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Revival of the TMX Blog15. August 2012 20:02
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The 2nd March 2010.. well that's actually a long time ago.

It is the date of the last article here. It was an interview with Golo, a RPG-builder. In this time I wasn't active on TMX, and I was a bit sad as I saw that the blog was inactive when I discovered TMX. People like HawkGer, Velocity or ziem0n posted articles from march 2009 till march 2010. People which aren't that active or even inactive now. I thought to myself that it is time for a revival of the TM blog!

My name is Martin, at TMX and ingame I'm named "Sky" and it seems to me that maybe 2% of all Trackmaniacs are named "Sky". A bit annoying, but hey, who cares? Wink

I'm from Germany, Hanover and since I'm working, the blog-posts will be published mainly in the evening or a bit later during the night - for those guys who are from europe. I like to write, to talk, pizza, the german city "Freiburg", trains and soccer/football. Actually I'm happy with my job and my life, since I'm able to work at the things I like (besides girls Laughing). I'm playing tracks from TMX since a pretty long time mainly for fun, but I started in the beginnings of 2012 to be active in the community. Hopefully some of you around here now me. I'm neither a great builder nor a great driver, but fun is the most important thing in your free time and I have a lot of fun with Trackmania.

You can expect:

  • Daily news - at least I hope so - only at sunday I won't write a new article.  Sometimes the articles are long, sometimes they are short.
  • Interesting interviews, series and news.
  • Updates about recently set Nadeo-Recs, the funniest TMX-moment of the week (requests would be great) and a lot of more informative and fun categories.

Well, as you can see my english isn't perfect and I have to write a lot on my own for the blog to make you guys happy. But it is great for me to do this, so don't worry. I just hope that you are as happy as me about the revival of the TMX blog. If you also wanna write an article for this blog just ask me, guest articles are always great!

Tomorrow I'm going to publish an author showcase, so stay interested, visit the TMX Blog, leave a comment and constructive feedback.



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The 10 things we all hate when playing TrackMania21. December 2009 22:50
Posted By: View User Profile Januy Permalink | Comments (28)

These are some of the things you probably never liked;

  1. Ever had your track that was a block too high, too far to the left or right, or to low? Great, now you can demolish the track and rebuild it!

  2. That block piece that would finish that turn..but it doesn’t fit.

  3. Ever had played a RPG-track and pressed restart 100m before the finish? Well, you don’t want it either.

  4. Driving a record time and that “1 in 10 times” bug comes up. Not cool.

  5. Driving your last ride, with a beautiful time, and seeing the server-countdown going 00:02, 00:01, 00:00. But then when your one block away from the finish.
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