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WCG TrackMania Grand Finals 2009!6. November 2009 22:06
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With the grand finals in less than a week away, WCG has begun it's preparations for the highly anticipated WCG Grand Finals 2009, which will be taking place in Chengdu, China, on November 1th-15th.

The TrackMania Grand Finals have said to be taking place on Friday the 13th, November, in Chengdu's local time 18:30. With over 24 players from 19 countries will be competing in the WCG World Championship 2009!

They will be battling it out on the five winning tracks from the TMX WCG Global Track Design Competition, authors including: matto, Korre, bazz, race and Sapphiron.

The TrackMania schedule, has been posted on the WCG Site.

Come on everyone! Let's be ready for the WCG Championship 2009!

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WCG TrackMania Diary (Week 2 - Final Week Entries)9. October 2009 00:00
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An excellent list of a submissions was put together with some comments for week one. Lets make Week 2 even better and bigger all!


First submission for the week is by Nemesis, and what a way to start week 2. This was a fantastic race, smooth transistions, fun little jumps and great mix of slides, also great re-use section. Get it here.
And now the last of tmlato's submissions, which I must admit this wasn't better than your first. Many corners were hard to get around and some were to fast and you had occasionally placed a pillar where getting around fast enough was a struggle. Get it here.
WCG09-S P I D E R-1
Not a bad submission, clean, fun. Not much to even report to be honest, although some block pillars were annoying after a couple of tries. Should grab it here.
WCG09 - MONS - 1
This wasn't a bad track. However, I did not finish! I'm going to comment on what I played. Great slides, nice corners and great transistions, some more signs would've been great to see. Race on it here.
Hmm ... Woooow! Excellent submission calketh, smooth slides, self slides, constant speed ... NICE. Nothing more to say, than I suggest you all should give it a try here!
I'm sorry. This isn't worth many words from, this was soo bad! To short, annoying cam changes, boosters, wallride bad tech corners and horrible transistions. Sorry, try again.
The guys are back with there final submission for the contest. This time it wasn't as good as your first one, sorry. Great slides, nice platforms and superb transistion work. It didn't have that feel like your first one. Grab it here.
Fantastic submission S.u.d.i. The speed, flow, slides and cornering was fantastic. Nothing more to say, than race on it here!
My God! Pure insanity sapph. Intense corners, constant speed, great corners and perfect slides!!! What more could you ask for such effort put into this track. Well done! Get it here!
WCG09 - Totogar - 1 and WCG09 - Totogar - 2
Two great submissions toto. I was very fond of both of them, good slides, both were respawnable, superb challenges! Just one minor issue I did not like, the start of your first one where you have to go around to go up the platform. But pheraps it's a bit on that pro-challenge side. Get them both here and here.
WCG09-EnaiSiaion-1 and WCG09-EnaiSiaion-1
Enai has submitted two awesome tracks! Both were of excellent standards and were really fun tournament type tracks. Your second one however, struck me - it was styled to classicly, wasn't well directed (not many signs) - sorry, but there's not enough Forever like for a tournament track. You can grab them here and here.
WCG09-maxil-1 and WCG09-maxil-2
Good work first of all. Secondly, I had to play this several times to get it all right (corners, transistions and slides). Even for a tournament track these weren't very pleasant to race on, very challenging, not respawnable in some places. Good luck in the contest though. Get it here and here.
WCG09-Natzke-01 and WCG09-Natzke-02
My god these were great tracks Natzke! This is what competitive TM is about, hard tech, pro corners, self slides and great transistions! This is surel an awesome one in my book mate, great work and good luck! Grab them here and here.
Pro track! Much like every other submission, but this one has a neat collection of slides and many great corner combinations. THis is just tops, awesome job, good luck! Get it here.
WCG09-VengenceBot-1 and WCG09-VengenceBot-2
You've missed the idea of this contest - you need a pro/hard tech map with awesome slides, corners and transistions. You have submitted 2 platform type tracks with a half-pipe type transistion. By the way, your second one was to short.
