real enrichment for tmx. I also built some transitional tracks (mostly tech though), but I reach my limits pretty fast. Originality is sometimes not beatable when talking about track-building. On the other hand I also loooooooooooove to hunt tracks as you might know, so well-flowing tracks are my passion to drive (and to build, mostly). Well-flowing does not have to mean without inspiration though.

TMX Blog: Rarely reached perfection :D Thanks a lot for this interesting interview, maybe some guys feel motivated to hunt a bit more now. In the end just two more things: Three maps from yourself which deserve some more attention/attention again and three maps by other guys you'd really like to support.

pascow: Well I think it's hard to say which tracks by me need some more attention, since I'm not the one to judge that to be honest. I'm also not the one who gets too less attention here, that has never been the case. Still, since you asked me, I won't say no to promote some tracks haha:

1. I got a very transitional techtrack, a tribute to spn, which I like pretty much to be honest. Still I think it can be very annoying to drive, maybe you wanna see yourself: SePeratiNg
2. I released my third dirttrack 3 days ago, maybe you like it: PZ - vices and virtues.
3. Finally another techie, built by me and my dear friend Mr. Hubby.: dtc - dual engine 

And now three tracks by others I like to promote, huh?
1. This fullspeeder really rocks, hunted it pretty much: the noise
2. A techtrack by n0xx which cannot be played and awarded enough if you ask me, if you didn't play it, give it a try: Point of no Return
3. Last but not least another fullspeeder by le.on, who normally builds techtracks. Great to hunt, trust me: Undertow°

Thanks for this small (is it small?) interview Sky, was a pleasure for me to answer your questions, and keep the great work with the blog up!! I hope I didn't talk too much now, sorry if that's the case.


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Wake me up when..3. September 2012 21:26
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Hey Guys,

finally I decided how to go on with the blog post: Every monday you will receive a bigger Blog-Post with different topics, and maybe from time to time a little surprise ;-)

Here a little overview about the topics today:

#Community Question – Talking about the future of Trackmania

#A new month started – Time for the MTC!

#Random Stuff - # Superduper stuntcompo for swags, YOLO-edition! New Nadeo-Recs

Community Question

Again I asked a lot of people one or two questions. How does Trackmania look like in 2018? It was a "What if"-Question, no one knows if there will be a active TM-Community or a new TM-Game in 2018. What about the environments? The graphics? There are still many open questions, so I hope you guys will discuss the future of this game in the comments!

Infi: I do hope the game developers learn and make the borders for creativity disappear, which means they make it possible to change block's length, height and width and add more blocks, moving blocks and the possibilty to create own ones and mix everything with everything. Apart from that the game is awesome as it is, thus there's nothing more to add in my opinion.

Will you buy it? Depending on the activity of good old TMUF/NF- exchange, i'll decide whether to buy it or not.

Pascow: It's still the good old stadium with some new features and much better graphics and fixed driving-bugs.

Will you buy it? If I still have fun playing tm then, I'll buy it for sure.

dan!el: It's the ultimate hybrid of TMF and TM2. The most innovative feature of it - custom car characteristics for every track you make, so driving experience from each race is unique. Another game features are astonishing graphics and ultra realistic sounds.

Will you buy it? For sure I'll buy it!

Cephid: I can't say anything to the look, as I also was suprised by the look of Canyon. Will I buy it? That depends on the price, but probably yes. I would probably buy.

Enryx: For me it should have 2 Envis from TMUF, 2 from TM² and 2 new ones. Same TM spirit: no collisions between vehicles, Timeattack and round online matches/servers. TMUF modes (race stunt platform puzzle) and not a Maniaplanet-like organization (4 example you buy the game and you have the 6 envs, not like buying the 2nd/3rd/... env in the future).

Will you buy it? Before, I would try to get access to the closed beta (as I did for TM2), to free try the game, understand my feeling about the new envs, etc.
When beta is over it depends if I liked it or not, I'll buy it or not. If the game would be like I guessed (with "old" envs) I'd probably buy it (at least I'd play more those old envis than the new ones^^). If it's all brand new, it depends on my impressions (example: I didnt buy TM2 after betatesting, not my drive-style, etc etc ;/)

Lapos: I didn't buy TM2 cos there is no island car, and i won't buy any future versions of TM if there is no island car.

MoaraShira: Of course I would buy it.

!nFernOxid: A good question. If Nadeo release some more Tm's, what I really think, I hope they will release a new stadium version. With a Trackmania in the year 2018 I think there will be much more- and less buggy blocks in the editor and so mapper can use even more blocks for creative tracks. But all in all I don't think many things will be changed especially in the online game, because Nadeo want to keep the game ''for guys with skill''. Maybe some new maps with new blocks for offline hunting, that’s it.

