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Video Showcase, a quick talk and the poll24. November 2009 20:01
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Heyo TMX community! As you all know, users that you are that read all the blog posts, we got the Video Showcase. Usually that is done in the weekend, but it got a bit chaotic so now I just thought I’d watch some clips and give you one! You also know that these articles aren’t so big. That’s why I’ll write a bit more, including some things I want to say and the new Blog Feature, the poll! We will start ahead with the video, because it has this nice image which you’ll see on the front-page ;D

¤ Video Showcase ¤
So, I was cruising through the vids and right at the front-page I found this beauty. Usually I’m searching for the vids haven’t been watched much, because they can help a bit more attention. The front-page mostly isn’t the good place for this, but now it was :) We have a video by Spam, called Solorunz. Because the last video showcase contained this very creative video, I thought we just might get back to pure racing!


And pure racing it is! There are some very nice, sharp turns, the speed is flashing, and god what a nice quality!


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Video Showcase- Multiverse1. August 2009 11:12
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Today I introduce another form of review in which we hope to make weekly. Video reviews. We will pick a few videos at random, view each one a few times, pick the best out of them and then write a small review about the that video. Our rating is based on Creativity and Quality, we rate our videos on a scale of 1-10. If you would like to get involved, contact my via fastforza[at] or send me a PM.


Today I review the latest video to be advertised in game and TM-Tube’s featured video. This video shows TrackMania United in a fun, creative and never before seen way. Multiverse! In its own perspective view, it's one race and seven environments.


Ratings & Comments

Creativity: The creativity influenced in this movie was stunning the way I viewed it. Excellent transitions, use of all 7 cars jumping through the signs one after the other and going through the environments. 9.5/10.

Quality: The production of the video was good, smooth camera angles, good use of custom imagery for the road signs. I liked the music as well, suits the theme of the video. 9/10.

Total Average Score: 9/10

Don’t forget to watch it here via

Please note that this is only the first review, further reviews will be longer, ratings and comments will have changed.

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