Awesome job Yarisken! Loved your work on this one, great slides, compact corners a truely tournament type track. Although it's fairly easy, you did a a great job. Get it here.
Cool track rekyhem. Cool flow, awesome corners, slides and transistions. Slightly too easy though. Good luck and great work! Get it here.
WCG09-KiWiNiNjA-1 and WCG09-KiWiNiNjA-2
KN is here with some cool submissions! ESL alike, this one has an excellent mix of corners, slides and transisitions. Fantatsic work KN, good luck in the contest! Grab them here and here.
A great final submission by Nemesis! An obstacle filled fun pro tech track. Great mix of corners, great slides and another awesome re-use obstacle. This is a superb final submission Nemesis, great work! Race on it here.
WCG09-Shorty-1 and WCG 09-Shorty-2
Awesome work on both tracks Shorty! Fun, hard, great drifts/slides, good mix of corners and superb work on the jumps and dirt transistion. Good luck in the contest. Get them here and here.
WCG-FireShine-01 and WCG-FireShine-02
Two submissions by Fireshine here. First one, nice job, you stuck to the idea of tech/speedish, it was however fairly easy to finish in under 1:12 Mins. Your second one wasn't so great, it had a bunch of boosters, a loop, bad transistions and a few blind corners. Get them here and here.
This must of been a refinement of your first submission! This truely a fantastic pro track, awesome slides, great corners and superb transistions. You should check it out here.
WCG09-Alcator-1 and WCG09-Alcator-2
Nice submissions Alcator! Both with a superb combination of corners, drifts topped with some pro obstacles. Good work on both of them, good luck in the contest. Get them here and here.
What!? My god this was just ... EXCELLENT! Superb slides, transistions, jumps and corners. Nothing more to say than Good luck in the contest. Check it out here.
WCG09-Haze-1 and WCG09-Haze-2
Damn these were both great Haze! Great slides, awesome corners, cool start. Hard to describe this track in any other words than Superb work! Good luck, get it here and here!
My intentions for this track a little different here ... Your submission was unqiue as it was completly different than any of the other submissions. It's full of platform blocks and lacks that pro/hard tech you need in a tournament track, it's also to speedy. Get it here.
WCG09-S P I D E R-02
Your second and final submission was an average combination of platform and tech, although your track was fairly easy to finish in under 1:15. It wasn't that bad, you should check out here.
Didn't seem as bad as I thought, good work. Nice corners, good self-slides and transistions. However, I must admit - the track would be ten times better without the platform blocks. Good luck, grab it here.
Not bad TX.  Awesome pro tech track, cool slides, nice transistions, well directed and respawnable. Good work, good luck in the contest. Grab it here.
Damn .... Pure evil this hehe. Insane pro tech track, fantastic flow, awesome corners and great slides. Nothing more to say ... This is a must try track, grab it here.
Hm. This was a bit complex for me, so many obstacles, intense compact slides. On the good side, the larger more easier slides were fun, average transistions, some what respawnable. Not bad, keep it up. Get it here.
I'm still not convinced with your second one squacka, sorry. In some places, better work can be done, a few jumps could also be improved and some respawns. Grab it here.
Not bad simon. Fun, average level between easy and hard. Nice slides, smooth flow, long times between each cp. That U turn was also slightly tough for me. Good luck in the contest, grab it here.
Great effort Manu! Superb slides, fun transistions ... not much else to report I guess. Awesome work, good luck with the it in the contest! Should check it out here.
I've been wating TB hehe ... So many combinations of corners, slides and transistions. For 3 hours work, you put some effort into this one. I can't even think of one bad reason to give this track, a typical TB track. Fantastic work! Good luck in the contest, another one to check out here.
50/50 with this one Billyboy, nice mix of corners and transistions. It's however there were some points which needed a bit of work, coming out of the first few corners, you have to like know you go left onto the loop block to continue on, some checkpoints were a bit far from each other and that loop didn't really suit the track at all. Nice effort, good luck, get it here.
WCG09-bazz-1 and WCG09-bazz-2
Super tracks bazz, cool combination of corners and slides. Not really anything that stood out in a bad way to me. You should check them both out here and here.
Kewl one lamezz. Nice corners, fun transistions, awesome flow and nice slides. One jump could be improved with a sign - the large jump after 8 or so corners I belive. Good luck in the contest, check it out here.
