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Sexy, hey?5. December 2009 05:56
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Well after some days and hours of configuring and tinkering with the blog and theme. I now present to you, a much better looking blog! Cool

I think I'll call this Blog 2.0. Some notable changes are the sidebar, post view, comment view and now the ability to use all 40 TMX Smiles in comments!

If you think it's nice, why not leave a comment or two. We'd love it if you could let us know what else can be improved, just add your comments to this article.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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Welcome to the TMX Blog!26. March 2009 23:25
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Five years, and TMX continues to grow. It all started as an idea between two fellow TM players, and it has become what you see today. Throughout the years, the exchange has increased not only in the number of sites – one for each game in the TM series – members and uploaded tracks, but in contents and features, all there to make your experience ever so enjoyable.

From the announcement of the Showcase feature and the inclusion of a built-in forum that most of us today take for granted, to the more recent ideas of PlayPal and leaderboards for the individual environments. TMX has evolved, and today yet another feature is born: the TMX Blog!

With a blog, we’ll now be able to offer a new dimension to TMX, with articles reaching from in-depth how-to's and interviews, to light and fun entertainment. However, the TMX Blog is a blog that depends on you for content, just as TMX itself depends on you for tracks. Because this blog is not to be written by one individual, it’s a blog to be written by the readers, for the readers. Writing articles, discussing sensitive topics, reviewing tracks, sharing your expertise on various areas concerning the game we all enjoy so much – these are all things that no one does better than the people who are involved with the game. And this is why you are invited to e-mail your own articles to us, to contribute to the content of the blog (

In short, welcome to the next step in the increasing development of the TrackMania Exchange, and welcome to the next big source of TrackmMania-related entertainment and useful resources.

Happy fifth birthday TMX!

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Welcome to the TMX Blog!
The TMX Blog depends on your articles, just as TMX depends on your tracks. Tips & tricks, discussions, track reviews, interviews, articles of thought, and so on - these are all suggestions (and only suggestions) of what you can write to contribute to the content of the blog. Send your articles to the TMX Blog Crew! - Januy, Natzke or Fastforza.
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