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The Person Behind The TMX-Account #1 - Fabio_m2. November 2012 20:16
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Good evening TMX!

The second part of the interview with fabio_m. We talked a lot about trackmania, so probably I have to ask more personal questions in the next interviews, but nevertheless it's preeetty interesting. I hope you'll enjoy it!


Blog: You show an incredible creativity in your Media Tracker-Work.. moreover you work very detailed with the effects. Being different is something which makes you special here on TMX. Have you always been a creative person, or a person which is good at art? And why do you focus so much on the MT-Work in Trackmania? :-)

Fabio_m: thanks for your kind words (: the mediatracker was never a priority for me , I rarelly used that tool except for GPS and ingame cameras. That was until I tried to figure out how that weird tool works and until I started to enjoy using it.
I don't really consider myself as a mediatracker expert and i could name tens of guys such as mastermind, zopuh, sebik, crusard cpt jack sparrow, voyager and many others, that's why I'm trying to reach their level, I usually make a little bit of everything but i like to build FS the most and from time to time some weird epic story (i think i made about 5 or 6 of that kind).

Also, I want to salute 2 great tm-united mappers: sivert, chris_du_21, who are for me two of the most creative persons tmx ever had and the ones who inspired me the most to do crazy works.

There's allways space to improve and, has you said: to make something diferent and mediatracker is an awesome tool trackmania has, it can be used for everything and it's perfect to create unusuall stuff on a game that was mainly to be just a racing game. That's the reason I love to use this awesome tool. (:

And yes i give lots of atentions on details either being an unconected pole or the time an intern camera lasts on a wallride ^^
That's why some of my tracks tooked months to build even if they are just a 40 sec race track just because I'm so perfectionist.
As an example: I know some of my teammates and friends will be reading this and they will agree with me when I say how though and annoying betatester I am, because the way I am about atention to details ^^

Of course I also look frequently to the qualities of each map and I know there's lots of good stuff on tmx. That's what helped me to build some maps, since many tracks inspired me to do crazy works and made me realize how many defects I had on my tracks.

That's the way I am since i started to use the editors on the games I used to play, from the way the players look on a old 90's football game, to the way the stickers are in place on need for speed. Probably the first games where I started to edit some stuff.

The very first game where I started to build something was tony hawk pro skater, where I used to create some crazy skate parks where I spent lots of time having fun and trying new stuff.
Probably the first racing game where I started to build tracks was Motocross madness. I still have many (horrible ^^) tracks I made in 2003/2004/2005. Then I started to create in 2006 tracks for tm eswc (i only had the game offline) and to be honest I never expected them to be so horrible after looking at hundreds of tracks years later ^^ but it was fun to build them.
Only in 2010 I started to build tracks for "real"
Probably the most creative things I used to do IRL were those crazy visual basic programs I used to do at school. It was a subject I really loved to learn ^^ but besise that, outside tm I don't think I have any great creativity ^^ I don't play any instrument and I don't know how to draw ^^ ... but ... well, I cook ... and sometimes I'm creative with that ^^

But about being special on tmx, I just consider myself as a common user who uses his own ideas just like the same 50k users tmx has, each of them have their own special habilites on the editor and a great number of users present to everyone their creations, showing how good and creative they are in the editor and since there's an infinity number of possibilities on the editor each one and for me everyone is special in his own way (:

Blog: How would you recommend Trackmania to a friend?

Fabio_m: It's rare for me to start speaking about trackmania if one of my friends doesnt know what I'm talking about ^^. Unless we have a computer near by.
Probably in my neighborhood, me and my cousin are the only ones who play this game ^^. It's rare to find tm players on the area I live.
Usually the way some friends and old classmates discovered this game (although I think none of them play it anymore) was when I brought my laptop to school and they saw me playing ^^ (not in class obviously ^^ ) Some of them asked me what that game was and later some of them started to enjoy it as we started to make some races between each other. Those were fun times (:
So, yea, if someone sees another person playing a game, they imediatly start to gain interest too. (:

Blog: Here you can honor three persons from the public everyone knows and three guys from the exchanges:

Fabio_m: Of course, everyone grew up idolarizing a person, either being a athlete or a celebrity and trackmania it's no exception.
I'll try to explain some of them while I was growing on tmx.
The very first person who inspired the most was ganjarider. Probably the main reason my main skills on building are in fullspeed. All of his nations eswc tracks are fun to play (well except for crash burn repeat ^^) and all of them are really easy for everyone to enjoy, and challenging for everyone to hunt.
I quickly figured out that was what everyone wanted in trackmania so I started to make tracks like that. Even if it was hard for me, back them, to make a fully functional fullspeed track.
Later I noticed another guy that was very known here in portugal, his name was Speedline. He showed another way to make tracks and, damn, those tracks were unique, this was the first contact I had with blockmix. Some of his tracks, f.e. Paradise, Rolex or the Kingdom were the inspiration for me to start with crazy blockmix works. It resulted on an idea to bring a track to the limits beyond the editor. Some weeks later, OverTheSky was born.
This was on my first steps on tmx and on the mapping world.

