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3D Test, test TrackMania 2!23. January 2010 15:30
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With TM2 rolling out in the fourth quarter this year. Benoit Vandangeon, had taken the opportunity and gave the new TrackMania 2 3D Engine a test with this outstanding short preview of the new environment to be featured in TrackMania 2. This only a snippet of what's to come later this year.


Check out the full preview of the new 3D Engine at Vimeo or at TM Tube!
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TM Exchange 2 - What would you love to see?28. October 2009 04:10
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With TrackMania 2 arriving in just over a years time, many players have speculated on what the game will have. One thing not many players have speculated on, is whether or not a brand new TMX will arrive. In response to that, all we can do is speculate on this idea.

If a new track exchange were to built or rebuilt. What would you like to see? E.g. - User Customizations, improved track manager. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome and will be added to the list below. Cool

• Further user customizations.
• An improved API with documentation.
• Online recommendation.
• Easier sort functions for track searches (Sortable quicklists).
• Multiple Authors
• Multiple Versions
• Improved Overall Site Design
• Multiple Screenshots
• User Favourites
• Optional Taging System
• Blog Edit Comments (lol)
• More Track Style Options.
• Live User Status (Online / Offline)
• Quick Track Pack Grouping
• Copper Count
• Multiple Language Chatrooms
• Improved or changed Awards System
• Cross linking tracks
• Individual User Stats
• Filter/search by'actual' file name, inc .GBX extension (GameBox)
• Batch downloading, select multiple tracks, group them and download many tracks with one click.
• Send multiple PM's to a group of users.
• Multiple user PM chat. (Chat with more than one person)
• Front Page news Comments.
• TM-Tube Video API.
• Certain player download only list.
• YouTube like Account Customizations.
• User Accoun Page Voting.
• Copyright protected tracks.

Just remember that this is pure speculation and no official word has been said.

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