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Madhouse Knockout #2 Results27. September 2009 14:14
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Here are the results for the second Madhouse Knockout competition!

First of all, a big thanks to Mikey or organizing the Madhouse Knockout competitions! Second, a big congrats to tmjonas for winning the event, even though he showed up a tad too late.

And now, for the results!

1. tmjonas
2. Jezza
3. Edge
4. Phil
5. ichirou
6. Chupa
7. Boogs
8. Rick
9. Garceman
10. Jackalus

I hope whoever played had a really fun time in the competition and will hopefully participate in the next Madhouse Knockout.

For further information on Madhouse events, visit TrackMania Australia. Thanks, Fastforza.

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Madhouse Knockout #226. September 2009 14:04
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If you've raced in the first Madhouse Knockout comp. Then you'll be very interested in the second!

My good Aussie friend, Mikey, has organized the second Madhouse Knockout competition! Madhouse Knockout is one of Australia's well known competitions, the first competition was fun and well recieved by players. There was plenty of spectating by most players, but that's the nature of the Madhouse Knockout competition in itself is entertaining to watch.

If you are planning on joining the event, please be sure to turn up earlier, at least 15 minutes. The competition is expected to commence start at 8:00pm (AEST +10), this event shouldn't exceed 1-2 hours, depends on number of players.You should find the server in the Australin zone, the name should say it all.

Game Mode : Rounds
Warmup : 1
Points to win round/track: 10
Finish Timeout: 60 seconds
Basically only one attempt on each track !

If all players complete the round last place is eliminated, Knocked out, other wise ;
Any invalid times , knocked out , sorry
All "Did not finish", knocked out

It will be unavoidable that some competitors will also be authors, sorry, but they will only get an advantage on one or two tracks so it shouldn't be a big advantage. When it is down to only 8 competitors left, for no tracks will the author be of a remaining player. The quality and style of the tracks could be highly variable and in some cases even a little dodgey. But the tracks are equal to all so don't complain, You are competing against each other at the same time on the same tracks. Hopefully all the tracks will be new tracks made for this competition, But extra tracks may be from TMX if needed. Australian internet infrastructure is not that good compared to other places, that combined with our location, Server bandwidth and potential international congestion at that time, There may be lag for some etc This is out of my control, if you are knocked out because of this sorry, but no exceptions will be made.

Starting times
GMT: 10:00
AUS: 20:00 EST ( 8:00pm )
ENG: 11:00
FRA : 12:00
GER: 12:00
USA: 3:00 West
USA: 6:00 East 

If you require more assistance, vist the Australian TrackMania website.

Thanks! Fastforza.

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