Running out of things to say ... :P
WCG09 - Korre - 2
Korre's back with his final submission, and a good one as well. That nice pro/hard tech track feeling and flow with those great corners and slides. What more could you want from this one? You should grab it here.
Metal snakes' here with a fun tech track. Cool slides, corners and transistions. Not the best of the best, a fun pro tech track, just slightly hard to get the hang of. Check it out here.
Mhm, loved it. Nice flow, good mix of slides, corners and transistions. A great submission by Opti here, you should give it a whirl here.
Not a half bad submission sivert. It's alright in most places, tech is nice, platform transistion is good, dirt was fine, down until an obstacle where I just bounced uncontrollably through to the CP. Check it out here.
Again, not a bad submission. Alright corners, sort of respawnable in some places, an occasional self-slide. Fairly easy to finish, doesn't have that intense grab that most other submissions have. Get it here.
Any additional submissions by authors who submitted two tracks will be found together.
WCG09-breach-1 and WCG09-breach-2
Nice tracks breach. Casual flow, fun corners, easy slides and good job on the platform block. Superb work, good luck with it. Grab them here and here.
WCG-Raxon-1 and WCG-Raxon-2
Nice track submissions raxon. Your first one was better than your second I must say. Your corners, slides and transistions for both tracks were ok I guess. Good luck in the contest, check them out here and here.
Great, fun, hard submisssion Race. Nice corners, good slides and superb transistions. Hope you do well in the contest, good luck. Check it out here.
Hmm. 50/50 with this one, nice slides, good transistions. Only downside is that a few of your cp's are not respawnable and/or are backwards. Check it out here.
Awesome duo Mons and Brunsaus! Nice slide, corners, aweome/fun transistions and a good constant speed. Loved it, good luck in the contes. Check it out here.
I'm finally up to date guys! Almost at the end of the contest, stay tuned for more tracks!
Nice one kekx. Although I finished it in under ~1:00. Some nice jumps, slides, re-use, transistions corners. You didn't really use many WCG sponsor signs or much scenery. Good work, check it out here.
WCG09-Bong-1 and WCG09-Bong-2
Two submissions by Bong here. Not much to say here, nothing bad about them. They were both fairly easy as well, just not hard enough for the WCG. Good luck, check them out here and here.
WCG09-n4meless-1 and WCG09-n4meless-2
Good, not bad, not bad. Fine, fun, great flow, good corners, nice transistions ... just not enough respawnability throughout the track. Good luck, check them both out here and here.
Kewl pwf! Awesome hard tech track, superb transistions, great mix of corners and respawnable in every place but just one checkpoint, not a biggy though. Check it out here.
Not a tournament track, infact not even close to a tournament track. One, to many scenery based transistions, two, far to much scenery - yes it was distracting. Finally, three, it wasn't well directed (meaning I got lost). Get it here.
WCG09-Bubble-1 and WCG09-Bubble-2
Nice tracks bubble. Hard feel, nice corners, slides transistions. Pure fun, nothing bad to report. Good luck and check them out here and here.
Not bad max, easy to drive, sort of hard to navigate around, alright corners. Nothing else to say, good luck in the contest. Should grab it here.
Cool one Hubby! Smooth, hard/pro tech, nice corners good slides and transistions. One CP is not respawnable - the one before the platform into slide to jump to next cp. In every other aspect, it's good, check it out here.
Pro, kendal ... just pro. Loved the overall flow, fun slides, easy and hard mix of corners. Excellent job Kendal, good luck in the contest. Should check it out here.
WCG09 - RaZor-01
This was to basic, boring and slightly annoying ... Your corners and slides were way too easy, you had many obstacles to avoid and get through properly, you had a blockmix which is not allowed, and a cp was not respawnable. Get it here.
Hard. Nice. The complete track apart from the occasional reverse CP where you can't respawn because your the wrong way around. Was all good, hope you do well. Check it out here.
Nice one hoheb. Nice zippy little hard tech track, cool slides, fun transistions. Just one bad thing to take note of is that some of your respawns are either on slopes or before a jump into a slide, which makes it slower. Get it here.
WCG09-Totino-1 and WCG09-Totino-2
I guess this one was sort of ok, fine corners, fast, a bit easy here and there. A small cut after a few CP's, finished in under ~1:04. You didn't have a single WCG sponsor sign or a normal sign at all though. Check it out here.
