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Video Showcase - Unforgettable Moments15. February 2010 18:38
Posted By: View User Profile Velocity Permalink | Comments (6)

»The Video

»I was recently sent a short video for the AMD Phenom II Minimovie Contest on Tek-9 by a friend. The video was called Alan – Unforgettable Moments and featured the Opel-QRD Team of Russia. I was absolutely astonished by the dramatic clip of what appeared to be a TM Video. The effects were insane, the explosions mastered and It was all perfectly synchronized to the unusual choice of rock music. The In-Sync speed up and slow motion parts worked so very perfectly and the twitch effect was simply epic!




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Video Showcase - Onio – Just Classic7. January 2010 21:43
Posted By: View User Profile Januy Permalink | Comments (5)

» Hello guys, after my request for articles Velocity/Boinkerz was very eager to help, and who would we be if we didn’t accept that offer? So, enjoy the Video Showcase by Velocity!

»The Video

» I was looking through the videos in the most recent section of TM-Tube for this showcase and found nothing very good for quite a while. There were quite a few good videos with good racing but the editing and quality just wasn't there. After about 20 minutes of hardcore browsing through the pages I came across this gem of a video called Onio – Just Classic. It's a video made by BamX for Onio and some of his team mates in LegenD.


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Collisions - Seriously Creative Collisions9. November 2009 11:21
Posted By: View User Profile Fastforza Permalink | Comments (4)

Collisions is a seriously creative movie, most creative use of block mixing, track editing and replay editing. All combined into an excellent three-minute video. 

What really amazed me about this movie is that the collisions happened from different angles, which gave it that real touch to it to make it look like there wasn't any special effects, just pure creative editing in the Media Trackers.

From my point of view, Bay and Coast had the best Collisions from multiple angles.

But in the end, it really got exciting when they showed us how they did it using enough block mixing and media tracker.

You should really check  out Collisions here. Laughing


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Video Showcase - SunRace13. September 2009 18:58
Posted By: View User Profile Januy Permalink | Comments (10)

Welcome to the 6th video showcase, this time we are going to watch some high-speed racing!

I had a pretty hard time on finding a good video, not having too much views or popularity (we want to give original clips, you know). So this week we don’t have an astonishing clip, but it’s certainly worth watching! Because, what the hell, these guys can drive! Check out how Rom and Roxer are going high speed in Bay and Island, taking turns with inches from the sideboards and precision that is very hard to find!


The Good Parts

  • Nice speeding music, gets you in the mood!
  • Sick driving
  • Much classics are driven

The Bad Parts

  • You aren’t going to watch this for the editing/camera’s
  • Durex?!

Be sure to check the video here at tm-tube

We hope you enjoyed this video and the article, if you did then you should come back next Saturday, when there will be a hot, fresh new video laying here on your webpage!

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Video Showcase – Twilight: The Farewell Final5. September 2009 16:38
Posted By: View User Profile Januy Permalink | Comments (11)

We thank you for joining in with our 5th Video Showcase, this time with a farewell to a member.

As I was scrolling through the video’s I saw this pretty nice thumbnail, 5 stars, and it pulled me over to watch. While listening to beautiful music I read the sad story of the creator, a TM-driver that sadly has to stop playing because of troubles in real life. Every part of this video taken separate isn’t much special, but combined in this clip it’s a pleasure to watch (and listen).



The Good Parts

  • Beautiful music
  • Wonderful effects
  • Nice driving

The Bad Parts

  • The camera-positions aren’t always the best.

Be sure to watch it and give this leaving member a little support on tm-tube

We hope you enjoyed this video and the article, if you did then you should come back next Saturday, when there will be a hot, fresh new video laying here on your webpage!

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Video Showcase – 1.15K Replay Project22. August 2009 17:03
Posted By: View User Profile Januy Permalink | Comments (7)

Welcome to the 4th video showcase, containing a clip where lots of users worked on!

This video isn't that new, but definitely worth watching! It took a long time to be made, and maybe that's why attention to the project went down a little bit. But still, it is one of the best *K Projects! You don't see a lot of these videos because they take so long to make, so get ready to be flushed over by a wave of cars!