Will you buy it? I don't think I'll buy the game. It's not because the game isn't my taste or something like that it's because in 6 years I'm 21 so I think I won't have time to play such a game even if it's great. Nevertheless I think we should us get surprised by Nadeo in the following years.

Pi | agent: Mhmm...thats a damn hard question. Already couldnt imagine how the trackmania 2 will be But yea..I hope it has same Stadium part in it. For me its the best of all in trackmania. Furthermore I think there could be new environments. But what for new environments? Mhm..Driving on planets? Moreover it should have new different blocks for the editor, a bigger selection. Also it would be great if there is an extra programm to mix own blocks. Yea..thats how I think a future version could look like And if I will buy it? would be great if there would be a free version of it, ofc with some restriction. And if I like it than and still drive tm I will buy it for sure!

Kadzio: Nadeo made a few "TrackMania" series and then a "United" version. It won't be a big surprise to see something like this. Now they made "TrackMania 2 Canyon", I expect something like "TrackMania 2 Offroad" and after some versions "TrackMania 2 United".

What is the worst scenario that can happen? In my opinion the worst scenario is that: Nadeo still makes "ShootMania" and does with it something like with "TrackMania".

Zogger: The worst scenario would be that they change the spirit of TM too much like they did with TM2 which I personally totally disliked. It would be cool though to have some more blocks and to be able to create blocks yourself. Also a "realtime multiplayer editor" would rly rock, so you could build tracks together at the same time.

What is the best scenario that may happen?

Fabio_m: Well I don't believe technology will envolve so much in 6 years but in the best case scenario if technology really evolves then it would be cool to see a virtual reality experience in trackmania, thing about some VR goggles and you siting on an hidraulic chair that gives you the same feeling as you would feel if you drove those cars Something like the movie tron but with tm cars would be great too.

Quat: Well, I don´t need a completely new Trackmania. An update like from TMN ESWC to Nations Forever would be great. This means, lots of new blocks, but no new driving-physics, maybe some new road- and platformblocks and so on. Trackmania and the Stadium Environment belong together as nothing else. Furthermore, they should optimize the graphics. I don´t need a TM with Crysis-graphics, but it often feels like TM doesn´t support my ATI-GPU, which means I have bad looking shadows, totally unconstant framerates (if VSync is disabled) and some minor graphic-problems.
All in all; I don´t need a new TM, but an update would be nice (hopefully earlier than 2018).

DrKris: I think the handling and speed are same, but graphics have become better, its very realistic. It would have rain, mist, sunshine cloudy weather, you can choose it when you have choosed the mood for the track. It would have more blocks to build a map and MT you can make much cooler too. I would like it like TMNF2 and TMUF2, then you only need to buy the TMUF2 so TMNF2 is free.


I agree with many opinions here and I'm glad to see so many views here. What is the best scenario that may happen for you? Do you think there will be an update or even a new stadium-mode? Actually there are many possibilities to make a better TrackMania, but the question which no one of us is able to answer (at least I think so :-D) is, if Nadeo is going to do something like this. I'm curious to see more thoughts in the comment section!


5x5-Area was the theme of the last months MTC on TMUF where tracks must be built in a 5x5 area. The only limit on height was the editor limit. A difficult theme for sure, maybe even harder for environments like coast to build a nice map here, but creativity in Trackmania makes everything possible, ask Joost :-D 27 authors were inspired by this theme and created great new tracks. Only the judging process isn't finished yet, which is absolutly understandable by this huge amount of maps!

On TMNF the authors challenge was to build a track for the theme Contrast and you had to use contrasting surface changes/transitions in your track. Five submitted tracks are the result and congratulations to the winners Pascow & Shox with their duo-fullspeeder "/2estricted II"! In contrast to the TMUF-Exchange the low amount of participants this time is obvious, but hopefully this will change in the next month and we see more than 25 participants in both exchanges!

The theme for the MTC September in the TMNF-Exchange is "Flip it". So gogo, build and see your car spinning through the air!

Random Stuff:

*Zogger and Sapphiron are hosting a competition on TMNF-X randomly with funny challenges and great scoringsheets. This time it was called # Superduper stuntcompo for swags, YOLO-edition! and your task was to build a you-only-live-once-swag-scumbag-track. Three guys participated but these hilarious ideas deserve more attention :) Zogger decided that there is no winner this time. Who needs winners when you have SWAG#?

*Some new Nadeo-Records were uploaded in the last days in both exchanges. In TMUF-X Jadis, Jason and Reija drove records on the maps Puzzle A5, TMN Bonus A-3 and TMN Race G-0. Reija also drove a new WR on A06 Obstacle in the TMNF-Exchange, but racehans got it back just a few days later. So he got his 12th WR on a Nadeo-Map in TMNF back! Sick job!


That's it for today, live your life, you only die once, have a nice day,


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