Hmm, not sure about this one. I could say it was alright, too easy, average mix of corners, didn't like that booster at start. It was an ok'ish map, check it out here.
WCG09-fish_UT°-1 and WCG09-fish_UT°-1
Two dirt submissions by Fish. I'm really not sure if they'd pick a dirt track with blockmixes. And since I can't race dirt, I'll just have to say good luck in the contest. Get them here and here.
Awesome amns. Fast, fun slides, great cornering and epic slides. All is well, even respawnable. Good luck amns, check it out here.
Pro tech Griff. Kewl slides, fun transistions, good respawnability and good mix of corners. Good luck in the WCG contest, should grab it here.
Nice one TStar. Awesome flow, good combination of slides and corners, respawnable at every checkpoint. One thing that I noticed is that it was easy to finish, there weren't many obstacles. Get it here.
Nice tech track by zogger here. Nice flow, slides, transistions, corners and respawnability. Good luck, check it out here.
Nice one matto. All is well with this one, it's fun, pro, great slides and good corners. A few minor issues are that one or two checkpoints are spaced out too far from each other, and your blue platform is tad compact. Get it here.
WCG09-Div!ne-1 and WCG09-Div!ne-2
Two really fun pro tech tracks by Devine submitted. They were both great and full of a mix of good, fun hard corners and transistions. You should check them out here and here.
A really enjoyable pro tech submission by Roxiie here. Pretty speedy track with an awesome flow, hard slides, great conering combo. You should grab it here.
Excellent track lion! This was another real tournament like track packed with fun, flowing slides, corners, transistions and respawnable checkpoints. Check it out here.
Hmm, alright here and there. Guess it was fine and sort of fun to race, sort of respawnable, and somewhat an ok mix of slides and corners. Just the end really got me, too many obstacles and brake points. Get it here.
WCG09-Kajczy-1 and WCG09-Kajczy-2
Two submissions by Kajczy. Both weren't as well as I hoped for, both had this unknown mix of transistions with corners and slides. They were somehwat sort of respawnable. Good luck. Get them here and here.
Bummer - only ~1:13 for me. Anyway, the track! Great work Djoszee. Fun, challenging, good slides, awesome transistions and nice work on the platform part. Check it out here.
Yeah, alright submission marius. Some nice points in the track, average slides, ok combo of corners. Just a heavy mix of platform blocks and a few bumpy transistions. Grab it here.
Too fast and too flat, not enough slides, transistions and corners. A reverse checkpoint, and many boosters and a couple blinding corners. Not good. Get it here.
Again, this one is fairly flat and sort of felt like a fullspeeder with a few tech corners. Just respawnable, one loop at a pole after coming out of it which is annoying. That's about it, grab it here
WCG09-DoubleS-1 and WCG09-DoubleS-2
Awesome duo tracks guys. Both were fun and hard, speedy, pure tournament tech, transistable and easy going slides. Nice work, check them out here and here.
And now the luck last person, who submitted two great tracks...
WCG09-Kappa-1 and WCG09-Kappa-2
Really good work in both tracks kappa. Overall flow of each track was smooth and easily paced. Great slides, nice mix of corners, nice and challenging all throughout them both. Good luck, grab them here and here.
Sweet track Hock. Both easy and hard/pro all over, nice mix of corners and great combinations of slides. Good work, and good luck in the contest. Check it out here.
Nice one sj. The overall quality of the track was good, fun, hard and easy, good slides and nice cornering. Just the first jump into the corner is a little short on space going at fullspeed. Good luck, grab it here.
Hmm, unsure here again. First of all your track is mostly fullspeed with a few touches of tech. Secondly, your tech and fullspeed transistions weren't smooth or easy to go through. Get it here.
WCG09-Rocket-1 and WCG09-Rocket-2
Two submissions by Rocket. Initially the first one was ok, but it just seemed too flat, not enough tech and slides. Second one, wasn't as falt. But it featured some nice slides and corners, check them both out here and here.
WOW! What a list ... and what a hectic two weeks that was testing 172 tracks ...
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WCG TrackMania Diary (Week 1 Entries)3. October 2009 14:52
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We have listed tracks from the first week of the Contest below. Thankyfully there hasn't been a rush of people submitting there tracks without reading the rules thoroughly.

