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Interview with brutal25. January 2013 22:18
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Sorry for the long time of being inactive, but I wasn't motivated to visit the internet regularly. During this delay I've talked a lot with brutal - a talented mapper from the TMNF-Exchange. Well, it was pure fun, enjoy the questions and the honest answers!

Here is the result:

1: V.neck is building the scenery for you, isn't he?

Nah, he don't but I guess I've succeed if it does look like it? (: He has definately inspired me and a lot of others with his mindblowing scenery style. The block combinations he uses is definately rare, and he got a really nice estethic sense! I would say he has revolutionized modern scenery style.

2: Did you choose the name brutal because it makes you feel strong?

I think it's around 4 years since I took that name, and to be honost I don't know the reason for it. It may have been cause I thought it sounded cool, or as you say it made me feel stronger. Idk ^^

3: TM-addicted?

Definately very addicted. I play around 4-8 hours a day and if I am really bored at school, I can find myself playing there too (this is actually quite normal in Norway, at last where I live). I also spend alot of time reading through forums on tmx, like screen-compos, and all other kind of stuff. I also check my clans forum regularly. So yeah; I do play quite alot ^^

4: A strange place to date a girl?

Well, I've never dated so can't really answer that properly, but I guess dating on McDonalds for instance would be quite lame on the boys part. Screaming children and stuff everywhere. Please excuse my terrible imagination.

5: TM² Stadium

TM² Stadium sounds fair enough of what I've heard so far. Glad they are fixing some bugs, though some bugs have been a part of trackmania nature to me (underneath cp and goal spot etc). Also cool that they enhance the graphics by pretty much it seems. I hope they add some new blocks though, and maybe makes it so you could create your own blocks (maybe that is stepping abit far though. Not really sure!). Also; I hope it won't take more capacity and make the game lag more on bad computers, cause then I would be in deep trouble ^^

6: Three typical norwegian things?

Cheese grater, mountains and pretty ladies.

Is there one pretty lady left for me?

Well. come over here and I'm sure you could figure something out.

7: Are you often sad?

As most people I do get sad and depressed from time to other, but I am generally happy, but yeah, I could have been happier for sure. I should probably get out abit more.

8: Do you believe in something after death?

I am very unsure. I hope, but I don't know. It would be so sad if we just died and slept for eternity. Think about it. It makes you deeply depressed inside, so I try not to think about it.

9: Should the people talk more about the death to take the fear of it a bit?

I don't believe so. People should rather focus on living, and try not to worry about the death. It takes too much time and force going around worrying about it.

10: A sentence to the people which call you Burtal instead or Brutal.

Go dig a hole and bury yourself. Nah, I'm just kidding. Or am I? Nah, it's okay for me. I've even changed my name to Burtal so I guess it's official?

11: When do you start to become a great driver?

I hope one day I will :) Training makes practise!

12: Do you sometimes cry when you listen to songs or think of something?

As far as I remember I haven't cried of just a song, but a song combined with pictures can make me cry if it's very sad. I haven't cried just by thinking of something no (:

13: Best day in your life?

The day I was born.

14: Best looking actress?

Megan Fox is pretty hot.

15: Things people should pay more attention to?

My tracks.

16: Things people pay to much attention to?

What clothes others wear and how they look. Mind their own business (:

17:  Do you something think it would be great to just go out and to something hilarious, but you end up playing TM?

Yea, it pretty much ends up that way every time I plan to do something ^^ Tm is to damn powerful

18: Ever thought about quitting it?

Well. I did actually quit like 4 years ago,and was gone for a year and a half. But not planing to quit anytime soon no (: Having more fun than ever with it.

19: Things you would do, if you won't be that lazy?

Probably make a bigger effort at school, getting more friends and trying to get a girlfriend haha

20: Hugest fish you've ever caught?

A 10 kg cod I think.

21: Thoughts about this interview until now?

It's fun to answer all your hard questions, and sometimes challenging. I hope I am not to boring of a person

22: Do you know TrackMania?

Well. Trackmania is such a special game since you have the possibility to construct your own tracks, without having to be very skilled. I also like TrackMania so good, since cars all behave the same (in one enviroment that is) and everyone god equal possibilities. There is also so many great communities in TrackMania, thanks to being able to play together on servers, and of course because of Tmx! Trackmania is just so. different from every other car game and that's what I enjoy the most.

23: You started with RPG-Maps, afterwards you've built tech-, Px- and FS-Maps. What kind of maps are you driving, if you build so many different styles?

I drive basicly everything my school-pc can handle, which is not big RPGs unfortunaly. I enjoy every trackstyle in the game, as long as it is built good and is fun to drive. I see alot of good people who feels kinda bound to one trackstyle, and that is abit unfortunate imo, since they miss out on so much when only driving for instance FS.

24: Which games do you play on your smartphone when you are sitting on the toilet?

I usually play Phit Droid, Angry Birds or somewhere around there, though I'm  not too much of a toilet-gamer ^^

25: Name all the 1277 tracks you've awarded on TMX


And that was the last thing someone on TMX noticed from brutal. This interview is from november and december and since this time he is inactive - probably he is still answering the question. Man, it was just a joke. Stop answering it and come back!

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