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The 10 things we all hate when playing TrackMania21. December 2009 22:50
Posted By: View User Profile Januy Permalink | Comments (28)

These are some of the things you probably never liked;

  1. Ever had your track that was a block too high, too far to the left or right, or to low? Great, now you can demolish the track and rebuild it!

  2. That block piece that would finish that turn..but it doesn’t fit.

  3. Ever had played a RPG-track and pressed restart 100m before the finish? Well, you don’t want it either.

  4. Driving a record time and that “1 in 10 times” bug comes up. Not cool.

  5. Driving your last ride, with a beautiful time, and seeing the server-countdown going 00:02, 00:01, 00:00. But then when your one block away from the finish.
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Collisions - Seriously Creative Collisions9. November 2009 11:21
Posted By: View User Profile Fastforza Permalink | Comments (4)

Collisions is a seriously creative movie, most creative use of block mixing, track editing and replay editing. All combined into an excellent three-minute video. 

What really amazed me about this movie is that the collisions happened from different angles, which gave it that real touch to it to make it look like there wasn't any special effects, just pure creative editing in the Media Trackers.

From my point of view, Bay and Coast had the best Collisions from multiple angles.

But in the end, it really got exciting when they showed us how they did it using enough block mixing and media tracker.

You should really check  out Collisions here. Laughing


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Do you love TrackMania, and want to support it?31. October 2009 11:27
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The ESL Admins have come yet again, back to the TMX Community!

The Admins have come and ask the following:
Do you love TrackMania, and want to help it get bigger and bigger?
Would you love to support TrackMania as much as you can?
Do you want more broadcasting in English?
Do you want to watch TrackMania on LIVE TV?

If so, you are surely invited to tune into ESL TV on Thursday the 5th of November 20:00 CET. Where?! Directly on ESL TV!

The ESL Admins will be broadcasting the Trackmania Competition Premiership Season 4 Overall Final. The two teams competing in this event are n!faculty and InFerno against each other. eSports live with english commentators on ESL TV. This will be, by far, a great show with intense racing action by two of the best TrackMania teams in the world, fighting for number one!

This is the type of event in which you should tell everyone! - Freinds, family, classmates, freinds of your classmates ... EVERYONE. Come on guys! Go out there and show the world how great this game and this community is!

That's Thursday the 5th of November 20:00 CET, on ESL TV!

We hope you'll be there!

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This is it!19. September 2009 02:39
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This article has been written +9 hours ahead of Frances timezone.

In less than 24 hours, Nadeo & Focus Home are going to be revealing the future of TrackMania at the Paris Game Festival.

This came as a surprise to the community when Florent announced last week that the future of TrackMania will be unveiled at the Paris Game Festival. What we know is that Focus and Florent (Nadeo) will be revealing TrackMania for the Wii at around 13:30PM, Saturday 19th September. What we don’t know is whether or not Florent will be also announcing any additions to the PC version of TrackMania at the Paris Game Festival. Many people are speculating the release of new environments, a complete TrackMania Forever add-on for both games, heck some people think Nadeo will announce and reveal ShootMania or QuestMania.

During the weekend we’ll try and keep all you guys and girls updated about Nadeo’s announcement.

If anyone is attending the Paris Game Festival, try and do your best to attend the Focus and Nadeo exhibition. As I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the announcements Nadeo and Focus have to say.

I’m sure we are all looking forward to the future of TrackMania as much as Nadeo are! So keep your eyes out for further announcements around the community.

Comments are welcome.



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TrackMania Gossip?12. September 2009 12:39
Posted By: View User Profile Fastforza Permalink | Comments (14)

So, I'll assume we've all heard the latest announcement by Nadeo? If not, I'll summarise it.

"TrackMania breaks its own activity record week after week", as said by Florent from TM Forums.

TrackMania United Forever has risen to 5 million players in less than 18 months!!!

Now! Nadeo has announced that it'll be revealing the future of TrackMania at the Paris Game Festival. As far as I know, there will be 2 announcements. One, TrackMania for the Wii. Second, a very, very big surpise for PC/Community users. 

So what are your thoughts of this months up coming community annoucements? You can visit the Paris Game Festival's website here!

Let's not also get to distracted from Nadeo's 2 new games. ShootMania and QuestMania, also due very soon!

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Nadeo nears the big 1026. August 2009 11:14
Posted By: View User Profile Fastforza Permalink | Comments (7)

I thought I'd share this moment with the wrest of the community.

It's correct that Nadeo has almost reached 10 Million (~10,000,000) player registrations. This must be a record achievement for such as small game company. I'm sure with the latest addition to the TrackMania series, Forever would've boosted Nadeo's reuptation with TrackMania Nations being by far, the best free online-racing game developed.

We should also not forget that Nadeo is realsing 2 new games soon. ShootMania and QuestMania, both hoping to boost Nadeo's reuptation further than what TrackMania has in the past 5 years.

Comments and thoughts welcome, thanks. :)

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Video Showcase – Team 402 (The Movie)7. August 2009 12:39
Posted By: View User Profile Fastforza Permalink | Comments (4)

This weeks Video Showcase is … Team 402 – The Movie!

This weeks Video showcase, showcases some fast replays by some of the fastest French racers in TrackMania. The 7 minute video, spread across multiple League Tracks is surely one of the most creative TM videos out there.




