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The CCC xk CCC ... uhm what?3. December 2009 06:35
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Some name eh?

Another event that should not be forgotten about is the CCC xk CCC 2009! This year, Leader and Pauly have organised a special christmas related TrackMania Content contest for the community! This is where you guys all have a chance to take part in this contest and have a chance to win 241,000+ coppers (Virtual Cash). You'll be able to show your creativity by creating a Wallpaper, skin, mod, track, video or Manialink - anyone is aloud to participate!

You should upload your creations at the official website, you'll need to register with your tm login and community code first. The results of the contest should be posted in early January 2010. If you would also like to increase the amount of coppers, please do send them to TMUF Login: leader.

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Coppers – What Value Do They Have?8. April 2009 22:22
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It's funny, many people disregard coppers as pointless and worthless, certainly when we all loaded TMU for the first time and found coppers were paid to us each day just for loading the game, and that we get more of them if we link our TMU account to our old TM games, we were all pretty confused about what the purpose was.

Then, we find 'offical mode' and we say OK, so having a limited number of coppers means we only have a limited number of tries at an offical time. That works I guess, as it adds some tension and structure to trying to set offline records.

Next, we discover manialinks and find that we can download some TM items without ever leaving the game. Special things like cars, or mods, or signiture tracks of the game like 'The Trump Card II' with all the custom graphics installed for you. Cool, another use for coppers.

Later, the TMX manialink is created, which, even at the time we made it, I'm sure even MrD was wondering who was really going to use when all the tracks are already free to download on TMX. Yet, a while back MrD was able to send Fleppie about 100,000 coppers to create a TMX organisation, from which we will be able to give people tags, and most likely these will be paid for from the same source of TMX owned coppers.

So maybe Nadeo were not crazy and this bizarre in game currency actually works? To be convinced of that, we need to know if people are feeling the value of coppers themselves, or at least attaching value to them, making choices about their actions based on copper numerics. Lately, we are seeing evidence that they are.

When ManiaTeam arrived, it came with a daily charge, 40 coppers for 24 hours and this in places was met with reaction of 'omg 40 coppers' or '40 coppers wtf' – and these reactions are for a reason. The reason is that the 'cost' of playing is to effect peoples behaviour. Having paid 40 coppers, naturally you want to get some kind of return from that, so you are not likely to play maniateam for just 5 minutes. Smart move Nadeo, as maniateam requires people to find each other online, so there needs to be people sticking around getting value from their coppers. And that coppers can modify our behaviour is proof that they do infact have value.

Take a look at the 'Coppers Competitions' thread on TMX. Here authors put up their own coppers for others to win by racing their track. Again, coppers are effecting peoples behaviour. The builder is prepared to spend them on something important to him, and that is attracting people to play his track. The drivers are attracted by the coppers to spend time doing just that.

So if its acceptable to say that coppers must have some value, becuase they cause us to modify our behaviour, then the next question is, what is that value?

Well, until recently you could buy a game such as a copy of TMU in exchange for 30,000 coppers. The link on TMNF Exchange to upgrade to TMU asks for 20 British pounds, which is between 21 and 22 Euro at current rates. On that basis 15 coppers is equal to about 1p (in English money) and playing on ManiaTeam for up to 24 hours is costing about 2.5p, or very close to 0.03 Euro. Carry that into other areas and at an average supermarket a typical loaf of bread would cost about 1800 coppers. Meanwhile, a pint of beer could set you back 4500 coppers at your local public house!

All that is taking one strand of logic just a little too far of course, but none the less, coppers do have value and there are now rich people, and poor people even within TrackMania as a result of that.

Disclaimer: TMX Blog does not advise, condone, or encourage anyone to try and buy beer with coppers!

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