3rd October


Here we have our very first entry by simplygaming. First of all, great track! You guys have really put some effort into this one. Smooth, very techish, fast a true contest track. Download and play it here.


This wasn't a such a bad track, smooth, easy to drift. However your start was very confusing, took me around 5 tries to figure out the correct route. Get it here.

4th October

WCG09-Shock-1 and WCG09-Shock-2
The first track you had submitted wasn't as good as it seemed. The last CP after a respawn I wasn't keen on, your finish was placed a block away, perhaps move it closer to the other block. Your second submission  was excellent! Loved the slides, hardly needed to brake to slide. Good Work on the second track! You can get the first one, here and the second one, here.
A fantastic enty by darkpuddle guys! Nice corners, very smooth, good use of platform blocks. Nice to see that your track wasn't flooded with World Cyber Game sponsors and logos. You should check it out here!
WCG09-hipp-e-1 and WCG09-hipp-e-2 

The first of hipp-e's submissions were pretty decent. The last few corners had minor issues, first a platform block was missing and secondly, the final corner to finish was out of sight with a tight slide to get to it at fullspeed. Hipp-e's second submission was much, much better. Not as compact as his previous one. On the great side of thingss, both had excellent respawnability. Get them here and here!

WCG09 - Greek_lover-1

The very first speed cross tech submission recorded here today. On the downside, it had a feel that it is not very contest alike. Fullspeed cross tech is not the best match. You can grab it here.

WCG-Whizkid-01 and WCG - Whizkid - 02

Woooooooowwwwww! Two awesome submissions Whiz! OMG excellent cornering, constant speed topped with a natrual flow. FANTASTIC, the best ones submitted so far! You MUST them here and here!
5th October 

If I am going to as honest as I can about this track, I will. This is a poor quality track, in my eyes not as worthy as a tournament track should be. To many tight corners, this constant slow speed with an occasional bump into the wall. This needs many changes made, sorry. Get it here.
This is a nice one! Very tournament like, however I did not like the start and a few other corners. It had a nice reuse section at the beginning with a touch of nice cornering. You can get it here
What a nice collection of tracks so far, only the 5th day into the contest and a number of you are putting your best skills into the production of these. Great work guys!


I'll go 50/50 with this one. I will admit it has some nice corners and an occasional tricky one. It was partially respawnable, but it really had this heavy feel to it which doesn't fit into the tournament category. Play it here.

WCG09-DmnhD-1 and WCG09-DmnhD-2

Very tournament like tracks Domin. Some nice corners, good flow, nice start. Though some corners could you use a touch up, a few were very tight and required some hard breaking from fullspeed. Race on them here and here.


Good effort! Easy contest track, not many problems to report. Found it very easy to go from one corner to another and around them without touching the break. Get it here.

WCG09 - Kappa #1

Great one kapp! Smooth, easy going with a lite feel, not so heavy that you feel like you are going slow. Had some good fun on this one, you should all check it out here.