Later I discovered the work from 2 retired mappers. Their names were crusard and tamonte. For me 2 of the most inovative and creative mappers tmx ever had.
Both of them inspired me to use mediatracker to create something new in trackmania and not just for a simple intro. Crazy tracks I did started to appear, derivated from these awesome mappers, featuring some crazy ideas from tm-united mappers such as sivert, christ_du_21 and voyager.

Another builders also inspired me to build another styles of tracks, f.e. triple.shoot and ongrid for tech, mastermind and zopuh for great intros, blinnemans, nlpwf, defacer (and GR of course) for fullspeed, so it was variable (:

Besise this great mappers I idolarize, I have to mention the awesome guys from my clan, yeah! team, with special attention for my dutch friend dnbfreak who was for me the most important person on my mapping carreer, he was the first person to ever place my work online and, oh boy those tracks sucked so bad ^^, but he inspired me to keep going and to improve my work and he inspired me to never give up from mapping even on my hard moments. So this dude is the main reason I share with you guys the creations I love to do (:

Blog: And did you ever have an idol in mapping? Someone who inspired you?

Fabio_m: I didnt mention all persons who gave me lots of inspirations to keep on mapping but I hope they know who they are (: In resume anyone can be your idol and inspire you but nothing is comparable to having our friends arround for inspiring us to do great works.

Blog: Chicken Invaders is made in two weeks.. how was it possible for you to create such a huge MT-Work?

Fabio_m: When I saw the mtc theme of may (micromachines), I imediatly started to make plans about a new unusuall project and I wanted to forget the word "micromachines" and I wanted to make something unexpected but i never expected to be sooo unexcpeted |: . The track was made with a crazy united track made by sivert on my mind (called arcade), but instead of doing with space ships I though about doing the same thing but with a game i used to love to play (:. With ideas and plans on the track we made it takes shorter time to do stuff because you are not stuck on the track waiting for the next idea to appear. That's how many tracks are quickly made when the author has all his ideas on his mind to quickly make them in tm. (a good example is a 10 min FS made in just 2 weeks that i don't remember the name atm or even tensai racer 3 that was built in 14 days) And the theme and rules of may mtc helped a lot with the objectives I planned for the track. I should also say because of the lack of time I had to use some props I couldnt make myself such has dejamort's cockpit pic from flight simulation and sivert's spaceship from arcade as a weapon upgrade. Both of this guys deserve credit for their work on their tracks and I hope they didn't get mad for using their props as a last minute resource.

Blog: Do you think it is possible to make Trackmania feel like a completly other game only with the MT-work?

Fabio_m: Many mappers already done before me (tamonte, crusard, chris_du_21, sivert, tstargermany and many others), I know many mappers can do that too (: . Trackmania is a great game for creating any type of track and even creating new games on a racing game (f.e. in united-x there's a track where you play minesweeper and anothere where you play supermario ^^)

Blog: What is possible to do with the MT-work.. a shooter, a RPG with a levelsystem?

Fabio_m: I believe anything is possible, from time to time it's possible that someone out there present something that made us wonder if we are really playing a racing game. Probably a shooter would be hard but possible. F.e. crusard managed to make a sniper shot and it's still one of the best mt tricks i ever saw, so I guess it can be possible.
As for RPG it's a great style for doing long missions and tracks like parallel universe, montezumas treasure and hurricane are the proof that you can transform trackmania into an adventure, and no one does it better than the RPG community (:

Blog: Someone who never worked with the MT can learn it in which way? How to learn it fast?

Fabio_m: The advice I can give is allways for you to think outside the box when you want to make a something new in tm, just not think of tm as if it was just a racing game. If you are having trouble doing the work you pretend just seek for tutorials and ask for help to more known mappers if necessary. Get some inspiration from another games that you think it's possible to replicate on tm.
Same though if you want to make intros for your fullspeed or tech track, get some inspiration for know mappers without copying ideas. Little by little start to think: what it would fit well in the mt work you are making? A text? A sound?After some time your work will be more complex and never stop until you are happy for what you did (:

Blog: Have ever thought about making tutorials?

Fabio_m: At the moment I only made a tutorial in tmx for the easy way to make lakes with blockmix, and I'm terrible at doing tutorials because I'm terrible at explaing things ^^ but I'm allways avaliable by pm to help anyone who needs (:

Blog: Where are you at a perfect weekend and are you doing? What dreams for the future do you have?

Fabio_m: I imagine starting a good weekend by grabing my old red toyota and then traveling through the country, visinting new cities and never stop driving the further I can without any destiny
Dreams for the future? I really don't know what to answer for it, I would probably say, to have a good life, to be happy, to acomplish my goals, if not in here, then somewhere else where I can seek for more life oportunities and happyness, all it matters is to never give up of our dreams.

Blog: Thanks a lot for this interview and your detailed answers.

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