The Good Parts

  • Very good editing and excellent media tracker editing.
  • Variety of music selected to play in the background was good.
  • Driving I witnessed was astounding to watch. Very fast and accurate times posted.

The Bad Parts

  • The music melody wasn't well mixed.
  • A small selection of Tech tracks were picked. Not that a large collection would be needed, but otherwise would be nice to see.

You should check out the video at TM – Tube. Here. Your comments and ideas are welcome.

You should’ve also noticed that the general idea has changed since the Pilot(First) showcase. From now on we'll be using this type of Showcase setup.

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Video Showcase- Multiverse1. August 2009 11:12
Posted By: View User Profile Fastforza Permalink | Comments (12)

Today I introduce another form of review in which we hope to make weekly. Video reviews. We will pick a few videos at random, view each one a few times, pick the best out of them and then write a small review about the that video. Our rating is based on Creativity and Quality, we rate our videos on a scale of 1-10. If you would like to get involved, contact my via fastforza[at] or send me a PM.


Today I review the latest video to be advertised in game and TM-Tube’s featured video. This video shows TrackMania United in a fun, creative and never before seen way. Multiverse! In its own perspective view, it's one race and seven environments.


Ratings & Comments

Creativity: The creativity influenced in this movie was stunning the way I viewed it. Excellent transitions, use of all 7 cars jumping through the signs one after the other and going through the environments. 9.5/10.

Quality: The production of the video was good, smooth camera angles, good use of custom imagery for the road signs. I liked the music as well, suits the theme of the video. 9/10.

Total Average Score: 9/10

Don’t forget to watch it here via

Please note that this is only the first review, further reviews will be longer, ratings and comments will have changed.

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31 Things All TM Players Should Do11. April 2009 10:07
Posted By: View User Profile Jozii Permalink | Comments (25)

I’ve compiled a list of 31 things all TM players should do sooner or later. How many have you completed?

  1. Register on TMX. 
  2. Get help from the guides on TM Creative.
  3. Have sore fingers.
  4. Upload a screenshot to ScreenMania.
  5. Create a replay video.
  6. Participate in a WR Hunt.
  7. Take part in a contest.
  8. Wonder what ShootMania and QuestMania is.
  9. Drive like a noob.
  10. Drive like a pro.
  11. Get frustrated.
  12. Crash.
  13. Race online.
  14. Pay coppers for something.
  15. Complain about coppers being useless.
  16. Argue in a TM forum.
  17. Build a really horrible track.
  18. Build a really good track.
  19. Be amazed about the quality of someone else’s track.
  20. Watch a video on TM Tube.
  21. Beat MrA online.
  22. Drive a track by JumperJack.
  23. Skid.
  24. Make a donut (drive in circles).
  25. Try to hit someone else’s car.
  26. Be unable to beat his own personal best despite countless of attempts.
  27. Upload a track with only a half-decent Author Time.
  28. Purchase TrackMania United.
  29. Be on the mods' naughty-list.
  30. Comment on this article.
  31. Have a happy easter!

Got more to add? Go ahead and do so in a comment :D

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Online vs. Offline3. April 2009 18:13
Posted By: View User Profile Jozii Permalink | Comments (12)

There are many aspects of games in general where the online/offline border is very clear. There are pure online games, and there are games with no online mode at all. And then there are those in between, usually featuring a single player campaign and an online mode to extend the existence of the game in question.

And then there’s TrackMania. Yes, there is a single player campaign, and yes, there is vast support for online play. It’s probably fairly safe to argue that the latter is a main reason for TM’s continued popularity. But, in reality, is TM a single- or multiplayer game? Is it a game that functions without one or the other, or is it a game that relies on the combination?

Let’s have a look at the content of the game, to answer that question. On the online side, a racing game, as with any racing game, has one core component: competition. Yes, there are racing games with no support for online play at all, but with TM, the online racing and competing is quite important, I’d say. Not only do we have the standard “dive and drive” (jump right in to a server and start driving), but we also have the ESWC, various leagues, events and contests, and so on, many of which rely on the online platform.

Additionally, the online aspect has been incorporated into the game further, with for example the MainaLinks, PM system, etc.

However, are these things really necessary? The offline side still stands strong on its own. The track editor, being one of the most important features of the game, is fully functional – and enjoyable – without any online features. Add to this that communities, like TMX, are not part of the actual online aspect of the game itself, but rather fan sites with downloadable content that can very well be used in single player mode only. Download other people’s tracks, play them in Solo mode, upload your replays and award the tracks you like.

So yes, personally I believe the online mumbo-jumbo, however great it may be, isn’t needed. It’s great, but it isn’t needed. TrackMania would be an amazing single player game, surviving on the editor and the fact that there are sites out there for the between-players communication, downloading tracks, competing with replays, etc. However, even though it doesn’t “need” it, it sure would be much less without it, and if it was to be removed today, it would probably be the end of the game entirely.

In other words, the online side of TrackMania wasn’t essential, but it has grown to be so. And thus, even though I’d argue that the game could indeed be first and foremost a single player game, I’d also say it isn’t, simply because we’ve become accustomed to the great combination of online and offline.

What do you think, and where do you spend more time: online or offline?

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