This one has been well designed, simple layout with a challenge attached to it. Very nice, took me a couple of times to get a decent time, in the end I found it a top knotch creating. Play on it here.

WCG09-Nano-1 and WCG-Nano-2-09

Nice submissions nano! Kind of speechless to be honest. Not much to report again ... However, somewhere along the lines of halfway through the tracks a small gap to the next CP was sort of hard to miss on the first submissio. Good Work! Get it here and here.

6th October

WCG09 - TurbRono - 1

Nice TurboRono, great mix of smooth corners, love the collection of self sliding corners and those clean tight 90 degree corners. Superb! Get it here.


If I'm honest? Not good, a combination of clean sectors mixed in with speed and many blind corners and jumps, this certainly needs a few fixes eg. Jump through to last corner has a hole on the slope which will be a pain in the bottom after a respawn. Get it here.

WCG09 - NeeXuuS - 01

Superb work Neexuus, start and transistion to first 90 degree corner was good, very self slideable. One of your corners was slightly confusing, the one with the fake finish which got me confused - Do I go through this or not? In every other aspect of the track, good work!. Race on it here.


Niiiceee! Best tech mix with dirt, infact the first submission like this I believe. This was incredible, great slides, smooth transistions and excellent respawns. What more can I say, this is just tops. Good work! Recommend racing on it here.


Amazing submission dec. This was a great little techie to race on, good combination of corners, easily respawnable. Good luck in the contest! Get it here.

WCG09-laxanaki-1 and WCG09-laxanaki-2

Both of your submissions weren't bad, about one mistake on your first track - CP on the slope is just respawnable, you may lost a second or two on that. Your second submission wasn't entirely better than your first I'm afraid, it was fairly compact and a bit bumpy in some places. Get them here and here.

WCG09 - MNM - 1 and WCG09-MNM-2

These were some great submissions MNM. Great corners, self slides, smooth flow and well advertised. In a few places a sign or two would've been nice to direct the user to the right direction he/she should transistion to. Get them here and here.

WCG09-JumperJack-1 and WCG09-JumperJack-2
These two submissions are just tops JumperJack. Not many tracks include such variations of left and right slides, well directed, loved the flow of both tracks. Superb work on that intersection on the second one, great way to re-use a section of a track. Play them here and here
WCG09-RicardoRix-1 and WCG09-RicardoRix-2

Not bad Rix, partial parts of your first track are not tournament like, reverse speedbreakers and boosters. Sort of makes me feel like your tracks fall into that so called 'lol category'. Your second was much better than your first submission, more techish, slides and re-uses. Race on them here and here.

WCG09 - Tarzan -1 and WCG09 - Tarzan -2 

I will tell you all the 100% truth here for both tracks. These are not even remotely tournament type tracks, these are the tracks you see in noob type servers. Sorry, they are just not what the WCG would look for. I couldn't even finish the second one, I got lost... Get them here and here.

7th October - This is the end of week one!


I'm not sure if you quite got the idea here. The idea was a track that has a challenge to it, fast corners, slides and transistions. What you have built here is a race, point A to B. No intense slides, creative transistions or obstacles. Just a simple race. You can play on it here.

WCG09-Giligoop-1 and WCG09-Giligoop-2

This is what a real tournament track feels like, self sliding corners, great transistions and superb manoeuvrability. Althought it was easy at slight points in the track, nevertheless awesome work Giligoop! Get them here and here!


Nice one tmalato. Easily paced, not that hard, good slides, nice off-road pieces though. Hope you do well with the contest, great submission. Get it here.

WCG09 - NeeXuuS - 02

Your second submission wasn't much of an improvement than the first one, this felt too easy most of the time, didn't have that oomf I wanted. Couple of corners - too tight - doesn't matter, maybe you could mend them at some stage? Good work anyway! Get it here.


Not much I can really report with this one, maybe the start - A sign would've been nice, directing players to the right instead of the jump to nowhere - Any every other aspect of the track, theres really nothing wrong. Good Luck darkpuddle! Race on it here.

