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Special Author Interview - Nadeo!8. December 2009 20:42
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 Hey there readers! You noticed that title? We are sure you did :)

Nadeo? Yes Nadeo!
We asked Nadeo how they made their tracks, if there were some tactics, if they used your tracks as an example. With much thanks to Alinoa, who is the builder of the last Campaigns and can be seen as Author "Nadeo". So, we gladly present to you:



~ Where do you get your inspiration? Do you use some TMX tracks as example?

I don't use TMX tracks. I learn from my on-line experiences. I try to analyze what I like when I'm driving. This can be a special blocs combination, a different way of using scenery blocks. For the united campaign, I also played on most awarded tracks of TMX. It's was the first time that I built tracks and I thought to play on TMX tracks would help me to find what some people liked or disliked. Finally the United tracks were completely different from the TMX style :)

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