The Good Parts

  • 1.15K Cars flooding around!
  • Good camerawork that got the special jumps/stunts
  • How much K-project clips are there?
  • Cool MT work
  • Nice music…

The Bad Parts

  • But a strange transition between the first 2 songs
  • A bit too long
  • Only 1 track

Be sure to check this video out right away, on tm-tube !

We hope you enjoyed this video. If not (which we hope isn’t the case), just check our other showcases out or wait for the next Saturday, when we return with another special video showcase! Keep checking The TMX Blog!

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Video Showcase - Fresque Project15. August 2009 10:40
Posted By: View User Profile Fastforza Permalink | Comments (7)

Welcome to week 3 of the TMX Blog Video Showcase! This weeks showcase is just incredible.

Prepare to be amazed, stunned and shocked at the unbelievable amount of creativity and thought put into this video! The Fresque Project is currently, by far, one of the most creative things you could do with some real, kick ass, TrackMania and Media Tracking skills.


The Good Parts

  • Creative use of the game itself.
  • Excellent Media tracking work performed.
  • Incredible as to how someone could do this!
  • Most creative video we’ve showcased yet!

The Bad Parts

  • Uhm?


Check out the video via TM Tube, here!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks video! We’ll be back next Saturday with yet another video showcase, hope you guys keep reading!

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Video Showcase – Team 402 (The Movie)7. August 2009 12:39
Posted By: View User Profile Fastforza Permalink | Comments (4)

This weeks Video Showcase is … Team 402 – The Movie!

This weeks Video showcase, showcases some fast replays by some of the fastest French racers in TrackMania. The 7 minute video, spread across multiple League Tracks is surely one of the most creative TM videos out there.




The Good Parts

  • Very good editing and excellent media tracker editing.
  • Variety of music selected to play in the background was good.
  • Driving I witnessed was astounding to watch. Very fast and accurate times posted.

The Bad Parts

  • The music melody wasn't well mixed.
  • A small selection of Tech tracks were picked. Not that a large collection would be needed, but otherwise would be nice to see.

You should check out the video at TM – Tube. Here. Your comments and ideas are welcome.

You should’ve also noticed that the general idea has changed since the Pilot(First) showcase. From now on we'll be using this type of Showcase setup.

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Video Showcase- Multiverse1. August 2009 11:12
Posted By: View User Profile Fastforza Permalink | Comments (12)

Today I introduce another form of review in which we hope to make weekly. Video reviews. We will pick a few videos at random, view each one a few times, pick the best out of them and then write a small review about the that video. Our rating is based on Creativity and Quality, we rate our videos on a scale of 1-10. If you would like to get involved, contact my via fastforza[at] or send me a PM.


Today I review the latest video to be advertised in game and TM-Tube’s featured video. This video shows TrackMania United in a fun, creative and never before seen way. Multiverse! In its own perspective view, it's one race and seven environments.


Ratings & Comments

Creativity: The creativity influenced in this movie was stunning the way I viewed it. Excellent transitions, use of all 7 cars jumping through the signs one after the other and going through the environments. 9.5/10.

Quality: The production of the video was good, smooth camera angles, good use of custom imagery for the road signs. I liked the music as well, suits the theme of the video. 9/10.

Total Average Score: 9/10

Don’t forget to watch it here via

Please note that this is only the first review, further reviews will be longer, ratings and comments will have changed.

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Coolest TM Videos4. June 2009 20:04
Posted By: View User Profile Jozii Permalink | Comments (17)

TM videos are cool. And there are tons of them! But obviously, some are cooler than others, and – fair or not – some get more “commercial” attention (that is, they are mentioned on big sites or even in-game).

Below are five of the most popular and well-known videos on TM-Tube. It’s time to decide which one is the coolest, funniest and just plain greatest of the bunch. The contestants are:

Street Style 3: The title says it all. TM freestyling. Stunts, that is, in a well-presented and nicely made format.

The TM Zap: Funny. TM Zap is basically a collection of short “scenes” created in-game. Very creative!

Funclip IV: Two guys are hunted by the police and eventually end up in a TrackMania race against each other. A cool combination of real-life footage and in-game clips.

6K Project: 6000 vehicles on a Rally and Bay track. Madness! But really cool to watch.

The Hunted: An exciting police hunt in the Bay environment. Very well edited video.

To cast your vote, simply leave a comment saying which video is your favorite. If you like, feel free to also give the reasons for your pick.

So which one is it?

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