WCG09-Invader_Zim-1 and WCG09-Invader_Zim-2

These were both great zim. It was a shame that I did not finish because I was lost on the first one, not a complaint just an oberservation. It may have been well directed but I still got lost, few times to be honest. You can grab it here and here.

Oh My God! That was one hectic week! You all did a fantastic job. THAT IS END OF THE FIRST WEEK OF THE CONTEST. Stay tuned for the final days of the contest.

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A Treasure Hunt for Treasure Tracks7. May 2009 10:39
Posted By: View User Profile insane Permalink | Comments (26)

Did you ever try a track (possibly by a completely unkown author) without any awards? You probably made the single most fatal mistake in your whole Trackmania career by not or only rarely doing so. Yeah, I love to exaggerate, but you'll see, you missed out on a lot.

At the time of writing out of 82.000 submitted tracks on United Exchange, 52.000 never saw the pleasant shiny golden glow of an award and a huge percentage of those even went by entirely unnoticed without a single comment on the trackpage. This means no feedback, no tips and no encouraging words, and just the nagging thought "What did I do wrong?" is left for the author.
On the other hand, some tracks receive immense numbers of awards, but do they really deserve these? Many obviously do, as hours of work were put into them, showing off in the quality of the final "product". Still, a huge number of those were awarded to the tracks by regular TMX users, who grew accustomed to this "TMX-style" of tracks, which is the main problem.

Most of you probably read TStarGermany's article "Where have all the good tracks gone?". In case you did not: "The BOTW (best of the week) lists on TMX are usually crowded with these ‘usual suspects’ and their published tracks are mostly airborne and crazed out jabberwocky, far away from anything that can be joyfully driven by ‘normal people’." This sums up one of the important aspects of it pretty well. Since the publication of the article back in February, things did a change to the better, though. At least for United, where the focus of this article lies.


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Introducing: Blog Tracks1. May 2009 23:00
Posted By: View User Profile Jozii Permalink | Comments (12)

Blog Tracks is a concept that’s been seen before on TM blogs, and now it’s coming to the TMX Blog as well. Basically, blog tracks (BT) are tracks created in association with a blog but by well known track builders, usually a new one for every track.

For the TMX Blog, a new track of this kind will be released every now and then. Most of these are likely to be Stadium tracks, considering the TMNF players, but other environments will of course also be represented. The aim: awesome tracks, of course! And the first one is already here!

So go ahead and download the track, and don’t forget to award it if you like it or comment on it of you don’t ;)

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Track-o-logy: The Track Types of TrackMania, Part 219. April 2009 19:50
Posted By: View User Profile Ohei2 Permalink | Comments (9)

Click here to read the first part.

--=> M <=--

Maze Map

A maze map is a track with a web of roads, but merely a few checkpoints, and will allow you to make creative route choices.

Mix Map

Not to be confused with a bug map, a mix map is a track where the position of certain blocks stored in the GBX file have been hacked with external tools. The idea is that one block is moved to the position of another to form a new kind of block.


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Track-o-logy: The Track Types of TrackMania, Part I15. April 2009 22:01
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If you start to play TrackMania beyond Solo mode and explore what the community has to offer, you soon get confronted with a plethora of different terms for tracks, not all of which are self-explanatory.

In this article many of the different types of tracks, which have developed over the years, are introduced with a short explanation. Some types might be missing, especially from the early days of TrackMania Original. If you are aware of additional types of tracks, please add those in a comment to this article.

The terms track and map are used synonymous and are often interchangeable.

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A Build A Stage COmpetition is a special community track, where each part (stage) of a track is built by anyone interested in taking part in the competition. Each contribution is evaluated by a group of judges who decide who the winner for the current stage is. Then building begins anew for the next stage, then judging again - until the track is finished. This concept was developed at TMX in 2006.

Bug Map

A bug map is a track which aims to exploit errors in the track editor to create impossible or otherwise sensational parts and transitions. Most bugs involve deleting previously placed blocks and the most famous example is probably the invisible road in the environment Island in TrackMania Sunrise.


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