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Time for Blockmixing?5. April 2009 21:59
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Blockmixing – that is, when you hack the game to add blocks in places where they don’t belong or normally can’t be placed, add several blocks in the same space, etc. – has always been discussed a lot. Is it a nice addition to the game? Does it ruin the game by letting you do things you normally wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) be able to do? Is the fact that some people are good at it while to others it’s a real challenge to learn make it unfair? And does it lower the overall quality of tracks, since it’s an art so hard to master?

I guess there’s only one correct answer: it’s stupid and unfair!

No, just kidding :P I do believe, though, that it’s – as with a lot of other things – just a matter of personal taste. To some it might be the best thing to happen since TrackMania was released, and to others it’s a very odd thing that doesn’t belong in the game at all.

But let’s find out what the TMX users really believe. Just answer this simple question in a comment: Blockmixing, good or bad?

Oh, and you haven’t missed this month’s United MTC, which is all about blockmixing, have you? ;)

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