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ManiaLib - Lightweight Manialink Framework27. October 2009 05:44
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ManiaLib is a lightweight PHP framework for developing Manialinks. Its core framework contains a set of Object-Oriented libraries. It was created to keep a Manialink applications' code simple with plain procedural programming with advanced functionality.

Who developed it?
ManiaLib was developed by Gou1 (Nadeo Developer) and was released on 6th July, along side with his simple philosphy to keep it simple and advanced.

What do I get out of it?
What you get using ManiaLib, is a professional and advanced functioning Manialink with a strong infastructure.

What's inside the package?
Inside the ManiaLib package you get the ManiaLib core which includes the main libraries and a set of premade modules such as Admin, Posts, Auto Connect and Multipage List.

Are tutorials provided with ManiaLib?
Yes! ManiaLib has a devised set of tutorials to help you develop an advanced Manialink. Tutorials provided are GUI (Classes for creating Manialink graphical elements), Database Engine (Database Abstration layer - DBAL), Request Engine (Handles the GET variables and referers, creation of links and  directions), Session Engine (Handles the variables of sessions) and Lang Engine (Internationalization). All of which are simple and very, very easy to understand.

So, who's using ManiaLib?
At the moment, to my awareness, Mania Team (tmtp:///:maniateam) is the only manialink powered by ManiaLib.

Further information about ManiaLib can be found at the core project home or the ManiaLink.

Project home at Google Code (The ManiaLib project home, wiki, downloads and an issue tracker).
Manialink Demo can be found here (Common manialink using the full ManiaLib package).

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ManiaLinks, where and what?23. October 2009 18:32
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The ManiaLink. It’s one of those extra features you pay for, in Trackmania United.
So what exactly is there to find? Would we need it? And what are the best spots?
Were about to find out.


The ManiaLink main page (like shown above), consists out of multiple sections; Tracks, 3D-models, Skins, Competitions, Teams, Community, Videos, Other Creations and Webisodes.
We will take a look at them all, some a bit less and some a bit more explained. I have tried to link to the manialinks pages, but because I (how dumb it is) didn’t enable this option for myself I hope I used the correct links. Enjoy!


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