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The Leaderboard-Hunt is back!23. June 2013 11:52
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Hey Community!

Some of you probably already noticed the rising Leaderboard-Scores on TMNF-X in the last time. If we take a look at the leaderboard ( we are able to see, that already some people are hunting the high LB-scores and many other players have replays on High-LB-Maps and a LB-Score of 40-60k. The goal now is, to increase the players LB-score and to increase the LB-score of new tracks in this way.


Last April and May (2012) many people were hunting tracks on TMNF-X and in this way they were able to generate new classic-maps ( Moreover - and that's the most important thing - it was incredibly much fun to hunt these tracks, because all tracks had ten and more active replays, so it was a fun challenge to drive against the other guys from the community. Now we try to bring these times back!


Cranberries and TimeBreaker once explained how the Leaderboard works:

Main WR Leaderboard:
Takes an average of your best 10 times on normal tracks. Go to 'Find Tracks' and sort by "Best Rated for Main LB" ( LB Rating - Highest ) to find the ones worth the most points. The scores of the tracks are based on the rating of those who have a time on that track. So the higher you get in the LB the bigger difference you will see in Track Ratings after you post a new replay.
The No.1 player in the main LB adds 10,000 to the tracks LB rating, with everyone else adding less than 10,000 according to how close to the No.1 in them main LB they are. If there are already 10 replays on a track, then setting a time will add the difference between the total of the old top 10 and the top 10 with your time, (if it works out less then there is no change).
Replays on the Main Leaderboard expire after 30 days. This means they only count towards your best 10 if you posted them in the last 30 days. This means you have to set new good records to maintain your score. But as you only need 10 active good times, this should still be manageable without being forced to invest a huge ammount of time.

So what we try is to get a active hunting community back and we already succeeded in parts - We have new tracks which reached more than 60k LB!

List of new and well-hunted tracks:

Bumaye by eSU.jacoB

pre.cision #1 by Sky.'

Smooth hunter 2 by Switch

A list of tracks which can get a better LB: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

There will be more hunters uploaded soon and maybe we are able to generate new Classic Maps and hopefully also some tech or dirtmaps will be pushed to higher LB-Scores!

Join the fun!

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